Vidjagame Apocalypse 216 – Cult Followings

Creepy, quasi-religious cults seem to be all the rage in games this year, with heavy hitters like Horizon: Zero Dawn, Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and now Far Cry 5 using them as major plot points – so this week, erstwhile hosts Brett Elston and Henry Gilbert rejoin the show for a look at five of gaming’s most unsettling and influential cults. Then it’s time to dive into Star Trek: Bridge Crew, Friday the 13th, Danger Zone, Sonic Mania, and the arcade games you wish had gotten a home release.

Question of the Week
What’s your favorite (or most memorable) experience with in-game chat?



Theme song by Matthew Joseph Payne. Break song is Hometown from Silent Hill 3, by Akira Yamaoka and Joe Romersa. Haunting and beautiful New Releases Theme by David B. Cooper.

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58 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 216 – Cult Followings

  1. Dear Chris,

    It’s not about conservative vs. liberal. Just stop being a cunt to your listeners. Jesus fucking christ.

    1. Can’t say you make me any sort of remorse over Chris rightfully talking down to the racist, xenophobic supporters of a government regime that is also filled to the brim with a motley crew of racist, xenophobic monsters.

      1. I voted for Trump and am none of those things you just stated, so you might want to rethink your argument brotha.

        1. Do you think they want people who get into the world’s biggest tizzy over what amounts to about 3% of a podcast episode?

        2. You are correct brotha, that is why I stopped listening religiously and retired from writing articles. I want a political free podcast about videogames, so when they do that again I will be there with a fistfull of patreon money. You are not alone my dude.

    2. I don’t listen to VGA for the video games. I listen to it for the personalities. Part of that personality is making jokes about what’s going on in their lives. And guess what, current politics is what’s going on in their lives.

      Keep up the good work guys!

    1. I’ll chill when Chris stops doing his best impression of a shock jock DJ, screaming at me to fuck off simply because I’m tired of hearing politics (ANY politics) pummeled down my throat in every Lasertime show. Just talk about video games for fuck’s sake, it’s not that hard!

      1. Smuh there are a bunch of other video game ad pop culture related podcasts you can go listen to since this one clearly bothers you so much

          1. I really don’t want to turn this into something like the talking Simpsons commentary section but I seriously doubt Chris or anyone else on the laser time network intends on insulting their listeners. If you do feel targeted by what they’re saying then I think that’s more on you then it is on them and maybe, once again, you should probably head somewhere else. Or if you’re that willing to continue listening to them maybe just grow some thicker skin? I legit don’t wanna be a dick here but I honestly don’t see this as being all that complicated

          2. video games, and video game development, often take place on Earth, in our real world OR in some way have stories that reflect real world events. This sometimes makes “talking about video games” inseparable from discussing current events . If you expect the guys, who’s political leaning and personalities you should already be very familiar with to just shut all that off and coldly talk about games without any real world context or analog, well…… your gonna have a bad time.

            I’m not trying to be a dick but seriously do they even “pummel” you with politics? They make a couple Trump jokes.

  2. Chris,

    Hey Chris,

    This is, no joke, the third podcast in a row where I’ve heard you complain about Trumpers leaving comments or shitposting in your forums. That’s taking into account 30-20-10, Talking Simpsons, Vidja etc. At least once a podcast in the past few weeks you’ve brought everything to a dead stop, lost all momentum on whatever the show’s topic is, and started bitching about whatever Russian-funded SEO targeting Macedonian-but-pretending-to-be-an-American-conservative losers that inevitably show up.

    It’s now no longer justified complaining. It’s just whining.

    In a weird bit of serendipity I had to suffer through your latest whine while walking past one of those pro-life vans with mangled fetuses painted on the side along with Bible quotes that condemn me or someone I love to hell. I work in DC for the federal government so there’s always some moron from Ameristan driving up here for a weekend to bitch about the chem trails or God’s Kingdom or whatever cult bullshit their AM radios are pumping out. They’ve always been here. DC is the fucking Overlook Hotel of political conspiracy crackheads. The only thing new is that they’ve taken Obama’s picture off of the fetus vans.

