So Long, Laser Time!

Most of you have no idea who I am, so in that case, nothing’s changing!

But if you need a refresher, I’ve been working with the community to publish articles that aren’t from the core group of Laser Time staff. If you see an article with a “Laser Time Contributor” byline, I had in a hand in it.

And now, I will be departing from Laser Time. Kinda hard to believe it was about two and a half years ago when I interned at [certain video game site] and was later introduced to Chris Antista by our good pal Henry Gilbert. Since then, this website has been a fantastic creative outlet for the random dumb ideas I get.

So what does this mean for the site? Well, you won’t really see articles from “Laser Time Contributor” any more, since no one will be monitoring those submissions. But a few community people have been set up with accounts to publish things themselves, so you’ll still see articles that aren’t from the podcast guys. And to any of you who wrote something in the past — I know at least a few of you have gotten additional work thanks to your portfolio here — I want to thank you sincerely for contributing to the site.

I leave behind SNL Viewers Club (which ended thanks to Hulu’s changing policies), a few random videos here and there, and my latest side project, which wrapped just yesterday.



If you wanna keep up with all my shenanigans, follow me on Twitter. I tweet about music, movies, D&D, and these things called video games, which are getting kinda popular, I guess. Or you can check out this little site called GameSpot, where I spend my 9-5 making other fun stuff. Oh yeah, I work for GameSpot, by the way.

Laser Time is a cool place where cool people make cool stuff, and I’ll be listening to all of it from the sidelines now. Who knows, maybe I’ll find myself on a few episodes one of these days…

All right, Laser Time. Keep it real. It’s been awesome.

PS – I edited the Patreon video back in the day. You’re welcome.

11 thoughts on “So Long, Laser Time!

  1. I’m going to miss T Time. It was a very fun and interesting look at videogames, I mean “Which President Would Doom Us?” and “Chainsaw Theory” were great! But I truly feel bad for Van Damme and Kazooie, now they got nothing.

  2. I always appreciated the T Time stuff, and liked checking out random LT contributor things so thanks for all of the cool stuff you did here Tony, hope to hear you on some episodes of whatever you wind up showing up on!

  3. I’ll follow Tony to the ends of the Earth!
    I owe many thanks to him for being a HUGE help in me doing what I do.

    Love you, Tony!

  4. Did we ever get a Tony visit on Laser Time? It seems like he might have been on, but maybe not. I’d like to hear him in the future, his T Time videos were acceptably goofy.

  5. Thanks for editing all my random and possibly (definitely) weird Stallone articles my dude!

  6. Thanks for helping me get my parody article published, that was really cool. You did great work here and will be missed.

  7. Thanks for all the work. I try to read every article and comment when possible but unfortunately, life has gotten very busy for me. It’s especially a shame since I can never join in on any monday night movies or well, any event that takes place that isn’t at 3 AM, really.
    Don’t think your work hasn’t gone unnoticed or unappreciated.

  8. Thanks for all that you’ve done, especially with the behind the scenes work to help others contribute as well. You’ll always be LaserTony to us.

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