Talking Simpsons – The Critic Pilot

Hachi machi! Yes, this week’s episode has chronologically arrived on the first ever episode to the closest thing to a Simpsons spin-off: The Critic! We discuss how the show came to be, how connected it is to The Simpsons, and how the first ever episode holds up, all in one podcast…


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62 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – The Critic Pilot

  1. I haven’t listened yet but I would love for you guys to do the whole series.

    I love this show.

    Then do Andy Richter Controls the Universe!

  2. This needs to be its own podcast! Now if that isn’t possible maybe once a month we get Critiquing Critic instead of a Talking Simpsons. Also if this podcast continues I think it needs to be this crew.

  3. Very fun show. Didn’t know that Groenig wanted to do a Krusty show.

    Neat to hear Michael and Diana together!

    More Critic please!

  4. A very solid episode, The Critic is a great 90s timestamp. I would enjoy a spinoff podcast, having access to the show on Youtube would make it even easier to watch before each episode of the podcast.

    I enjoyed listening to this, thanks for having Diana and Mikel on the show.

    Last note I laughed when the commenters mocling came up at the end. I apologize for my use of fandom guys and calling Bob/ Henry hate filled trolls weeks ago. I was wrong to commemt like that. I had issues with the angry (often irrelevant) tangents breaking up the flow of Talking Simpsons. I am not a Bob fan but thats more to do with his twitter persona and writing which is easily avoidable. I do however apperciate Talking Simpsons and I am happy it exists so I thank him for that. Love podcast not the host I suppose.

    Hachi Machi! Once again thanks for making this episode.

  5. I’m excited to see you guys look at The Critic in detail, I’m a huge fan of the show & have enjoyed watching the dvd many times, extremely funny & inventive scripts & wonderful voice acting by all involved! I echo the other comments here & would welcome you guys looking at all the episodes in detail at some time in the future!

  6. Oh look, more overt gloablist propaganda from the omni-cucks at Laser Time. #14-88!

    The Morton Downey Jr. documentary, Provocateur, is hilarious and definitely worth tracking down. O’Reilly might have stole his act, but it’s a shame he didn’t mimic his downfall in kind. I mean really, who’d believe there are Nazis anywhere near San Fransisco…

    Based on this episode, the Critic might be even better served by your format than the Simpsons. Another vote for more Critic episodes, this was great.

    Bob has been teasing the Duckman episode like a stripper on commission. If it doesn’t happen, he’s got some serious cartoon blue balls to answer for . Apropos of nothing, the series premiered between Deep Space Homer & Homer Loves Flanders.

  7. Hey, guys! Loved this episode and would be ecstatic about a whole series dedicated to *The Critic*. Great to hear Diana on another show.

  8. I am so damn happy that y’all finally did this. Talking Simpsons has gotten me to go back and watch all those old Simpsons episodes along with you. I’d love to do the same with The Critic! Please, please, PLEASE do more Critiquing Critic! If I need to up my Patreon pledge to help make it happen, just let me know how much you need!

  9. This episode being posted made me finally watch the Critic for the first time – it was ok! I didn’t love it, but I definitely chuckled a few times. I’ll watch more, and I expect it’ll grow on me, as you guys seem to LOOOVE it. Thanks for all you guys do!

  10. First I have to say that I love the show.
    Second I am Not a huge fan of the critic so my comment maybe skewed. However, one of the last things said on the critic episode is that there is only a few more seasons of the “good” Simpsons left. I get it, it’s your show but I thought this was a chronicling of the Simpsons not just a chronicling of your favorites shows.
    A show called “the talking Simpsons” should be about the Simpsons and touch on other landmark events and not become only what you love about that day in history (that’s what Thirty twenty ten is for?…..)

    1. Eventually the podcast would die because it’d just be that “This episode has a lot of random jokes and nonsensical plot” every time

  11. This was a Blast! I had never heard of the Critic before Laser Time, but I really liked what I saw. Though a good 30% of all the references would go way over my head. If you want to cover all of the Critic I think that is a great idea. While I hope you do an episode devoted to say Duckman, Futurama, or *shudders* Family Guy, those shows wouldn’t work as well for series discussions. Critic is the right manageable size show and its so reference dense it makes a lot of sense to cover it.

