Talking Simpsons – Lisa Vs. Malibu Stacy

Simpsons gets extra feminist this week as Lisa stands up for what she believes in against her favorite doll, all while Abe goes back to work, we learn a little bit more about Smithers, Kathleen Turner steals the show, and (most importantly) MALIBU STACY GETS A NEW HAT!


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22 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – Lisa Vs. Malibu Stacy

  1. Abbott and Costello did meet Boris Karloff. His name is even in the title. Abbott and Costello meet The Killer Boris Karloff.

  2. I dunno. I feel like that story about switching the voice boxes on dolls and taking them back to the store was a dick move and not some fist pump moment for feminism.

    Some kid probably got the toy they wanted and some assholes had tampered with it and changed it. Sure they could return the thing and get another but they shouldn’t have to.

    Don’t take your movements out on the kids.

  3. Always love it when you guys have a fourth voice on the show, especially when it’s Diana!

  4. Surprised you guys were lukewarm on the brick throwing joke, it slays me every time I rewatch the episode. Something about the overblown setup being followed by the absurdly non-effectual attack, coupled with the slightly sinister laughter…it kills me :’D

    Regardless, great work as always, these podcasts fly by despite their ever increasing length

    1. I agree! It’s sort of the same joke as the super macho private investigator in Cape Feare who said he was very good at persuasion… and then in the next seen was just pathetically begging Sideshow Bob to leave town.

      When you call the president of the United States and he says he’s going to take care of it… you expect him to do more than quietly throw a brick that they don’t notice!

      1. Ha yeah that’s a spot on comparison, the show’s very good at those large buildup + minuscule payoff jokes 🙂

  5. This episode was a blast to listen to, always love how deep you guys dig into the references. And more Diana on the LT network is always a great thing!

    For whatever reason, “Hello Smithers, you are quite good. At. Turning me. On,” is constantly muttered between myself and a few friends. And despite it flying over my head when I watched this a lot as a kid, this is very feminist and accurate to a frustrating degree. I’m glad it’s aged so well.

  6. This is a fun episode but why am I sadly so sure that if this episode were made today there would be a HUGE storm? Further more why do people even complain about the “liberal agenda” on Laser Time when they literally did left-leaning episodes on racism AND sexism? Those episodes were great and no one got angry then.

    Also can I say Kathleen Turner has such a cool voice!

    1. I can kinda see wher people can get annoyed at the very least. There is a bit of a echo chamber vibe on a lot of these and it would be nice to hear some level of tolerance for people they don’t agree with.

      I’m a lefty but there’s no need to bash religion or pro gun people or people upset with doll tampering or white people in general.

    2. You’re sadly sure because internet. I’m sure there was internet back in 1994 but like now. Oh it was a different time back then… So much screeching. (The modem I mean.)

      Kathleen Turner is very [ Wolf Whistle, Meowing ] [ Imitates Bed Squeaking, Growls, Pants ] [ Barking, Howling ] [ Gibberish ] Hubba-hubba.

  7. You can rag on the Batman V Superman dolls all you want but that movie and the dolls they put out actually got my niece into superheroes big time. She looooves her Wonder Woman and Batman Barbie dolls.

    1. Sorry if it came off as mocking. I thought it was cool to see Barbie expand their characters like that

      1. All good. Just saying. Its really cool how they’ve expanded. She’s all in on getting Hippolyta and her horse from the new Wonder Woman line.

  8. Nuts and Gum is my phone lock screen!
    Great episode. Really felt the depth of the research in this one.

  9. Tenacious Nina Totenberg? The NPR journalist? I did a little digging, and she was very famous in 1991 for breaking the Anita Hill story, even if the outcome was a huge bummer.

  10. I want to commend Diana’s appearance on the show, it was a lot of fun to hear her insights and experiences with her favourite Simpsons episode. I’m all for her appearing on every podcast on Talking Simpsons!

    I think of the, “But she’s got a new hat!” line a lot, especially when I go back to play Overwatch when they roll out new skins!

  11. There IS an “uncle tom” analogue for Jews complicit in implicitly or explicitly anti-jew , or at least I can think of two. The “court jew” is one, and the “kappo” is another! Source: is Jew

  12. I think Injun eyes are just black eyed peas. My grandmother grew up in the early 20th century and she and my grandfather used to have a lot of weird and aweful names for foods and everyday items that we no longer use. I won’t be making a list of them as they should all be forgotten.

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