Cartoons 101 – Godfather of Anime Osamu Tezuka’s Little Seen Masterpiece!

Everyone knows Osamu Tezuka basically invented what we know as anime and manga. So why haven’t more people seen this amazing short film he made?

After our brief hiatus Cartoons 101 is back! Since the last video I have driven to and flown back from San Francisco (more on that later, check out the Patreon, please), but now we’re back to kick off AniMAY! Every week during the month of May Cartoons 101 will be anime of manga related. Got ideas for shows, movies, manga, or topics you’d like to see covered? Let me know in the comments!

First up I wanted to highlight an obscure piece of one of the most prolific careers in all of comics or cartoons. Osamu Tezuka created what we know as anime and manga and was making amazing things all the way up until his death. His short Legend of the Forest is criminally underrated, so I wanted to point it out to you all. You can watch the entire thing on Youtube (linked below).

It’s especially interesting because of the way it tells the entire history of animation up until that point. It absolutely deserves to be seen. Here’s hoping for a cleaned up blu ray release some day.

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2 thoughts on “Cartoons 101 – Godfather of Anime Osamu Tezuka’s Little Seen Masterpiece!

  1. This was pretty cool. I’ll have to check out some more of these Cartoons 101 videos. I’m definitely gonna watch this Tezuka cartoon later. As of recent, I’ve been trying to read more classic Manga and watch classic anime and that especially goes for Tezuka. He’s seems to have a lot of stuff that has not been translated to English, which is a shame for a guy with such a large output of interesting material.

  2. Tezuka, god of manga, godfather of anime. I have always admired his prolific nature, as an artist he just never put down the pen and his body of work is a testament to his dedication and persistence. I wonder if kids growing up in Japan reading manga nowadays know who he is and what he did for both mediums? Manga is such an of the moment experience for a lot of them, disposable, consumable content and all. they’re off to the next big thing before too long and old vets like Tezuka don’t have the visual flare of the new guys. He’s more an artist’s artist now. But I love pouring over his work and thinking about those early pioneer days of manga. neat.

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