Friday The 13th: The Game – Watch Us Play!

One of the most intriguing new multiplayer experiences of 2017 has arrived, and we’re going to play a few rounds of Friday the 13th!

We’re big fans of Friday the 13th around these parts (even Part 5, which everyone else hates!), so now that there’s a multiplayer game where you can rely on the ingenuity of a counselor or the brute strength of Jason himself, we’re all in on the action. Watch us LIVE on Twitch at 3PM PST and forever afterwards on YouTube! Either way, the video is below.

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4 thoughts on “Friday The 13th: The Game – Watch Us Play!

  1. This was pretty cool! Thanks for playing with me guys…. It was fun but now I gotta go eat some chicken nuggies and play Minecraft later….

  2. I’m wondering if the LT steamgroup is playing this together. I’ll go check.
    also, lol Chris jumped in that boat and left everyone to die.

  3. Premise of the game always intrigued me, but somehow I thought it was a first person game so I had no interest in bothering with it. Glad to see its a third person game, I might actually pick it up now.

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