Vidjagame Apocalypse 211 – Hybrid Heaven

This week sees the release of not one, but two games that mash up popular franchises to create strange and wonderful new hybrids of complementary gameplay – so Henry Gilbert joins the crew to count down a list of five other games that merged existing gameplay formulas to create new crossover adventures. We then switch gears to Puyo Puyo Tetris, Dragon Quest Heroes II, What Remains of Edith Finch, Outlast 2, Night Trap, and the game characters you felt bad about killing.

Question of the Week
If you could bring together the gameplay from two different series, what would they be? Which elements would you wan to combine?



Theme song by Matthew Joseph Payne. Break song is Reincarnation by Yoshiaki Fujisawa. Closing song is Slow Burn by Girls Who Care. Haunting and beautiful New Releases Theme by David B. Cooper.

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Kingdom Hearts III
Red Dead Redemption 2
South Park: The Fractured But Whole
Death Stranding
Final Fantasy VII Remake

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16 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 211 – Hybrid Heaven

  1. I would like to smash together orange and tangerine. Minute maid could publish it. It would have as much calcium as milk.

  2. Sim City and Katamari Damacy. Specifically, I would want one of the options in the “destroy your city” panel to be rolling it all up like a Katamari game.

  3. Hmm… I guess Pokemon Snap didn’t count, as it was mostly a first person photo-shooter. You guys also forgot Risky Challenge, an IREM arcade game that combined Lemmings with Tetris.

    Dammit! Snake vs Monkey is not in the Legacy Collection.

    Easiest mashup would be Yakuza and Persona, considering the overworlds are very similar, and playing the latter recently I half expected a street punk to beat me up. So we could have random demon encounters on the block without having to go into a mini-arena loading screen! Hey, we can get drawn out cut scenes about crazy twists with dudes we’ll never see again, as we’ll end up slaying them once they turn into demons.

  4. Fire Emblem and the Mario universe as a sequel to mario RPG. It would be the true successor to the 7 stars saga. Marriage would come back, who doesn’t want to see the offspring of Toad and Birdo :O.

  5. QOTW: Let’s mash-up “Beat ‘Em and Eat ‘Em”” with “Harvest Moon.” You’ve got to go feed the chickens, but they don’t want any corn…

  6. After his fucking five minute impression filibuster, Antista can never again criticize how obnoxious Robin Williams often acted during talk show appearances.

    1. Are you thinking of the wrong person or just incredibly desperate to be a dick? It can be both, no worries.

  7. The Giana Sisters game that went up on Games on Gold is actually a really great little platformer, has some gorgeous 2.5D visuals and some really inventive use of a world-switching gameplay mechanic.

  8. I really want a Dungeons and Dragons game in a similar style to the modern XCOMs. Class based gameplay, context sensitive actions, a deep armory of weapons/spells/skills, and a DM mode to fuck with your friends would be really cool. D&D games have had such a hit-or-miss history, and it’s time for a modern hit.

  9. I would combine Fire Pro-Wrestling with Fire Emblem (Fire Emblem Pro?). Turn based tactical wrestling combat with Tag team team-up moves and rock/paper/scissors style brawling/grappling/high-flying combat types. Plus the bonding/relationship system could finally capture the truly homoerotic essence of rasslin.

  10. For the QotW: I think I’d like to see 80 Days crossed with Assassin’s Creed. I’m not up on AC lately, but if there isn’t already an Assassin that lived around 1872, I’m sure they could come up with a new ancestor for Desmond to learn from. One who secretly helped Phileas Fogg and Passepartout navigate the globe.

    When traveling between cities and managing inventory, you’d play as Passepartout in that classic silhouette-style art and visual novel progression, but in each city you visit, you play as their Assassin companion, taking on a variety of tasks that either help out the two world travelers or meet your own ends in the battle against the Templars.

    I’d play that shit. I’d play it twice.

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