Harry Meets The Hendersons, Nick Cage Boards Con Air, and Keyboard Cat Plays Us Out – June 2-June 8

This week: in 1987, John Lithgow meets sasquatch while Brian DePalma directs a crime epic. In 97 Nick Cage and some criminals fly the unfriendly skies while Buffy wraps her first season and Farrah Fawcett makes Letterman weird. In 07, Ducks fly atop the NHL, Dramatic Chipmunk surprises us, and Keyboard Cat plays us out!


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31 thoughts on “Harry Meets The Hendersons, Nick Cage Boards Con Air, and Keyboard Cat Plays Us Out – June 2-June 8

  1. I love that 30 Rock episode where they parody Harry and the Henderson’s, that double slap Frank’s mom gives Jack when he comes over for dinner and then the painting she makes of Frank’s death… ohmahgawd that show was the best! I think plenty of people still believe in bigfoot, but only the GTA version.
    I remember you guys playing the hell out of keyboard cat during Tdar, time is slowly catching up to itself and will soon become an oroboros of memes and pop culture reference relevance. Globb help us.

    1. YES! In case anyone was wondering that was actually Talkradar 47, and the episode quite literally starts with keyboard cat. Some awesome dude has uploaded them all to YouTube, so thanks Gregg D (https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=7kAWKWsPk7I) It’s sprinkled throughout the two hours, but the whole thing is worth a relisten to for the trip back in time.

      Funny thing is that episode was uploaded in 2009, so it either took a couple years from upload for the meme to catch on, or you guys were REALLY late.

      God damn I love TDar. I think my dream is to make a documentary about the creation of TDar/LT Network. Listening to those old episodes really take me back, and I don’t think I can understate how formative they were for me. I hope at the very least in April of 2018 we have a week full of self-reflective masturbatory podcasts.

  2. I’m from a tiny town (Whitehall, NY) that claims tons of Bigfoot sightings, we’ve had pretty much every documentary come our way, and we have a really creepy stretch of road we call Bigfoot road, way out in the country, because of the density of sightings there. I believe the documentary Dave mentions was even spearheaded by a native of the village.
    That said, I haven’t heard of any reported sightings there since the massive LSD manufacturing operation was busted in 2005.

  3. My grandparents took me to see Benji the Hunted. I remember nothing about it.

    I do remember that they went in the wrong theater and the theater that we went in was showing a bunch of cartoons for a daycare center. There was a Woody Woodpecker cartoon playing. I had trouble convincing my grandparents that we were in the wrong theater because they hadn’t seen a movie in the theater in so long that they thought they still showed cartoons before movies.

    That’s my Benji the Hunted memory.

  4. Hey, you got in Misery! That was in my master list. There’s only one other notable book I have written down for June, but it’s MASSIVE, and if you somehow miss it I will ride your asses to the end of days. (in good fun, of course)

  5. Great show, really enjoyed this one

    87- Wasn’t alive yet

    97- My mother fell in love with Con Air in theaters and would watch it constantly.

    07- I was managing a Verizon store, using the Keyboard Cat Jingle to upsell customers to Blackberry or Juke phones that had superior audio quality for ringtones and mp3s

  6. I’m 90% sure they came up with the title “Con Air” and fumbled their way into a script that likely wasn’t even done during the actual filming. I used to love that movie but it really does fall a distance 3rd to the Rock and Face/Off it’s not even a top 6 Cage movie. Also no way any person(MAYBE a black dude in Alabama or Misssissippi) would ever go to jail for defending his wife from being raped that stuck in my craw even then.

    1. Also it just dawned on me that House of Payne is literallt TBS’ Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

  7. This is almost certainly something you’ve already considered, but have you guys thought about hosting legacy episodes of Laser Time, Cape Crisis, VGA, etc. on a third-party platform? By hosting old episodes on archive.org, would you be able to reduce your operating costs in any way?

    I’d be more than willing to help out with this project if it would help Laser Time stay afloat!

  8. 20 years ago Con Air came out with Nic Cage and John Cusack. Now, the movie I’m currently doing music for stars Nic Cage and the next movie I’m working on after that stars John Cusack. It’s crazy how much things can change in 20 years

  9. You guys totally snubbed Dream Theater’s 2007 album, “Systematic Chaos”. Metallica meets Pink Floyd meets Pantera meets Rush, this amazing Progressive Metal record is a musical roller coaster that has you banging your head one second and confronting existential quandaries the next.
    Highlights include:
    -“Forsaken”: An Evanescence-esque song about a man tormented by vampires. An official anime music video was released in 2008. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dRBP1rpE5y8)
    -“The Dark Eternal Night”: A brutal track about a vengeful Egyptian pharaoh. The band commissioned a Super Mario mash-up remix and video for when they play this song live. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HSA1tz-A3ck)
    -“In the Presence of Enemies”: a twenty-five-minute epic about a man selling his soul to Satan and fighting a holy war against heaven. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AAnIjM3MWUE)
    Feel free to play any of these songs on the show to make up for not mentioning the album.
    I’ll be sure to chime in again about DT’s 1997 record later this year. Cheers!