    So I can relate to being annoyed by whatever Alex Jones mutant who stumbles their way into your attention span. It sucks. But Chris, you’ve crossed the point where you’re now whining and bitching. It’s official.

    1. deal with it, don’t be so fragile. the vocal minority such as yourself will not change what gets discussed on these shows. it’s not anyone else’s responsibility to cater your free entertainment to be more easily digestible based on where you live or work.

  3. QOTW: While playing Call of Duty Black Ops 1 I was put on a team with an American college student who was studying in Belarus, that’s about as exotic as I’ve ever had. I do have to listen to my little brother constantly barking orders back and forth with his friends about Minecraft :Bed Wars , or Minecraft Hunger Games multiplayer almost every night, so it was hilarious to hear something like that on your Friday the 13th stream.

  4. Chris, I know you get upset everytime you’re criticized but it’s fair to say that you and Henry often soapbox in very annoying and mood killing ways and both of you are LOADED with doubled standards ad hate speak in an off putting way. I say this as a Liberal telling people to “Shut to the fuck up and stop listening” only promotes the all too loud bullying twofaced/hypocrite Liberal that annoys people and halts progression.

    1. Agreed completely. Nice to see someone can be reasonable on here. Shouting and belittling people solves nothing and just drives people away.

    2. Overall just easing up on political soapbox rants and screaming insults .

      Perhaps using a different response to crlticism than whining and repeating”stop listening” or “fuck you”

      This episode was mostly great to listen to, Mikel’s story about being in Spain I played like four times, hilarious. Spelled just like it sounds?

      Loved hearing Brett again.

      Thanks for the show.

      1. > This episode was mostly great to listen to

        Yes, I agree. Probably 95% was fine. Just after the Simpsons episode this week, it really riled me up.

        How come you guys can get through 30 20 10 without these rants but not Talking Simpsons or VGA?

  5. >I really don’t want to turn this into something like the talking Simpsons commentary section but I seriously doubt Chris or anyone else on the laser time network intends on insulting their listeners. If you do feel targeted by what they’re saying then I think that’s more on you then it is on them and maybe, once again, you should probably head somewhere else. Or if you’re that willing to continue listening to them maybe just grow some thicker skin? I legit don’t wanna be a dick here but I honestly don’t see this as being all that complicated

    You know….this is pretty much the response I expected. You doubt Chris intends on insulting the listeners when he’s constantly telling them to fuck off?
    Here’s the thing. The internet is not only America. There are other listeners, like me, who are not from america who don’t think that america is the centre of the world. We get bombarded with news about american politics every fucking day even when he’s not the leader of our country.

    I don’t care what Chris, Henry, Mikel or Brett’s politics are. I am just incredibly fucking tired of politics being inserted into Every. Fucking. Conversation. when it doesn’t need to be. It does not make me a nazi who should be hit in the face with a bicycle lock. It does not make me a Trump supporter. It does not make me evil. It does not mean I deserve to be told to fuck off by Chris, Henry or anyone else.

    Just show the fucking listeners some fucking respect and stop shouting at them like they are garbage while asking them for money at the same time.

    1. Y’know what, fine. Keep listening to something that clearly makes you feel uncomfortable and that makes you waste time making the same complaints over and over and over again. If that’s how you want to live your life then more power to ya I guess. I hope that one day you get the satisfaction you want : /

      1. They’re perfectly capable of doing shows with politics. I’ve heard them. They can do it! I just wish they would do it more often and stop screaming at the audience.

    2. You’re bitching about 1 minute of content on a 145 minute podcast. You can either accept that not every second of the podcast will please you, or you can just fuck off and do something else. I’m entertained by all 145 minutes, so carry on fellas!

      1. I wasn’t aware you had authority to tell me what to do. Jesus christ, the Bush-like “If you’re not with us, you’re against us” attitude is ridiculous.

          1. Asking them not to scream at the audience and tell them to fuck off is not “telling them what to do”.

            Jesus christ, apparently wanting a little civility makes me a nazi. This is what I get for trying to be reasonable with americans.

