Wonder Woman and Our Favorite Female Superheroes – Laser Time

We’ve got lengthy and detailed impressions of Wonder Woman, but before that, we’re discussing our favorite lady superheroes from the realms of movies, TV, games, and comic books!


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15 thoughts on “Wonder Woman and Our Favorite Female Superheroes – Laser Time

  1. Fun episode, the brady kids stuff was an amazing thing to learn.

    You guys mentioned it but Steven Universe was going to be my pick for favorite female superheroes.

    I decided to pause most of the back half of the podcast, since I will see Wonder Woman later this week

  2. Wonder Woman was great, it was such a nice breath of fresh air after the mess that the rest of the DCEU has been.

    As for female superheroes, many have had great runs in the last few years; even ones that were variants on males have stepped out of their shadows, certainly. For instance, Dennis Hopeless’ SPIDER-WOMAN, BATGIRL OF BURNSIDE, PATSY WALKER AKA HELLCAT, JESSICA JONES, and SUPERGIRL. Of course, those last two also have fantastic shows now. Supergirl is often my favourite of all the superhero shows on TV these days, I couldn’t sing its praises enough.

  3. Wonder Woman was very by the #s in a way that I feel is getting way swept under the rug, it’s not at all bad but it’s in no way better than Dr. Strange or Ant-Man two other “not at all bad” Superhero movies…kinda feel like some reviewers are giving it too much praise especially because of horrendous DC movies post TDKR have been.
    My favorite female superhero has got to be Scandal Savage of Secret Six maybe my favorite comic series ever, she’s a villain in some ways but who care, no one writes as well as GailSimone and she wrote a sexy badass lesbain hero without a drop of shame, or pandering and she’s S-Rank If for some dumb reason you liek Will SMith playing Will Smith in Suicide Squad, read Secret Six, THAT’S how Deadshot needs to act.

    1. Part of why I wouldn’t classify it as better than Guardians of the Galaxy v2 or Logan is that while they broke new ground and avoided being very tropey, Wonder Woman still had to deal with a lot of the usual things origin stories do (NOT to say that it does them poorly or isn’t great, but it’s true nonetheless).

  4. Why isn’t Marvel worried about someone else creating Squirrel Guy? Have they ever made masculine versions of established female characters? Do people really like male characters turning into females more than all new female characters?

    Looking at Patty Jenkins’ credits, it doesn’t look like she’s more deserving of making movies than the guys Henry derided for making superhero movies, their credits are a small movie and TV like her.

  5. Hey neat, Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk, Burka Avenger, Garnet and Squirrel Girl got shout outs! ^_^

    But you’re toying with the idea to do an episode on female superheroes judging by the comments section? Alright. đŸ™‚ I’ll offer my top five but I’ll have to refrain from mentioning She-Hulk, Ms. Marvel, etc. since you guys already discussed them and let’s not get redundant anyway. But there’s too many to mention because I love women superheroes more than the men so I don’t want them to feel left out but I’ll mention a few others.

    1. Rogue – I resonate with her a lot since she’s a victim of being influenced by toxic parenting in the form of Mystique as I was. I get that about her and her power set is an interesting one as she can touch and absorb abilities and memories that it could make good drama and a motivation for her to control her powers. In terms of awesomeness, nothing beats Rogue with super strength and flight because f-yeah. Which is why I have a grudge against making Rogue a damsel in distress and a jealous moron in the first and third movies. Swine Singer/Ratner. But either way, happy to see her lead the Uncanny Avengers and to me, she encompasses amongst other things why I resonate more with Marvel than I do DC. Someone’s mother said to her daughter in a video I watched that in Marvel, they’re people who try to be heroes but in DC, they’re heroes trying to be people. So Rogue in a way is someone wanting to be a hero.

    2. Jessica Jones – I like the idea of a private detective who happens to have superpowers but is also the survivor of rape and coping with PTSD (both in the comics and the show, let me clarify). And I love her sarcasm. I’m simply fascinated by how she copes with all the stuff thrown at her throughout her life but still tries to help others which is engaging and fascinating. And to add to that, Krysten Ritter was born to play Jessica Jones. Just saying.

    3. Ghostbusters (Erin, Abby, Holtzmann and Patty) – Potential controversial choice, maybe but I either see personality traits of myself in each of them or wanting to be them. I relate to Erin’s insecurities, I relate to Abby’s enthusiasm (I’m not a believer in the supernatural though but I find the stories fascinating), I relate to being eccentric as Holtzmann along with her sense of humor but I also admire her ability to build stuff and I relate to Patty’s reactions to the supernatural going ons but also admire her knowledge on history. Plus let’s face it, Holtzmann builds better tech than Egon’s. Like, has he ghost grenades? Come on.

    4. Sailor Jupiter – Now I love Sailor Moon and the rest of the Sailor Guardians (not Sailor Scouts, swine DiC) but I single out Jupiter since she’s the more badass and relatable. I relate to her trying to balance being feminine or masculine-being insecure about an in-between, I’ve been done since I’ve teased and berated by kids-even my own mother telling me I shouldn’t like what’s considered “girly.” But the badass part comes in when she’s the most physical like she has done hand to hand combat before and has taken down a monster without Sailor Moon delivering the finishing blow. She may have done it twice, could be wrong but she did take down a monster by herself while her friends were helpless to do anything. She is just awesome all around.

