Knocked Up Impregnates Theaters, Hanson Hits Big, And Goofy Gets Sporty – May 26-June 1

This week: in 1987, Goofy and Dorf enter the sporting realm while the Golden Gate Bridge turns 50. In 1997, we say farewell to Freakazoid and hello to Hanson. In 2007. Knocked Up impregnates us with laughter while Ashton Kutcher performs his final Punk.


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27 thoughts on “Knocked Up Impregnates Theaters, Hanson Hits Big, And Goofy Gets Sporty – May 26-June 1

  1. There are three films I that believe helped shape my sense of humour, Austin Powers, Anchorman and especially, Knocked Up. All films feature some of my favourite comedic actors and was my gateway to SNL. The reason why Knocked Up helped shape my sense of humour the most is that I was introduced to actors like Seth Rogan, Jonah Hill,Paul Rudd and Martin Starr and made me want to watch more films with them in it. Also Knocked Up has probably the most hilarious audio commentary ever that involves Seth Rogen, Judd Apatow and Bill Hader. The commentary would leave me in howls of laughter mainly due to Hader whipping out his Vincent Price and Al Pacino impressions. Overall, I saw the film nine years ago when I was 13 and helped me discover the world of the Frat Pack and the Apatow Mafia. So kudos to you Judd Apatow for making one of my favourite films of all time!

  2. Knocked Up is the 1st movie date I had in college, I was still only 16 and had to enter college at a weird time due to getting my GED and didn’t have any friends or luck with ladies but this girl I took a Material Science class with whom I got along with wanted to go with me and we had fun and went on several more dates and kinda got pretty far without ever getting to serious and I gained alot of confidence from it was well…too bad that movie is crapolla and 17 hours long and is just a serious of “men are stupid & women are boring” jokesthat would propel Judd Apatow’s overrated ass as well as his shit dick wife and kids to be an ever present thorn in my side.

  3. Knocked Up is the 1st movie date I had in college, I was still only 16 and had to enter college at a weird time due to getting my GED and didn’t have any friends or luck with ladies but this girl I took a Material Science class with whom I got along with wanted to go with me and we had fun and went on several more dates and kinda got pretty far without ever getting to serious and I gained alot of confidence from it was well…too bad that movie is crapolla and 17 hours long and is just a serious of “men are stupid & women are boring” jokesthat would propel Judd Apatow’s overrated ass as well as his shit dick wife and kids to be an ever present thorn in my side.

  4. On the subject of Donald Duck and Disney voice actors, did you know the character was recently re-cast for a Disney Channel/Disney Junior show called “Mickey and the Roadster Racers”? The voice of Donald, Tony Anselmo, was turned away for some reason and was almost turned down for the new Duck Tales, but thankfully Disney’s CEO Bob Iger was informed before it could happen and put a stop to it. I’m a big fan of The Duck, and I know Chris is too, just thought you might be interested in that piece of info. I got it straight from the source, Mr. Anselmo, after he commented on a blog post I did on the subject. He’s a great guy, and as the official voice of Donald Duck ever since Clarence Nash passed away, should never have to audition for the role so long as he’s still breathing and can speak.

    1. That’s awesome man. You got both Anselmo and the new guy (Ross) to comment on your blog about it.

      Great read!! I hope Chris brings this up in the next episode.

      1. Thanks! It was pretty weird the two of them found it, since I don’t promote it at all and it’s just a way to pass the time for me. Anselmo and I exchanged emails over his comments for about a week after it. He had a lot to say on the subject of Disney’s current animation output, thoughts on certain individuals at the company past and present, and other items. I don’t know if any of it is stuff he’d be willing to speak on publicly, if so, he’d be a great guest for Chris to try and seek out for a Lasertime episode, especially given all of the recent Disney Afternoon chatter.

  5. The summer of 2007 was one of the absolute best of the past decade for influential and awesome punk album releases, and as such I’ve been looking forward to writing about them on here for ages. The first of these big releases was The Gaslight Anthem’s “Sink or Swim,” their debut independent label LP, which was put out on May 29th, 2007. The Gaslight Anthem were the epitome of a subgenre that gained a bizarre amount of popularity in the late 2000s to early 2010s: Springsteen Punk. The Gaslight Anthem, and especially their frontman, Brian Fallon, were obsessed with Springsteen, and paid homage to him constantly in both their lyrics and music. This all culminated in 2009 when they performed their most popular song at the time, the ’59 Sound, with him at a music festival. They would go on to become one of the biggest punk bands of the period (right up there with Against Me! who released their major label debut that summer) and their sound would become very popular in the punk scene.