  12. First I have to say that I love the show.
    Second I am Not a huge fan of the critic so my comment maybe skewed. However, one of the last things said on the critic episode is that there is only a few more seasons of the “good” Simpsons left. I get it, it’s your show but I thought this was a chronicling of the Simpsons not just a chronicling of your favorites shows.
    A show called “the talking Simpsons” should be about the Simpsons and touch on other landmark events and not become only what you love about that day in history (that’s what Thirty twenty ten is for?…..)

    1. Yeah but… Do you really want that? This seems to be a passion project and if they perceive there’s only a “few good ones left” maybe that’s all they should do. It’s not like a job were they have to do it. And besides once we start entering the “not good ones” territory it’s going to turn into a bitch session of why the episodes sucks along with whatever else they want to fill time with. Which some have argued already happens too often.

      So may the best thing would be to stop at whatever season the determine to be the last good one.

      1. I’m actually really looking forward to the gang tearing apart the bad episodes, not because I inherently enjoying people disliking things, but because well-considered critique (even when it’s negative) sparks conversation and provides an insight to the perspective of the critics.

  13. This is soooo fitting! I just watched the pilot last week on like Tuesday or Wednesday night. I usually watch some obscure type of video that is on LaserTimeTV late at night when I’m going to bed, and I can’t believe this has finally come together. I love all the jokes on The Critic, they remind me sooooo much of The Simpson’s joke writing. As a teenager, I didn’t really get all of the jokes, but I definitely got many of the spoof cameos of different actors and Hollywood personalities. Thanks you guys for doing this! I will leave you with this closing comment: “IT DOESN’T STINK!!!”

  14. AWESOME! I’ll have to bone up on the pilot before I give this a listen because of the surprise nature, figured this week was business as usual. This is a nice deviation.

  15. Duders Family Guy didn’t rip off The Simpsons or The Critic, they were influenced, every show/musician etc. was influenced and for some reason Rock Bands are the only artist I can think of that openly express those who embraced and encourage those who were influenced by them and not say they “Stole”.

  16. Wow, this was great! Thank you for this, would love if you guys did more one-off episodes about other primetime animated shows of the era!

    1. Hey, come here.
      Lean in good.
      Little closer.
      There, that’s good.
      Listen here.

      Shut the fuck up

  17. This was such a great episode. More Critic episodes or other animated prime time pilots would be a real treat.

  18. Would definitely love a Critiquing The Critic podcast, my only worry would be how you do both at the same time. If you could, that’d be awesome, but I get how draining it’d be.

    My only comment was I felt there was a little less actual sound clips for this episode, would have liked to hear all the bits you were referencing.

  19. “All hail Duke! Duke is Life! All hail Duke!”

    That was my ringing endorsement for more “Critiquing Critic”.

  20. This is still basically a far-left talk show interspersed with clips from cartoons, but I appreciate that you have been consciously attempting (sometimes failing) to hold back your desires to vent on the show. Major kudos.

    However, I feel weird about giving money to an overtly politically-biased group. I wish you all the best as individuals, but I have cancelled my Patreon subscription.

  21. I need more Talking Critic in my life.

    At the very least do a bonus episode of the best Critic episode Frankie and Ellie Get Lost!

  22. I really enjoyed this! You re-introduced me to The Critic and what a great show it was. Keep doing “Talking Critic”!! If you need to branch off from The Simpsons, you guys should start “Talking Seinfeld”…I’d love to hear the in’s and out’s of that show’s history episode by episode


    Diana, and Mikel on a podcast together is my dream podcast.

    Please do more.

    Henry and Bob are rocking as always.

    Glad Patron, you all rock.


  24. This was a lot of fun, and it fit perfectly with Talking Simpsons. Totally into you doing other tangentially related shows. Plus I’m always into more Diana on lasertime.

  25. A Krusty show would’ve been cool but I’m glad in the end we got the Critic. I want this to be an ongoing series SO BAD. We need more Diana and Mikel on the LTN. Maybe we can get this and a Duckman podcast going side by side just peeling away the layers of the 90s. YEEEESSSSS!

