Talking Simpsons – Deep Space Homer

Homer search for respect takes him into outer space in one of the wildest episodes of the series ever. We explain some of the weirdest references, spotlight our favorite jokes, and do it all without an inanimate carbon rod…


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108 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – Deep Space Homer

  1. This is quite possibly my favorite episode of all time. Looking forward to hearing the discussion about it.

  2. I’ve cut my Patreon contribution, have a friend who completely dropped off last week. You guys are just so rude and dismissive of any criticism. I consider myself a liberal person who is counting down the days until Trump is out of office but the please stop listening, please don’t comment messages bother me. I know commenting here is like Homer telling Moe “You just lost yourself a customer!” But still.

    1. Their “just stop listening” line instead of being open to an exchange of ideas is exactly why conservatives in hollywood hyperbolically compare themselves to jews in nazi germany. We cant disagree, we have to just be silent and shamed? Glad you cut funding

      1. Liberals in the 90s fought for equality and free speech. Today’s fascist left fight for segregation in the name of equality and limits on whatever they deem ‘hate speech’ which is just a guise for censorship. It leaves no political space for true liberals. JUST STOP LISTENING/TALKING. Perfect rallying cry for the new left.

  3. The guy who wore the silly shirt was part of the Rosetta mission that was funded by the European Space programme who were putting probes on asteroids, it had nothing to do with NASA. Also his position was minor and he had hardly any influence on the mission. If you weren’t so quick at trying to desperately preach how sexist he was, you would already know that. You guys do realise that what you’re doing is just the left wing equivalent of Rush Limbaugh’s shitty radio show right? Its just with a different coat of paint. The horseshoe theory is real, you’re just as insufferable as people like Sean Hannity who preach to the choir. I’m sure you’ll find a way to spin this around aswell and blame it on someone else.

    1. If a two-second joke about some dude’s tacky-ass t-shirt riles you up this much, you should honestly stop listening to podcasts and start meditating or something.

  4. To this day I believe the Married With Children parody in this episode is one of the most savage takedowns of anything ever.

  5. If you look in the write-up about this week’s episode above, you will note the following sentence:
    “That’s also well you’ll find the first season of Talking Simpsons, so head over there.”

    Look at it again:
    “That’s also well you’ll find the first season of Talking Simpsons, so head over there.”

    In case you can’t see the error here through your liberal snowflake rose-colored bubble-glasses, that sentence should read:
    “That’s also WHERE you’ll find the first season of Talking Simpsons, so head over there.”

    Laser Time? More like Type Time.

    Please consider my Patreon officially withdrawn.

    Pre-order cancelled.

  6. I come here to hear white people talk about how great the white male race is and every week I’m disappointed. Shame on all of you for thinking women and minorities should be considered people. The very conservative, Nixon-loving Matt Groening would turn over in his grave if he heard this drivel. I am officially bumping my Patreon pledge down from $200 a month to $199 a month because of the impotent range I feel when I listen to this show every week.

  7. I had a Homer, Mr. T, ill go a little later moment last year with Talking Simpsons very own Henry Hilbert. I live in the San Fernando Valley Area of L.A. and Henry was at a local Buffalo Wild Wings for the launch of Titan Fall 2. But when i got there he was already gone. I even took my 3DS to potentially streetpass with him.

  8. Say Tim Allen is a whiny baby for talking about being bashed for being a conservative.

    Proceed to bash Tim Allen for being a conservative.

    Ok. Sure. I guess.

    1. Did we make fun of him explicitly for being a conservative? At this point I think some of you folks are just looking for things to get angry about.

      1. I’m really not. I want to enjoy the show and I’ve been listening from the beginning but man it’s annoying when other viewpoints are bashed or simply dismissed with a ‘stop listening’. It’s a tad off putting.

        And it’s a shame because I really want to enjoy the show. There’s just little wrigglers here and there that just come off as mean spirited or closed minded.

    2. Making fun of Tim Allen (a man who had an extremely successful TV career and starred in numerous movies, for which he was surely given more than enough compensation) for his comparison of being a conservative in Hollywood to the plight of the Jewish people in Nazi Germany is a liiiiitle different than “bashing” someone for being a conservative.