    “Sink or Swim” is by far the most straightforward punk sounding of their work, and it’s a super fun album in general. If you’re going to listen to any track off of it, check out “1930”

  6. Saw Knocked Up when it came out with my finance, now wife of almost ten years. We both really liked it and she’s been a huge Seth fan ever since. I think we’ve seen about 90% of his films in theaters ever since. To this day all I have to do to sell her on seeing a movie is say he’s staring in it.
    No Trope has 100% parallel to any other trope, but I’d say the closest male equivalent is Workaholic-Dad-Must-Learn-Importance-of-Family. Of course family is important in the real world and it’s not a bad lesson but it can definitely get tropey and smoosh into the “Grrr . . . stop trying to succeed!”-vibe Dianna was talking about; see about 57% of all Disney films ever produced. Nostalgia Critic had a very good rant about this in his review of Eddie Murphy’s Haunted Mansion. How Eddie was not really a neglectful father but the film treated him as such if he was not giving 100% of every second of every minute to his kids.

  7. Oh, and I know that it’s Thirty-Twenty-Ten, not FORTY-Thirty-Twenty-Ten, but Star Wars turned 40 today!

    Ooooooooooo! THAT”S what you should do for the next April Fool’s show. Have it be Sixty, Fifty, Fourty! That way you can play yourselves!

  8. Actually watched MR BROOKS recently on Netflix because it also stars Danielle Panabaker from THE FLASH, and despite not liking Dane Cook or Kevin Costner, it’s actually a pretty decent thriller.

  9. I’ve always felt like Darkwing Duck, the Tick, and Freakazoid make up a trilogy of what I like about superheroes, I never read comics, but I love those three cartoons. They have great casts of goofy characters, sometimes having regular adventures, but frequently just being bizarre.

    It’s too bad the younger guys have meshed 80s shows like Scarecrow and Mrs King, Moonlighting, and Remington Steele in with current shows like CSI, there were a lot of “action” shows, frequently with a male and female lead pair, that solved crimes and had adventures, but aren’t boring procedurals. Hill Street Blues was more like a procedural, if I remember correctly.

    I hadn’t heard Living in a Box for years and years, then I heard it a year or so ago, and remembered really liking it once upon a time. I listened to the rest of that album, and didn’t like it much, but I still like the title song.

    I used to skip Within You Without You to get to When I’m 64 on my Sergeant Pepper tape as a kid, but playing it on Beatles Rock Band made me like it, singing the droning vocals is fun, and playing the drums as tablas is different.

    Will we get a celebration for Diana’s 40th birthday? I just turned 40, and I think her 40th is coming in a month or two, and Star Wars is 40, there could something to celebrating 1977, or something.

    Will the new podcast just be for 302010 comments, or will you take questions and comments in general?

  10. Gone Fishin’. The IMDb trivia on this movie is insane.

    “An accident during filming killed stuntwoman Janet Wilder and injured her husband, stuntman Scott Wilder, and his father, stuntman Glenn R. Wilder. A boat was supposed to go over a ramp, fly over a mangrove hedge, land between two other boats, and stop in the water. Instead the boat slid off the side of the ramp, flipped over, and landed in a crowd of crew and extras.”

    John Candy and Rick Moranis were originally attached to the lead roles. But Candy died and Moranis retired shortly after talks began.
    1 of 1 found this interesting

  11. Back in 2002, we added a new employee from another location in our company that had just closed. Let’s call her R. We were friendly and got along (I was her boss). We were both big movie fans, had similar politics, and loved cats. Eventually we got more friendly, and while working late nights and weekends together, we both realized that we had fallen in love. Slight problem: I was already seeing someone. However, I wasn’t happy in that relationship and finally ended it. R and I set a date for our first date, which seemed kinda silly since we were already friends who fell in love. Anyway, that date was June 1, and our first movie we saw together as a couple was Knocked Up.

    Ten years later we are still together and engaged. Oddly enough, we have never gone back to rewatch Knocked Up, even though we both liked it.

  12. Maaaaaan fucking DORF!

    I only know about him because my dad is the world’s biggest Dorf fan. And I only know about THAT because he rants about him when he’s drunk. My dad and I bonded occasionally over TV comedy, usually The Simpsons. When Family Guy started coming about, we would do the same, and we’d laugh ourselves silly… But as my dad got further and further into his cups, he would weirdly start feeling guilty and remorseful about laughing at Stewie’s gay innuendo or the names he called Louis, and would decry how “comedy isn’t funny anymore, it’s just cruel. You wan’t comedy!? NOTHING’S EVER MADE ME LAUGH LIKE DORF!!!” Then I’d have to get the lecture/episode recap of Dorf Goes Fishing or whatever, complete with my dad’s piss-poor Tim Conway impression.