  26. I definitely want to see more of these specials. I mean, I’m biased because I love the Critic, but I do really think its valuable to look at this kind of thing in the context of the Simpsons. Like, some of you guys play video games, so maybe you’re aware of the video series “Chrontendo” where the mysterious “Dr. Sparkle” has taken it upon himself to chronicle all of the games released for the NES/Famicom (both of them) in Chronological order. Occasionally though, he takes a break and inserts episodes of “ChronTurbo” and “ChronSega” and “PC Gaming Roundup”, just to give people context for where the Game Industry as a whole was at in 1988 or 1989 or wherever Chrontendo is up to. Its really useful to have that historial context, and The Critic is a truly fantastic show.

    Though I do want to hear you guys go through the lesser-loved seasons of the Simpsons and find the gold episodes among the piles of “meh”. I would like to hear you guys do a special on the AtomFilms run of the Critic, which are absolutely terrible from what I’ve seen – I’m with you there, lol.

    But yeah I’m a fan of this and just wanted to voice my support for future episodes like this. Whether they require a whole one-off episode like The Critic (like Duckman, or something), or you want to lump a bunch of lesser ones together to quickly go over the “Adult/Primetime animated cartoon fad” on networks around this time (y’know: get stuff like Family Dog, Capital Critters and Fish Police out of the way. I know the history BEHIND Family Dog is kind of interesting considering its connection to guys like Tim Burton and Steven Spielberg and Brad Bird, at least. Even if the shows are not great, they’re probably interesting to talk about for an episode), I’m a fan of taking the occasional break from Talking Simpsons for these. 🙂

  27. Only just watched my first two episodes of The Critic because it was never shown in Australia (best I know) before listening to most of this episode.

    Maybe it’s a nostalgia thing, because it really didn’t grab me like I expected it to. I’ll definitely give the entire run a shot before commenting further, though.

  28. This was great, thanks so much for doing this. Nthing making this a regular Talking Simpsons feature, or even better a spin-off if you guys have the time. But call the new show It Stinks: A Chronological Exploration of the Critic.

    More ideas for tangential Talking Simpsons spin-offs:

    “What the hell are you staring at?”: A Chronological Exploration of Duckman

    No Meat Touching: A Chronological Exploration of Mission Hill

    That Boy Ain’t Right: A Chronological Exploration of King of the Hill

  29. Just wanted to say how much I appreciate you doing an episode on the Critic. It’s one of my all time favorite shows.

    I have strong attachment to the show. It was never shown in the UK as far as I know, at least not on any channel I had access to. As such, my first exposure to the show was in 2006, just after I moved to New York with my then girlfriend. She introduced me to it, and we binge watched the series in a week. I always loved how ‘New York’ the show felt, and it really spoke to me at the time. Just hearing that theme song filled me with nostalgia. (As an aside, 302010 is smack bang in the middle of this part of my life as well, so its nostalgia every week)

    I sincerely hope you are able to do more Talking Critic. In fact, spin it out to any show you want to. I love listening to people talking about things they are passionate about.

  30. Loved this. If it would work out with people’s schedules I would be up for like one or two of these a month instead of a TS to spread out “the good years”

  31. This episode was really fun! I, personally, don’t have a strong opinion about you folks doing more Critiquing Critic, although if you feel it would make for better discussion material than a future Simpsons season, I think it would be welcomed! I’d definitely like to see a Talking Futurama at some point. I’m curious to hear about Bob’s dastardly plans for the next special, to!

  32. I really enjoyed this episode. Went back and watched the first episode when I realized you weren’t doing the box factory and was surprised at how well The Critic held up. Of course I was alive in the mid ’90s to get all their references so youngster mileage may vary, but I’d welcome more episodes about The Critic!

  33. Just wanted you give you guys a hard time for bagging on Buster Poindexter.
    Ok Buster Poindexter sucked,and I’m sure “Car 54 Where Are You?” sucked (I’ve never seen it).But its DAVID JOHANSEN.Not only was he awesome in “Scrooged” But he was in the fucking New York Dolls.Bagging on the terrible,embarrassing stuff he’s done is fine,but at least give him credit for being in probably one of the top five punk bands of all time!

  34. Please please please please please do all of your the critic, I think this is one of the most underrated animated series of the 90s

  35. I haven’t watched The Critic in so long and a whole bunch of scenes are flooding back to my brain, this just makes me want to re-watch it. I’d be thrilled with you guys doing the entire series.

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