    Oh and if you do read this and want a clip of Jupiter, Amanda Celine Miller I love as Jupiter since she nails the tough but feminine voice required for the girl, she sounds very natural. Susan Roman in the DiC was alright but I think her voice didn’t seem right but she tried, the material simply failed her.

    5. Captain Marvel – Carol Danvers just simply has a fascinating history like starting out as something of a powerless supporting character for Mar-Vell but then she gets powers and had her comic first published during the second wave feminism of the 70’s, a variety of things (none that should be mentioned, swine Avengers #200) and finally getting the mantle of Captain Marvel and gets to be THE Captain Marvel in both the comics, the cartoons and the MCU. Given her air force background, she’s like a cooler version of everyone from Top Gun. She’s an awesome woman with badass superpowers like firing energy blasts, absorbing them, flight, super strength, she’s like Superman in a way. She’s fun, has good friendships with Jessica Drew/Spider-Woman, Monica Rambeau, America Chavez, etc. And hey, she’s the reason Kamala Khan exists so hopefully when Kamala gets her movie, the two will meet.

    Other ones I love? Storm, Jubilee, Medusa, Miraculous Ladybug, Sailor Moon, W.I.T.C.H., Jean Grey, Crystal, Korra, Iso, Misty Knight, Colleen Wing, Batwoman, Batgirl, Supergirl, America Chavez, Xena, Monica Rambeau, Dazzler, Moon Girl, Danielle Moonstar, Shadowcat, Wonder Woman, Wasp (Janet, Hope Van Dyne, Nadia), Shuri/Black Panther, Thor (Jane Foster), Daisy Johnson/Quake and so, so much more.

  6. Oh and one last thing, I keep saying “swine” because I got it from the Pink Panther movies given Inspector Clouseau kept saying that in the later films.

  7. Storm and Jean Grey ’til I die. And Tessa/Sage. What happened to her? I miss her. Rogue, of course. Marrow and Omega Sentinel are worth mentioning. Kitty Pryde, duh. I even like Lifeguard.

    I read and enjoyed Ms. Marvel for a good while, until they decided to make her Inhuman, at which point I could no longer buy her books, since she was now part of Disney’s effort to phase out the X-Men. Eff that. I’ve said it before. I’m an X-Men fan, NOT a Marvel fan.

  8. She-Hulk may be my favorite character in all of comics, and the women were always my favorite X-Men. Kitty Pryde, Storm, Rogue, Emma, Jean, Jubilee, Dazzler, Magik, Mystique, all the best! And Lois Lane may be the greatest character in all of comics.

  9. I, uh… meant to leave that other comment about Spider-Woman on this page.

    Well, anyway, when I really think about it, my actual favourite superhero is Samus Aran. I’d say she counts, Other M aside.

  10. Chris Hardwick asked Stephen Tobolowski how his name is pronounced, and Stephen said that wasn’t his real name anyway, because his grandfather had had it changed when he came through immigration in Texas, so any pronunciation is made up, too. Diana’s story about her name really being Prince reminded me of this, if following generations keep the changed name then it is their “real” name, isn’t it? It’s easy enough to change your name these days, or choose not to take your husband’s name, it seems a little odd to me to cling to a name from generations ago in this day and age (though it makes for interesting stories.) Of course, a name like Sutton hasn’t created any hardships, or traditions, so what do I know?

  11. I absolutely loved Wonder Woman. Not only did it jump right into my Top Five Superhero movies… it may have taken the number 1 spot. I’ll have to think about it a bit, but that’s how much I enjoyed it.

    Faith (Valiant Comics) – This is easily my favorite current comic book. Faith is the story about what would happen if a fat, nerdy girl who grew up obsessing over comics and pop culture actually became a superhero herself. The comic is funny and endearing. Faith is similar to Wonder Woman in that she always sees what is good in the world and will always try to do the right thing. She is unrelentingly positive and sincere in her actions to make the world a better place.

    Black Cat – I haven’t read a ton of here stuff, what there is anyway, but I really like her character. And that costume is just… wow.

    The Boss: Saint’s Row 3/4 – I played as the lady hero voiced by Laura Baily and can’t imagine it any other way.

  12. – The movie was too long. Could have been shortened by 20 minutes or so. 100 times better than Batman vs Superman. That movie made me never want to see anything else that Superman was in. Wonder Woman was a good movie, but it wasn’t a great movie. Logan and Galaxy were far better than this film.

    -The end fight where she used her whip was pretty cool. I always wondered what her whip was for. I understand that she uses it for interrogation tactics, but watching her use it offensively was a very cool visual sequence.

    -Chris Pine’s character was forgettable. I don’t remember his name (saw the movie last night.) I didn’t care about what happened to him in the end. He was there to move the plot along and nothing more.

    – I enjoyed the antics of the pack of guys. I thought they made the scenes with Pine’s character more interesting and more real.

    – I was hoping to see more of Dr. Poison. She was a neat villain and I hope to see her return.

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