Wonder Woman Reactions – LIVE Laser Time Recording!

Chris, Hank, Diana, and Dave are watching Wonder Woman today and we’re gonna record our reactions for next week’s Laser Time LIVE at 4PM PST. Join us then to chat about the flim!

Yep, we got another superhero flick out in theaters, and it seems we might FINALLY have a good DC movie on our hands! We’re all catching Gal Gadot’s full-length turn as Wonder Woman and will report back later with LIVE video reactions! Join us at 4PM PST on YouTube as we discuss our thoughts on the film, with the YouTube live link to come below by then!

Looking for more Wonder Woman fun? Check out the fantasy fight between Wonder Woman and DC’s other superheroines below!

2 thoughts on “Wonder Woman Reactions – LIVE Laser Time Recording!

  1. I wish I could’ve liked this movie but if I’m being 100% objective and giving it no bonus points whatsoever it’s just another superhero movie. It’s at best as good as Ant-Man & Dr. Strange(certainly less visually pleasing moreso due to Strange being such a gorgeous movie) it’s better than the other DC movies BvS, MoS and Squad but inferior to the Marvel space epics like the Thor and GotG movies, just a solid C+. I kinda really fear the potential overpraise from quite frankly agenda heavy people will lede to major disappointment for what was @teotD a by the #s superhero movie. I think the bubble has been busted pretty hard post Ant-Man and I’m dreading Spider-Man, Panther and Marvel

  2. First off: it’s the best DC film since The Dark Knight. Cliché? Yes, but the bar was quite low regardless. It’s a densely packed film (though only ~2 hours long) that has a number of standard tropes from comic films, but it remains interesting the first 30 minutes or so. Once we leave the “Greek” world and enter our own, the color is sucked out of the film. For cinematography reasons I get it, but bummer.

    Diana’s character is both smart & studious, yet naive on a thin-line degree. Stubborn too, but understandably so. The ENTIRE love/believe in love story is about as hackneyed as you can expect or respect, and I hope it goes away, it’s overdone/needless. The action felt powerful, even if there were an near endless amount of Matrix moments, and for w/e reason, the constant reaction shots too. Wonder Woman is a great film, hindered by reliance on numerous, tired conventions, but stands out and stands tall as an “new” comic legacy.

    Don’t miss it or pass it up, it’s worth the time and attention.
    Wonder Woman is the best DC character on the silver screen in 10 years. 8/10.

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