    If he weren’t impossible to argue with when drunk, I would’ve tried pointing out how offensive Dorf could be considered these days for any number of reasons, but my Dad’s not the sort of progressive guy you bring those things up to….

  13. yeah, I’m fine Chris. I was probably just really down that week and i have a tendency to do stream of concious writing in comment sections versus long thought out responses. Based on hearing that comment I made and no longer remember, thinking about the 5th element may have triggered some unhappy memories of past relationships? I’m not sure. my life is always at the edge of chaos it seems. But whose isn’t?

  14. If you’re being charged by file size, it might be worth switching to more efficient compression. Should you wish to stick with .mp3, there’s no reason a podcast needs to be 128kbps stereo, 64kbps or 96kbps mono is more than sufficient. Switching to .mp4 would allow you to halve the data rate without any noticeable quality drop.

  15. Freakazoid is one of my favorite underappreciated cartoons. The writing was witty, the characters were memorable, and it had a bunch of fun references to and parodies of old movies and TV shows, which probably factored into its cancellation, since the humor was aimed at an older audience than what the rest of Kids WB targeted. Some of my favorite moments/running gags/characters:
    – Ricardo Montalban as Freakazoid’s Lex Luthor-esque antagonist. “Revenge is a dish best served with pinto beans and muffins.” “LAUGH WITH ME JOCKO!” Especially loved the part where he was trying to find Freakazoid’s weakness, and F! just tells him. F: “Dumb! Dumb! Dumb! Never tell the enemy how to trap you in a cage!” RM: “You shouldn’t have helped us build it, either.” F: “Dumb!”
    – Sgt. Cosgrove, Freakazoid’s cop buddy played by Ed Asner. He randomly shows up in the middle of the action to ask Freakazoid if he wants to go to some local eatery/attraction/festival. He can also stop any criminal just by pointing at them and telling them to cut it out. “Hey Freakazoid, wanna go watch a bear ride a motorcycle?”
    – The episode focusing on Jeepers (at Venice Beach) was great too, with the Cthulhu-esque Vorn the Unspeakable. “I AM VORN THE UNSPEAKABLE! ENTIRE PLANETS TREMBLE AT MY MERE PRESENCE! And you are?”
    – Plus, there was the Candle Jack episode with the Jonny Quest parody. That was humorou

  16. Gone Fishin’ is a movie that has the most puns I have ever seen in a plot synopsis on a website. My god is it bad. Sadly, I believe that that stream (pun very much intended) of puns was much better than the movie itself. I still love Joe Pesci though.

  17. Gone Fishin’ was part of a three- or four-film marathon day I had with my mom sometime in the summer of ’97. That would place me as 12 at the time. My dad wanted to take my brother and I to Six Flags but I was a little porker and I wasn’t down for heat stroke and puking up my Lemon Chill. So they went and did that while my mom and I went to the Movies 8 theater in Lewisville, TX and gorged ourselves on movies and theater food all day. There was definitely Gone Fishin’ and Batman & Robin. In retrospect, one of the films may have been Lost World, but I can’t say definitively. I’m sure Gone Fishin’ is mega-bad but I don’t want to revisit it because that was sort of a unique day my mom and I had together, and we really enjoyed it, and it wasn’t long after that before I started to become hyper-analytical and -critical of the entertainment I was consuming, and I just don’t want to tarnish the memory of it.

    Also, Diana said the name Trial & Error wasn’t currently being used on TV—actually, it is! It’s an NBC show that just aired its first season—two episodes each Tuesday night from March 14 to April 18, with one on a Thursday (April 13). John Lithgow starred in the first season but apparently he won’t be in the forthcoming second season. I watched most of the pilot but it wasn’t very good.

  18. My first album was Hanson’s Middle of Nowhere. The year was 1997, MMMbop had swept the nation and on the first day of my summer holidays I had to go with my Mum to take my grandmother to the airport. While she was checking-in I went to one of the shops and saw the Hanson CD. I decided I had to have it. However it was £10. I didn’t have £10 and I knew my Mum wouldn’t spend that much on a treat for me. However I figured I could probably convince her to spend £5. So I decided to sell her on the idea that getting the CD would actually be a treat for me AND my sister, so really my Mum would be spending £5 on both of us. My Mum agreed and bought me the CD. I was very pleased with myself for being so clever but I think in reality my Mum just bought it shut me up.

    Also did anyone else watch the MMMbop video and think the leader singer (Taylor) was actually a girl? Cause I sure did! I think it was the little cardigan he wore combined with the long hair. 11 year old me was very confused.

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