The Best New Amazon Releases: Prey for the Guardians of the Galaxy

Bethesda and Arkane once again team up for a moody shooter, Telltale’s take on Guardians of the Galaxy hits discs, and some classic flicks hit Blu-ray, this week on Amazon!

April showers bring May flowers, and by “flowers,” we mean QUALITY CONTENT! We’ve got a new fantasy fight featuring the Guardians of the Galaxy fighting in WWE 2K17, a great new Laser Time about what else (cartoons!) and Patrons can expect a new Monday Night Movie poll to ponder, a special guest on Bonus Time, and a Quiplash stream to make the hahas in. Over ’round Amazon way, we have a big reboot and highly-anticipated licensed game hitting warehouse shelves. If you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber, remember that you’ll save 20% off all new games and pre-orders unless otherwise noted. Also, even though we’ve collected some great games and movies you don’t have to buy any of these products to help Laser Time. Simply buy anything on Amazon after clicking one of these links and you’ll help out LT. Anywho, now onto this week’s best new stuff!

Count Prey amongst the most mysterious 2017 releases. While the original 2006 Prey was entertaining and innovative enough to earn a constantly in-development sequel; we didn’t expect a series with mindshare on the decline to finally earn a new entry some 11 years later. We’re glad it did though, because Prey is one of the most moody and gorgeous first-person action games we’ve seen since… well… Arkane and Bethesda’s previous collaboration, Dishonored 2! We recently played through an hour of Prey’s 2017 reboot (read our Prey 2017 impressions here and watch them below) and enjoyed the mix of sci-fi mindfuckery and tense shooting. Unfortunately, our hour came before the insane powers come to fruition, so we’ll have to save our crazier activity for an upcoming stream, perhaps? Seeing as how this is a Bethesda Friday release, we won’t get our hands on the game until the end of the week, so expect true impressions for VGA next Friday, and a stream sometime next week. However, if you’re looking to Prey on dey one, you can do so with a hefty 20% discount thanks to Amazon Prime! Until then, watch our video footage below!


Guardians of the Galaxy: A Telltale Series

Telltale’s game output continues to be a dream team of licenses. Going ALLLL the way back to Jurassic Park, they’ve created new adventures for Back to the Future, The Walking Dead, Fables, Game of Thrones, Minecraft, and Batman (with the latter proving the story-centric developer can handle the intense action of a comic book franchise). After releasing digitally a fortnight ago, fans of Star-Lord and company can now enjoy the exploits of the intergalactic hero and his super-powered pals on disc! While you’ll be paying a little more, the 20% Amazon Prime discount makes the physical edition just a tad more attractive. SPEAKING of Guardians; both Dave and Chris got to watch the film early thanks to Marvel, so expect some spoiler-free thoughts on Bonus Time and other outlets soon!

Jerry Maguire
If you’ve been looking to collect every Cameron Crowe movie on Blu-ray but have found the near-decade-old edition of Jerry Maguire in short supply, there’s just one thing to say to this twentieth anniversary edition… “you complete me.” We discussed this flick on Thirty Twenty Ten late last year upon its 20th birthday, and even though you probably already have a strong opinion about this Academy Award-winning flick, the romantic center of Tom Cruise and RenĂ©e Zellweger is strong, and despite his less-than-stellar post-Oscar roles, Cuba Gooding Jr.’s infectious positivity does have charm in large supply, even if that year did have more worthwhile nominees. Anywho, JM is the rare movie that mixes romance AND sports adeptly, so it’s worth checking out for fans of both kinda movies.

Brewster’s Millions
Nowadays, the concept of spending $30 million in 30 days seems quite quaint. Heck, it’s likely possible that some of the attendees of the Fyre Festival spent almost figures to spend a weekend on a garbage island with no musical guests, and they were barely trying to waste money. So even if it’s possible to drop thirty mil a lot more easily 22 years after the original film’s release, the pairing of two dearly departed comedic legends (madcap Richard Pryor and lovable lunk John Candy) makes Brewster’s Millions priceless already. Plus, the concept of spending an outlandish sum to make an even more outlandish sum is a timeless tale (heck, it’s kind of how we have our current president), so get ahead of the inevitable remake by watching this 1985 classic.

The Resurrection of Gavin Stone
Another week, another WWE Studios production. I’m not one for religious movies, and a week after the Superstar-studded Marine 5, the idea of just one wrestler anchoring a movie is a bit underwhelming, but I’m honestly curious about how “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels can fare as an actor. With all of the movie roles tossed about over the last fifteen years of WWE Studios movies, the fact that HBK’s kept his profile restricted to televised wrestling and hunting is a bit bizarre. I mean, even Ted Dibiase and Mr. Kennedy got movie roles! Anywho, if The Resurrection of Gavin Stone can get a good performance out of HBK’s “Ned from South Park” drawl, it’ll be an Easter miracle!



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Final Fantasy VII Remake

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