  10. Hey, you guys celebrated Unsolved Mysteries 30th anniversary a few months ago. The host was Robert Stack, TV’s Eliot Ness!

  11. Wu-Tang Forever is the clan’s second album…they went on to release a few more afterwards (and the million dollar album you guys mentioned is in fact a Clan album, but not in the traditional sense. It was constructed by Clan affiliate Cilvaringz, who did most, if not all the production on said album and took verses from the members…it was also his bright idea to charge a milli). Most of the members were unware Ciliv was crafting the album, and a few have been vocal about it (method, Rae, for example). The good news is, we can expect a new clan album soon, EP’d by noneother than Ghostface himself.

  12. I’m almost ashamed to bring this up, but you guys were wondering about what Farrah Fawcett was promoting on her infamous David Letterman appearance. Somehow I remembered this. She was promoting her Playboy video “All of Me”, which came out this week 20 years ago, where apparently she was shown doing a lot of naked painting and having her body painted. I haven’t seen this video, but I remember seeing the commercials for it on the channel that showed what was available for purchase on pay per view. I think a lot of hype was made about the fact that she was 50 years old at the time.

  13. For a reference to Con Air, I don’t know of any confessed Homestuckers’ here and I doubt I could any of the Laser Time Crew to “punish” themselves and read through the whole dang thing (A LOT of it was definitely a you had to have been there in the moment kind of thing) but the main character John Putting the Bunny Back In the Box, was one of those incredible moments the finally paid of a reference to Con Air that had been building upwards to forever. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=COYv6xdUEM0

    1. Homestuck fan, sounding off. That was probably the greatest moment from the whole comic. Homestuck really did kick off my love of Con Air and Nick Cage in general.

  14. I miss Brett’s extensive notes here.

    I like Diana adding more music and events from earlier than 30 years ago, not just movies. I just watched a Clark Gable movie where he played a newsreel narrator who said, “and all the ships at sea,” I don’t remember hearing it before Diana used it, though.

    I remember Kevin Peter Hall as the tall, black guy on Misfits of Science who can shrink himself down. It seemed like everyone on that show, other than Courtney Cox and Max Wright, had three names, sort of unusual for guys.

    I’m surprised they skipped over “The Secret War of Lisa Simpson,” the last episode of season 8 that wasn’t very good, and felt like a letdown from a season that was about two-thirds really good, and a third episodes that in hindsight feel like the crap that came from season 9 onwards.

    I never spent a lot time wasting time on the internet, so I mostly know memes like dramatic chipmunk and Chocolate Rain from that South Park episode.

    1. I like putting the notes in there, too; however, RSS feeds can be iffy with all of the formatting, html, and URLs that come with the notes (which can sometimes gum up the works and keep an episode from publishing on podcast apps). It also makes the page crash on mobile devices, too. I’m looking into a solution that keeps everything stable but also gives you the chance to check out the clips too, hopefully I can work it out soon.

      As for The Simpsons’ season 8 finale; we briefly discussed it during the previous week, where we discussed what SHOULD’VE been the season finale, (The Simpsons Spin-off Showcase). Even though we already have a Simpsons podcast, I want to discuss milestone eps on 302010. However, I want to make every 1997 week from September-May more than just “here’s what happened on Seinfeld, SNL, and Simpsons,” so episodes that don’t quite have the same cultural cache as Poochie and Frank Grimes have to fall by the wayside. I do really like the megaphone scene, though!

  15. The “embarrassing pop album” from Chris Cornell you were talking about is Scream, which came out two years later. Good lord, that was bad. As far as I’m concerned though, it was the only bad album he was ever part of.

    By the way, Con Air is part of the holy trilogy of Cage, along with The Rock and Face/Off. Suck it, Leaving Las Vegas.

  16. Isaiah Washington did indeed come back to Grey’s Anatomy for one episode three years ago to set the storyline for Sandra Oh’s departure. Seems he was forgiven (and T.R. Knight had left a few years before)

  17. That was a regular Henry Gilbert-ing of the Anaheim Ducks talk. They haven’t ever moved and were never the California Ducks (you were probably thinking of the LA Angels who have also been named the California Angels, the Anaheim Angels, and absurdly, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim).