    1. I am more than a little bitter they said there’s only 2 good episodes. I like all 6, and I acknowledge the last one is REALLY odd and not everyone’s cup of tea, but that still leaves 5 good episodes.

  9. Henry, NASA gets less than 1% of the national budget. Don’t blame them for how this country treats its less fortunate.

    1. But it is odd that NASA is known for being in the South, where the state governments are known for their treatment of America’s less fortunate.

      1. Being closer to the equator makes space launches easier, and it needs to be near an ocean so it’s safer to ditch if there’s a problem. There’s really not a better place to put NASA.

    2. I’d cancel all military spending before going after NASA, so it’s very low priority on my issues with government waste. So don’t worry, I much prefer NASA to our military industrial complex

  10. Over the past few weeks, I have begun to question my Patreon support. As always, I tried to resolve my doubts through books. For a few dollars, I bought the first anti-Mackey pamphlets I had ever purchased in my life. Unfortunately, they were all based on the theory that the reader grasped or at least was familiar in principle with the Bob question. Their tone made me feel new doubts because of the often shallow and unscientific proofs they offered.

    All this was unattractive enough by itself, but one was positively repelled when they realized uncleanliness went beyond personal filth and into the moral mud-stains of this person. My greatest concern was the activities of Bob in certain fields of life. I slowly penetrated this mystery. Was there any shady undertaking, any form of foulness, especially in cultural life, in which Bob did not participate? If you carefully punctured this abscess with a knife, like a maggot in a rotten body who was blinded by the sudden influx of light, you would discover an SJW.

    I saw a great burden of guilt fall upon Mackey when I came to understand how he controlled the press, the influence in art, in literature, and in the theater. All his slimy declarations now meant little or nothing. It was enough to look at one of the billboard pillars and study the name credited for the awful movie or theatrical presentations in order to be firmly convinced of the Mackey problem.

    I now began to scrutinize even my beloved podcasts from Laser Time. The deeper I probed, the more my previous admiration shrank. The style grew more intolerable. I objected to the content as flat and shallow. The objectivity was transformed into more of a lie than honest truth—of course the authors were cucks. A thousand things which I had once barely noticed now struck me as remarkably obvious, while others, which had merely given me something to think about, I began to grasp and understand.

    I now could see the liberal sentiments of this press in a new light. The dignified tone in replying to attacks, as well as the silent responses, now revealed a trick as shrewd as it was low. Their enraptured theatrical criticisms always favored a minority author, while their disapproval never fell on anyone except a conservative. The constant and quiet sneering at John Stosel revealed he had a deliberate plan. Their advocacy of Japanese culture and civilization also played into their schemes. The trashy content of the podcasts now became an indecency and I heard sounds of an alien people in the language. The general sense was so clearly harmful to everything American that it could only be intentional. But who had an interest in this? Was it all mere chance? Gradually I became unsure.

      1. My experiences in daily life guided and encouraged me to make a thorough, theoretical study of two vital questions aside from the social problem. Who knows if I would have ever become absorbed in the doctrines and character of Bobism if my life had not simply rubbed my nose in it!

        The activities of the Bobists did not seem unattractive to me at the time. I thought it was also a good thing that they were trying to improve the living conditions of the working man. At that time, I was still innocent and stupid enough to believe this could happen. What did repel me was their hostile attitude toward the fight for the preservation of manhood and their pitiful wooing of the female “comrades” who were willing to accept this courtship and make concessions. Otherwise, they maintained an arrogance and conceit, which gave these insistent beggars their just reward.

        In 2013 and 2014, I announced my conviction that the future of all men depended on destroying Bobism. Some of the circles where I spoke are now faithfully part of the Gamergate movement today. In the destructive “women are people” policy, I saw the result of the Bobist doctrine’s destructive hand. The fearful teachings of this poison almost invisibly destroyed every foundation of a healthy economic policy and every healthy state concept. This occurred in such a way that the victims’ who were contaminated did not even realize the acts and desires that resulted were actually part of a World-Concept which they were otherwise strongly against.

        1. Glad to have you as an ally in the fight against the morally deviant and degenerate Bobists. Our coalition of reactionaries, fascists, and milquetoast liberals will drive them and their insightful critiques from our homelands.

    1. I’ve seen tweets about how much people complain on the forums but things like this? Wow. How much free time do you have exactly?