  6. My favorite memory of in game chat was this dream where I was playing a game with galleton carhart and Aziz and Connor wade and all 4 of us had distinct accents and vocabulary and we kept losing. It was great and we all laughed and carried on.

    Note: this wasn’t a dream I had, but it is a dream I have. Savvy?

  7. QOTW: I’ve been a member of Something Awful for over a decade now (Hi Bob Mackey!), and they always have member-only guilds that you can join in just about every game under the sun. I stumbled into Planetside 2 with absolutely no idea what I was doing, and they were more than happy to take me in and show me the ropes. I’ll never forget one of my first late nights playing when a guy with a fantastic shock-jock voice shows up in voice chat with a sound board full of the standard radio fare like explosions, fart noises, screeching eagles and other animal noises and starts boosting troop morale. It was absolutely hilarious to listen to while rolling through the desert in a convoy of tanks and personnel carriers.

  8. I don’t really do in game chat and this memory isn’t directly related to me…but here’s my memory…. a little after PS Home launched, I created my own avatar to explore the landscape…anyway, I remember watching the other avatars goof off and what not…and there was a group of male avatars surrounding a female one…when suddenly the female one transformed into a male and just like that all the avatars dispersed and ran off.

  9. QOTW: My nephew got an Xbox One for Christmas when he was 9 years old. He’s a good kid usually, but he’s a total shithead when he gets on to Xbox live. I have him on my friends list. One time, I was in a party with 5 other friends trying to start a Destiny raid and he joins my party unannounced. One of his friends goings soon after. Then another, then another, and so on until there’s 5 children screaming the N word at each other. We kicked them all out eventually, but the combination of how it happened, and the fact that my nephew didn’t know half the people in the chat made it hysterical.

  10. Bay Area geeks should be banned from political expression entirely. Castigating anyone outside whatever the progressive consensus of the moment is how they think they’ll guarantee they’re not at the bottom of the social ladder.

    When they’re telling people to stop listening it’s because they really don’t know how to relate to people without nervous hyper-liberal signalling and they’ve been doing it so long and so often they think it’s normal (or that everyone else is the one with the problem for not being sufficiently outraged/woke/whatever.)

    1. to be fair, youre going out of your fucking way to listen to bay area people who have been shitting on the states they used live in for the past 10 years…. this really shouldnt be news to anyone here that they dont like the orange guy

  11. QOTW:

    Played a pick-up raid in Destiny recently with some rando teenagers and a friend of mine. We’re obviously middle-aged, and they started to good-naturedly tease us about that. One asked, “Did your mom ever tell you you’d outgrow videogames?”

    Immediately my mind went to one of my favorite Penny Arcade comics, and I blurted out, “My mom was a drunk. She used to whip me everyday with an extension cord.”

    *nervous laughter*

    My friend chimed in, “Why does everyone always laugh when you say that?”

    One kid asked, “Wait, is he serious?”

    *awkward silence*

    My other favorite memory is when I learned how to mute everyone that wasn’t a friend on 360.

    Finally, I enjoy the political commentary. It’s hilarious. Keep doing it. If people don’t like it, they don’t have to listen.

  12. As a listener from Canada, no problem with politics seeping into things. The situation in America right now is gross and if you don’t like hearing about it that much that it angers you, I really think not listening is the only course of action. I like these shows for the personalities of the hosts and I’ve always liked that they don’t feel censored by corporate interests that demand centrist opinion-free content in order to not piss off potential listeners (even in the TalkRadar days). What’s 100% more annoying than political talk, and ALWAYS WILL BE, is the comment section devolving into “stop doing X on your show.”

    IN ANY CASE, this was a great and hilarious episode. Everybody seemed to be burning all cylinders and it was a blast to listen to.

    1. Wishing death upon ex-presidents or derailing podcasts every time the Simpsons has a guest host that doesn’t vote Democrat is good and healthy —– unlike not wanting to hear progressive talking points du jour spewed onto your radio shows about electronic toys and old tv, which makes you Abnormal and Mad.