    Anyhow, Disney sold the team in 2005, and the new owners changed both the name and changed the color scheme from Purple/Teal to Black/Gold/Orange. They stopped using the original logo for a while, but have brought it back as a secondary logo on the current jerseys.

    And of course, the Mighty Ducks team created and wore the most absurd, cartoonish jersey in NHL history with the “Wild Wing” 3rd jersey in 1995, which they only wore for a few games. These things are huge collectors items now and I wish I had the money to buy one:


    1. Glad you wrote this so I didn’t have to.
      I’ll add that, after Disney shed the Ducks, they kept pretty much everything from the logo to the color scheme and mascot and offered to license them out to the team for a hefty sum, which is why it was so hard to find the old logo on anything for a long time. It’s still hard to find Ducks’ merch outside of Anaheim, because they were forced to burn a lot of bridges with a lot of licensors. “you want to make a throwback cap this year? Talk to Disney. It’s part of the overall contract? Guess there are no Ducks hats at Lids this year.” It’s a little better now, but it’s still infuriating that I live less than 20 miles from the Honda Center, and sports stores carry more Red Wings stuff than Ducks stuff, but I digress.
      Also, DIANA, the Ducks played in the POND, and it is now called the “Honda Center” but we all still call it “The Pond”.
      Also also, back when Disney owned the Ducks, their home games would be broadcast on ABC, and whenever a player scored, Tinkerbell would fly down and sprinkle fairy dust on them. I shit you not. That happened. A lot of people still give Ducks fans shit for that.

  18. Yes Chris, Bigfoot IS real. We haven’t found it yet because it’s an inter-dimensional being and can pop in and out of our reality.

    What’s so hard about believing in that?

  19. Chris – I think The Untouchables is more fondly remembered than you think.

    You know what’s weird? So far, almost all of the 2007 YouTube videos were things that I discovered by watching Attack of the Show. I really didn’t browse YT, so that show was a godsend for learning about that kinda shit. For a time, the keyboard cat theme was my ringtone. Man, do I miss that show.

  20. So for me Con Air is easily one of those movies that would have qualified for “Movies you’ve watched a lot by accident” as it was always on.

    On a personal connection the quote that always stands out to me is Nick Cage reading the letter from his daughter that “I’m going to see my daddy for the first time ever on July 14th.” Its not only Bastille Day but its my parents anniversary. I always say this despite how weird it sounds coming out of a grown woman’s mouth when i get to see my parents on their anniversary. I also try to watch Con-Air close to their anniversary which in my mind is just “Con Air Day”

  21. The first season of Buffy, despite having a bit of that freshman funk, is still really great. I’ve rewatched the whole thing a bunch of times and I still love almost every bit of it (and it’s on Netflix here in Canada). Yay for it not being cancelled after those first 13 episodes!

  22. Since this is probably the only time that the Ducks will show up on 30-20-10, I thought I’d share this awesome Anaheim Ducks story from my wife (#borat)
    Back in the late 90s, my father-in-law was restoring an old Mustang, and hired a guy to help him repaint it. At the time, he had a jersey from the 1998 Finnish Olympic hockey team hanging up in his garage that someone had given him at some business thing. The guy showed up to take a look at the car and said “hey, I know a guy who played on that team. You know that they aren’t allowed to keep their jerseys after the Olympics?” My father-in-law took the jersey down and said “give him this one. It probably means a lot more to him than it does to me!”
    That Finnish player turned out to be Teemu Selanne – the greatest player that the Anaheim Ducks have ever had. He called to say thank you, and a few months later, on my wife’s birthday his limo pulled up with a custom-signed, game-used hockey stick and jersey! We still, of course, have both 😉

  23. Some people have already touched on the Anaheim Ducks, but I’ll add some fun facts.
    1) The starting goaltender on the 2007 Ducks team was Jean-Sebastian Giguere. Tying it into an earlier 302010 episode, he was the last player to have played for the Hartford Whalers when he retired from hockey in 2014
    2) A key player the Ducks got before the season started was Chris Pronger, who forced an acrimonious trade from the Edmonton Oilers (who made the final the year before) to the Ducks. When the Ducks played the Oilers during the season backup goalie Ilya (illi-ya) Bryzagalov (briz-ga-lov) gave the internet this gem: https://youtu.be/xzpndHtdl9A
    3) Speaking of Bryz. He is too pure for this world. Here he is talking about the various Disney Ducks on his helmet (including Scrooge): https://youtu.be/Irb63jeX-pg?t=1m1s

    Bonus Fact) Bryz also held the record (since beaten by two others) for largest contract buyout in NHL history when, in 2013, the Philadelphia Flyers bought out the nine-year, $51 million contract they had bestowed on him 2 years earlier. He is now paid about $1.6 million a year to do fuck all and will be paid that way until 2027.

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