    1. I’d cut all military spending by 99% before ever dealing with NASA’s budget. However, my issue with this line of argument is that it argues since no government program could ever fix every problem ever, then we should do nothing to fix anything. “Nothing will ever be perfect so why bother?” is a terrible way to view the need for social welfare programs

      1. That sadly IS the issue.

        Maybe the reality is that US is in the “fall of Rome” phase of its life and investing in space travel would be more beneficial than trying to patch up a sinking ship.

      2. No, the line argument is more subtle than that. The point of it is, “We won’t ever fix ALL the problems, so saying we shouldn’t spend money on X until we fix all the problems is just saying we should never spend money on X.”

  11. I’d just like some civility.

    That apparently seems to much to ask from either commenters OR Chris, Bob and Henry.

    I don’t know why it is so hard to take something that is fun and keep it fun.

    “Don’t like what we say? Fuck off!” “We need you to help support us, please donate to patreon!”

    Kind of a mixed message.

    1. I’m down for civility. But most of the complaints I see here are just people putting words in our mouths for the sake of getting angry at something—like us supposedly calling that space mission guy sexist, or us supposedly making fun of Tim Allen for being conservative. It’s okay if you disagree with us, but frankly, I don’t care, and I don’t need to hear about it. I listen to 6-8 hours of podcasts a day and FREQUENTLY disagree with people on them and somehow make it through my day without letting them know.

      Also, I get the feeling most of these whiners are concern trolls who showed up here after crawling out of Colin Moriarty’s asshole. They can take the Super Fun Happy Slide straight to hell for all I care.

      1. >It’s okay if you disagree with us, but frankly, I don’t care, and I don’t need to hear about it.

        But that’s the thing – many people feel they don’t need to hear things like wishing people were dead.

        > I get the feeling most of these whiners are concern trolls who showed up here after crawling out of Colin Moriarty’s asshole. They can take the Super Fun Happy Slide straight to hell for all I care.

        That’s the civility thing I was talking about. Please remember one thing – while (likely) many of your listeners are american, not all of us are. We know how bad Trump is. It would be like me making a Kids in the Hall and talking about how terrible Rob Ford was. Also I find it ironic that Americans found Rob Ford hilarious while he was in Canada, but now that you have your own version, it’s suddenly terrible.

        Most of the time, conversations about American politics feel like a Jerry Springer show with the two sides lining up to fight each other. The “you’re either with us or you deserve to get hit in the face with a bicycle lock” message that’s being spread online doesn’t help. It didn’t work for Bush, and I don’t understand why people suddenly think it’s okay to say it now. It’s just vociferous hate with no sign of it letting up or getting any better. Honestly, Americans on both sides need to grow the fuck up.

        Insulting people who even bring up the fact that they won’t want to hear about politics doesn’t help the situation.

        The episode that you guys did about the Critic was fantastic. It was exactly what I had hoped it would be. Dissecting the show, the times and the people involved without the venom that Talking Simpsons seems unable to avoid. I don’t hear politics inserted into Retronauts that often…so I don’t understand why it’s so impossible to keep it out of Talking Simpsons.

        1. I’d rather have fun, candid podcast conversations with my friends than police each and every spoken opinion out of the chance it could possibly annoy one out of our tens of thousands of listeners. Call me crazy!

          1. For someone asking for money from your listeners, are you sure this is the stance you want to take?

          2. I don’t begrudge anyone wanting to have a conversation with their friends…..but the listeners are part of this conversation too. And when you say they can “go to hell”…..well why would anyone else want to be a part of the conversation, much less listen or support the show?

            By all means, do what you think is right but don’t be upset when you don’t have any listeners left. Especially when you guys are the ones who told them to fuck off.

      2. Your kind of a fucking asshole to your listeners. Maybe it’s not about what you say but how you patronize your listeners. I agree with what you say politically but you act like a fucking child sometimes

        1. That has been my issue with Bob, I strongly dislike the embrassement that is Trump and from what I have heard that Colin guy say, screw him as well.

          Sadly Lasertime hosts like Bob maybe personally he is a great guy but his podcast, twitter, facebook and even in these comments persona is something I dislike.

          And whenever challenged he tries to pretend he doesn’t care yet according to people I know he still having a pissing contest with Colin.

