The Best New Amazon Releases: It’s A Major Payne To Wipeout

An underrated 90s comedy hits Blu-ray while two big racers hit the track, this week on Amazon!

Welcome to another big LT week! We’ve got a big Laser Time about Wonder Woman and our favorite female superheroes, a fantasy fight featuring Marvel’s women heroes in WWE 2K17, and our final run through Marvel’s heroes in the second card series. As for games and movies, June is now in full swing, and before E3 freezes new games releases for a week, we have a relatively busy week to kick the month off right. Remember, if you have Amazon Prime, you’ll score 20% off new physical releases during their launch window. Additionally, anything you purchase after clicking one of these links will send some scratch to Laser Time… it doesn’t have to be any of the products on this page; literally ANYTHING you buy that visit helps us out. Anywho, onto the new stuff!

Wipeout Omega Collection
What a month for early PlayStation 1 franchises returning to roost on PlayStation 4? Last week we had Tekken, at the end of the month, we’re getting Crash Bandicoot, but this week, we’re getting the PlayStation 4 debut of one of the most underrated and under-served PlayStation franchises in the form of Wipeout. Back in the early years of the PS1, Wipeout carried the racing genre on Sony’s new platform, but in a post-Gran Turismo world, the speedy weapon-based futuristic racer doesn’t seem as much a fit at a top-shelf franchise. Fortunately, Wipeout is finally back after a five year absence, collecting the tracks from Wipeout’s PS3 and Vita turns into an epic collection on Sony’s current console. What’s even better is that this race runs a bit cheaper than usual with a $40 price tag. Better still? If you have Amazon Prime, that will wipe out 20 percent of the launch price!

Dirt 4
Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a little more realism in your racing, it’s hard to go wrong with Codemasters. While F1 and Grid have their fans, those hem a bit too close to realism for me, and I enjoy the slightly more forgiving world of rally racing. Dirt has had a few spinoffs take a few laps on modern consoles, but this being the first tried and true Dirt sequel on modern consoles after 2011’s Dirt 3 makes D4rt a pretty monumental racing release amidst lesser rally games of this console generation. Speaking of lesser, Amazon Prime will save you plenty of green when it comes to Dirt, as the $60 retail release is selling for roughly two-thirds that price on Amazon right now!

A Cure For Wellness
Here we have a movie that’s lived in infamy around Laser Time’s parts for quite some time; after the somber cover of The Ramones’ “Sedated” made us chuckle, we kind of overlooked the pretty insane premise of a mysterious health clinic that a protagonist must visit without knowing the creepiness lurking inside. It sounds like a pitch-perfect idea for a survival horror game (which furthers the need for a somber rock song cover), but heck, it could workd as a movie, too! It turns out that home video might be the cure for The Cure For Wellness’ lack of wellness at theaters; while I wouldn’t risk a ticket purchase to see if ACFW is worth watching, I might give the flick a look now that I can more easily consume it from the comfort of my couch.

Major Payne
If you’re an avid listener to Laser Time’s programming, you may have heard us discuss our semi-frequent “Shitlords” movie nights, wherein we watch a pairing of bad movies prime for off-screen heckling. One of the most surprising finds we had during one a Shitlords was Major Payne. While most of us had seen MP during its original run (Damon Wayans’ mid-90s movie output was required viewing for us sketch-comedy obsessed 80s kids), but we had somehow put it in the same “do not rewatch” pile as Blankman and Celtic Pride. However, upon a rewatch, we discovered that the story of a drill sergeant and his ragtag troops made for a pretty funny and inspiring movie-watching experience. It may be completely bereft of new special features, but it’s a dang bargain on Blu-ray and the visual upgrades should make this late HD disc release worth the upgrade from SD.

Akira (Steelbook)
Moving on from a barebones Blu-ray getting something of a pity release to Akira, which *might* be the most re-released movie on disc. If you’re like me, you probably bought this Japanimation classic the moment it became available on DVD and Blu-ray, forgoing special features and audio options in favor of having this gorgeous anime flick on disc as soon as possible. Now we’ve reached the apex of Blu-ray possibilities of this nearly-30-year-old classic. The disc itself comes with the customary interviews, storyboards, commercials, and featurettes, while the sweet-looking steelbook has a nice 32-page booklet full of gorgeout art and interesting info. If you’ve somehow eschewed buying Akira on Blu, this is probably the best presentation you’ll ever get… this year…



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  1. Dave just a freindly heads up; Trespass staring Ice t, Ice cube and the late Bill Paxton is out next week yo! #HoodClassic

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