  13. Pretty much everything I have to say re: the politics, attitudes, non-game talk, etc. has been mentioned already in some way or another, but I just want to chime in to give some support.

    I always enjoy the political talk, no matter the show, because there are countless other podcasts out there for video game news and discussion. If you want just the facts and news, those podcasts exist. If you want humor and personalities of various types, those podcasts exist. If you want more discussion about old games and other gaming-related topics that aren’t just the current releases, those podcasts definitely exist. I personally choose to listen to the LaserTime shows not just because they are about topics that I love, but because of the personalities and their beliefs.

    Now, regarding the comments that are more along the lines of “I agree/don’t care about the political views, but you guys take it too far with your attitudes and extreme beliefs and death wishes” – it’s called exaggeration for the sake of humor and fun conversation. I get that not everyone likes that – my friends and I do it all the time, but my wife doesn’t appreciate it when I get too worked up about something even if it’s not serious – but that’s how these guys behave, and it’s how they run their shows.

    I don’t want to tell anyone to go away or just listen to those other shows. Just try to look at these ones from a different angle to try and get past the (honestly very small) portions of the show you dislike. Hopefully you’ll stick around and have fun.

  14. Well you know you’re doing something right when making a few scattered comments here and there sets someone off so much and challenges their entire worldview and nonsense they profess a belief in that they lose their shit and have to lash out.

    A podcast, on any subject, without any personality from the hosts sounds like the most boring thing ever, though a podcast with a bunch of ignorant conservatives sounds just as boring as well, though with the addition of not knowing what you even trust or believe.

  15. Ok, I rarely ever feel the need to comment, but seriously- I nearly lost my shit when they started playing the audio clip to introduce this week’s number 1, Silent Hill! When the girl in the clip said something along the lines of ” everyone here followed some kind of queer religion…”, then you hear Henri say “what?” In the background and then Chris laughs: freaking hilarious! I must have relistened to that part 5 times…

  16. QOTW: I also have a sex story similar to Chris — the specifics are only that I had my hand halfway up my then-girlfriend while she attempted to practice with her Halo 3 clan and I kept turning the mic on — but that’s not the main story.

    The main story is about the Maddest Online Guy I’ve ever met. Once when I went into Halo 2 duos back in college with my best friend. Halo 2 has proximity chat so you can shout at your enemies, and every time we killed one specific guy, he’d scream, “OH WHAT THE FU-” and as he died, his mic would cut off because he was no longer in proximity. We thought this was funny, so every time we killed him or his friend, I’d shout, “Zultan!” and my friend would shout, “Beefcake!” The sheer non sequitur somehow enraged him further, and his screams became more loud and furious.

    He started calling us f—–ts, blurting out any insult he could think up, but we kept repeating, Zultan and Beefcake, until the game ended with an almost 5:1 score. By the time we left, we were both giggling like idiots as he screamed at us calling us queers giving each other footjobs during the match, and only piped in to shout our catchphrases one last time as we quit. We both remember that day till now and it was easily 12 years ago.

  17. QOTW: I was playing Titanfall 2 early last week and my team got WAAAY behind pretty early during an Attrition (team death match) round, so I kinda stopped worrying about winning and just started working on leveling up my weapons. I was doing pretty well and at some point I looked at the score and noticed that we were crawling our way back. With thirty seconds left, we were within 10 points, but you could see the teams trading kills. I could hear my team mates encouraging each other but they all went quiet during the last 10 seconds; I imagine that they, like me, were all clenching their teeth trying to eek this one out. When the clock finally expired and VICTORY displayed across the screen, my team mates exploded in celebration – we had pulled ahead right as the match ended. I’m talking full on Top Gun, Independence Day, Pacific Rim, any sports moment with a buzzer beater win level instantaneous cheering! I never use a mic when playing online but, for once, I wish I did because I wanted to join in on this. I usually play for about an hour every night, but ended up turning the PS4 for the night after 30 minutes of gaming because I knew I wasn’t going to be any more satisfied and happy than I was after that match.

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