          If a commentor complains about him, well clearly they are unstable, a colin fan orjust an alt-right insert whatever term he wants to use at that time.

          Some people who are democrats, who are liberal don’t like Bob because of things like his personality, word choice, tone, and, troll behavior

          I stopped my retronauts patreon and reduced my Lasertime pledge because of him.

          1. Has it ever occurred to you nimrods that maybe certain listeners were assholes first? As mentioned far below, this show is five seasons deep at this point. You know Bob, you know Henry, you know Chris. You know how their minds work and how they respond to certain things. If shit like this is still ruffling your feathers, it is 110 percent on you for somehow being surprised by this.

            Canceling your Patreon pledge is such a limp-dick asshole move. You canceled your Retronauts pledge! Way to stick it to Bob! Well, Jeremy Parish still has to eat. What did he ever do to you? You’re gonna punish Chris and Hank because Bob is a thorn in your ass? You’re not just putting one over on Bob when you pull stunts like that. And if you’re going to act like that, they don’t want your money anyway. Not everyone’s money has the same value.

            “Sadly Lasertime [sic] hosts like Bob” Well maybe there’s something they can see being his friend and being around him every day that your walnut brain behind a pair of headphones can’t hope to access.

            God, fuck all of you whiners so hard.

          1. Oh, I’ll stop listening, alright…stop listening…FOREVER!!!
            Wait, that’s no good!
            I’ve got it!
            Kenny, say “Stop Listening” again!

    2. It’s a bit fallacious, not to mention a waste of time, to pretend everyone’s money has the same value. The Simpsons went for the jugular all the time, and if people can’t handle it when three Joe Schmoes do it, then they’re doing the show and other listeners a favor by taking their dead weight somewhere else.

  12. I’ll consider letting you make me watch anime for charity so something good comes from my suffering.
    A regular show would be no fun for anyone, because no one wants to hear me scream, “Fuck this shit!” for an hour.
    Ask Mikel. It’s a terrible experience even when I’m actually trying not to be a jerk.
    I’m allergic to anime. The struggle is real.

    1. I don’t know, one of the best aspects of Thirty Twenty Ten is your reactions whenever the guys go off on some inane horseshit. The “Fuck This Shit Anime Hour” might actually be fabulous (though the comment sections would likely make Bob look lucky by comparison).

    2. The difference is the lack of venom on 30-20-10. Except towards anime. Which I find kind of amusing, because I get why people don’t like it….but I still like it anyway.

  13. Tim Allen should be in jail for life for possessing a pound and a half of drugs!

    Fuck right off with this, I’m sure you wouldn’t be saying this about a person whose political views you agree with.

      1. Sorry… comedy? As in that was supposed to be funny?

        That wasn’t Henry joking, it was him expressing his political beliefs. He hates Tim Allen, and therefore “jokes” about the fact that he should be in jail for the rest of his life. If it was a liberal caught with drugs Henry wouldn’t make the same “joke”, just like he wouldn’t say that Anne Coulter should commit suicide.

        Look, I love the show it’s great. But just keep the fucking politics off the show. It doesn’t do you any good, and pisses some people off. I’m assuming you want as broad an audience as possible, so just stop with that dumb shit. It’s not funny.

  14. wow… this comment section is an absolute warzone. I can’t tell if it’s trolls in the name of internets fun or sincere anger and hate being tossed around here. I guess comment section drama is a sign of success? congratulations guys? I don’t know what to say about any of the fighting going on in here.
    anyhoo, i think the monorail episode “broke” the show but in a good way, it made it into a cartoon and not an animated family sitcom that went beat for beat like cosby or full house or… jeez i didn’t really watch much of those. I liked the Simpsons because it started playing outside of the borders and having fun telling stories. Entertaining people, plain and simple.
    okay bye!

  15. Having not seen this episode in a while, I was actually *astonished* how good it was. My mouth *literally*—not figuratively, **literally**—fell open when the astronauts were humming the Battle Hymn of the Republic and Homer was singing the Golden Grahams song. It blew my mind how daring and zany it was. In prime time! I honestly can’t think of a segment that could be dropped. It’s all just so unbelievable.

    I also can’t believe that there was an entire framing device apparently cut for syndication. I had absolutely no memory of the rod getting an award at the beginning of the episode, and that completely changes the end of the episode: it changes from a completely zany insane premise as the climax to a completely zany insane CALLBACK at the end of the episode. And what is even more insane is that this is apparently not widespread, as it’s not in SNPP? Am I just insane, or is this something anybody else has seen?

    1. I had to immediately rewatch the episode I was so shocked both by how good it was and the thing I either forgot or was only regionally cut for syndication. The calm but threatening James Taylor guest-starring as himself, Kent Brockman and his immediate kow-towing to the ant overlords, the fact that Buzz Aldrin was so great while also being objectively terrible; it was amazing.

  16. I think a lot of the problem is Chris, Henry, and Bob talking about a show from a time they were young enough to sort of dimly remember (only being 10 or so when this show came out,) and dragging too much of the San Francisco way of thinking in 2017 into their thoughts about a 25 year old cartoon, and not always getting the facts right. There rarely seems to be real malice in their discussions, but their current-day politics don’t always need to be applied to everything from the past. Laser Time tangents don’t seem to get into unnecessarily feather-ruffling areas, but Talking Simpsons sometimes seems to go out if its way to preach about current issues that aren’t always really in the Simpsons episodes. I think Dave and Mikel are the balance in Laser Time, they rarely seem to drag unnecessary issues (except for wrestling) into anything they’re talking about, maybe more Dave on Talking Simpsons will get the other three to think a little harder before tying modern life into the early 90’s.

    1. Ok, I appreciate your intent with this comment, but I don’t “dimly remember” anything about these shows. I watched these episodes hundreds of times as a kid and today. I memorized these shows as much as any Simpsons fan. I taped every episode every night from the first Christmas Special in 1989 and rewatched them constantly as a kid/teen/adult. And I was doing that looooooooooong before the DVDs came out.

      Dislike my politics or San Francisco perspective all you like, but the main drive of this podcast is to watch these shows with modern eyes and comment on it. If we believe see parallels with modern day, that’s more than worthy of conversation.

      Feel free to call me a bad host if you want, but I don’t “dimly remember” squat about this show. The Simpsons is burned into my brain and I do hours of research before each show just to be sure I don’t miss anything. I take the quality of this show very seriously.

      1. I said you guys dimly remember the time the show came out, and sometimes ascribe meanings to things that happened then according to how society has gone along since then, and while you can research Simpsons episodes, your memory of the time when you were 10 is probably dimmer. There are lots of times that someone says he doesn’t remember something from the show, or only just got a joke, so you can’t say everything is always clear as you record. And I know everyone doesn’t pay attention to everything they say on anybody’s podcast, but a little awareness might cut down on some of the comments here.

  17. Just throwing it out there that the comment section’s continual ragging on the show/hosts has been much more frustrating than the show itself (in fact, never gotten mad from listening to the podcast). It reminds me of people on sub-reddits who watch a show every week but only do it so they can nitpick every little thing from a show they don’t like. There’s so many things we can do with our time, why spend it on something we hate just to complain about it?

    1. Right? We’re five seasons into The Simpsons – why are people STILL shocked and appalled at the content of the podcast? This is what the show is. It’s not the only thing airing in a timeslot and the batteries fell out of the remote – you’re all choosing to download and listen to it. If you hate it so much, stop listening.

  18. Bottom line, these guys have always framed these shows as a conversation. You are eaves dropping on friends having a conversation. Like what happens occasionally on a bus or in a restaurant. If you don’t like it, listen to something else or change tables. If you do, continue listening and throw a dollar in the hat (or five, or ten, these guys deserve it).

  19. haha wow I am popcorn.gifing this shit hard. Are all the comments on all the shows like this?

    I like this show. I don’t agree with some of the politics –I am a dreaded centrist who doesn’t think funding for science and technology should be reallocated into welfare programs — but I still like it. If I didn’t like it, I could not listen to it. Am I missing something where it can’t be that simple? I don’t get it.

  20. *looks at the comments* I don’t know about the rest of you but I liked the talking monkey on roller skates.

  21. I think the (Stop Listening) is the best response you guys have done to these weird commenters yet.

    Dudes, if you don’t like the podcast STOP. LISTENING. Nobody is making you listen. You aren’t less of a Simpsons fan if you don’t listen to this podcast. You aren’t MORE of a Simpsons fan if you do.

  22. oh and Bob, I think the thing with Kubrick and the Shining is that it’s his cryptic confession which is supposedly why it diverges so much from the book. Same with eyes wide shut, he stumbled across the weird sex ring in hollywood that Corey Haim was unfortunately ruined by and it horrified him. Kubrick wanted to name names and soon after he died but people think he was killed by powerful people in hollywood and that there was a nod to this in Wag the Dog. Gawd i LOVE pop culture conspiracy theories.

  23. As a friend and fellow caustic personality, I’ve got to play devil’s advocate and side with some of the more level-headed critics here. I’m throwing a party when Trump dies, but, _I don’t need to hear about the quagmire this country is every episode._ I come here to escape to the early ’90s, and hear discussion about the show’s production, the references, etc. It’s also not so much the politics but the tangential quality of the discussions. More judicial editing would probably lop 15 minutes off most of these episodes.

    And by the way, if these critiques keep coming up from _people who are giving you money_ maybe take it in a stride a bit? Jesus christ.

  24. So don’t like the podcast don’t listen. Don’t like the comments don’t read them. (Wait read that again with a different in your head. Not the first one you chose. Something more monotone. It works better.)

    Still with the funding I have to wonder… There was that game… Shadow Complex. Great game. Tremendous fun. So anyway there was controversy, quick google search:

    “…activists considered calling for a boycott of Shadow Complex due to Orson Scott Card’s views on homosexuality.[46][47] The game itself does not contain any references to homosexuality.[38] Card did not work on the game itself, but licensed the rights from Chair to create novels based on the developer’s Empire intellectual property.”
    Some did, some didn’t. There was a point here somewhere. I’m sure…. I think.
    Is this the only podcast that gets this much traction in the comment field? 30/20/10, Vidjagames Appocolypse, VGMpire, Lasertime, T-time? (Personal note: enjoy them all. They’re not in a particular order, though I do have my favourite(s). Wouldn’t be so crass as to do that here though.) I don’t think there is. Could be wrong, pretty sure I’m not. Hmmm come to think of it maybe that’s what Chris’ YouTube videos need more of whatever it is the Talking Simpsons interjects. (Personally I think they’re great. It is a shame they don’t get more views.)
    So yeah, um… the Simpsons is a part of us all. A part of us all. A part of us all. Sorry to repeat myself but till help you remember. Plus I needed a Simpsons référence. (That wasn’t supposed to be in French. Hopefully you are still using the same tone. Don’t switch to a lame French charactcature Just because my keypad decided to switch language on me. Mon Dieu!)

  25. I realize that I’m about to reiterate a lot of points that have been already made because i mean there are 100 comments but the political talk is nothing new here. If it bothers you this much there are a bunch of other podcasts you can listen to on this network that has none or very little of the stuff you dislike so go there.

    I honestly don’t really get what these people expect out of Bob, Chris and Hank. They can’t cater to everyone’s needs and if they’re pledging to the patreon then they should know what they’re getting themselves into?

  26. Careful, they’re ruffled!

    Great episode for a great episode. Just recently gave you guys a chance after hearing Bob plug the show on Retronauts for some time now. Loving the deep dive into my all-time favorite show.

    Unsolicited suggestion — Hoping you guys can relax a bit on the acerbic response towards your detractors. It’s a bummer to lump the entire other side in with the nasty commenters. Conservatives aren’t all Johnny Hatemongers and Charlie Biblethumps.

  27. This is my first episode of Talking Simpsons after hearing about the podcast via Retronauts. This comment section is… not what I expected. I thought gamers were supposed to be insufferable ones.

    Anyway, I really enjoyed this episode of the podcast. Deep Space Homer is probably one of my top ten favorite episodes and listening reminded me how much social commentary and layers they managed to squeeze into 22 minutes. My favorite gag is a silly one that wasn’t mentioned*: When they’re discussing how to make space launches more popular and someone says “Maybe we should tell them about that monkey that came back super-intelligent”, prompting the monkey to turn around and say “No, I don’t think we’ll be telling them that” in a very high-class accent. Then he roller-skates away.

    *I’m actually a little over halfway through the episode, so you might’ve mentioned it later

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