Vidjagame Apocalypse 217 – E3’s Biggest Celebrity Guests

We’re on the eve of yet another E3, so now seems like a good time to get Hank “Henry” Gilbert back in the studio to help us talk about some of the most memorable celebrities to have graced the show with brief cameos. Then it’s time to move on to Tekken 7, Hover: Revolt of Gamers, Pokémon news, and your favorite experiences with in-game chat.

Question of the Week
What are your predictions for E3 2017?



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45 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 217 – E3’s Biggest Celebrity Guests

  1. I expect at least 25 minutes of next week’s show to be dedicated to the Bubsy revival announcement.

  2. Jamie Kennedy finagled a multi-year relationship out of Jennifer Love Hewitt who along with Alicia Silverstone is my equivalent Leo DiCaprio and to see that admittedly kinda funny jamoke with my wifu was baffling, like seriously I hate to judge strangers….but what was that? David Arquette thinks Jamie out punted his coverage big time it made me concerned for JLH, still kinda am.

    1. We’re youse guys seriously offended that Liam wasn’t Bi-sexual? Just because he got on a space ship doesn’t mean he’ll start having sex with men? Like imagine saying that to a lesbian?(Oh what so you can go into cryosleep for 600 years but you’re still a dyke!?) what an odd thing to take issue with he can’t just choose to want to have sex with menzesiz

      1. Not offended, no. Hank just wants gay romance options that are on par with the hetero ones. I can understand that. If I was playing a game where I could romance several male party members, but the only female option was an NPC who played a small role in the story, I’d probably be annoyed too.

        1. I can understand wanting your minority to be as represented as the vast majority, but it seems unrealistic for the 10% or so of the populace who are in the LGBT community to be purposefully represented as being part of that community in every situation that features people who aren’t in that community. Hank’s repeated claim that there’s no reason for men in the future not to be gay always seems really weird. Can we claim that there’s no reason for him not to like women in the future, then?

          1. Henry is being a little silly but he goes to extremes. However the game could have had the same romantic options so it wouldn’t have stood out so much.

            You can argue its about 5% of americans who identify in the lgbtq plus so from a representation standpoint it is going beyond reality but in this context it doesn’t feel good to be excluded or have your options less than the female version of Ryder.

        2. I understand and support LGBT options in games, but I continue to be baffled by Hank not getting why Liam in Mass Effect Andromeda wouldn’t want to try having sex with men despite having traveled to another galaxy. (He said the same thing a few weeks ago) How are those two connected? I moved to Japan last year, it didn’t make me want to start banging dudes. Again, I’m glad there’s better romance options now for male Ryder, but that particular argument makes no sense to me.

          BTW, I love your guys’ Trump rants. Seriously, fuck that guy.

  3. I just feel compelled to point out, with this episode being posted on June 9th, that the jingle you all know and love that Chris selected for the deals of the week (“Take my advice, do as I say…”) is from the 1949 Donald Duck short “Donald’s Happy Birthday” (I’m not suggesting Chris is unaware, just that the listeners might not be). And even though that short suggests Donald’s birthday is March 13th, Disney actually recognizes the birthday of their most famous duck as June 9th. Now go to Youtube and watch Donald force three children to smoke a box of cigars in honor of his 84th birthday:

  4. Super fun episode, that Top 5 was hilarious, infuriating, and cringey as hell. I knew about 4/5 entries before hand, but gd that Jamie Kennedy one always manages to rile me up from how horribly unfunny he is. Also Trump’s pronunciation of MMO RPG is just awful, clearly 0 rehearsal was done and he didn’t care.

  5. I saw Paul Simon on Colbert recently, and realized he’s been around making music for just about as long as rock has been around, like Paul and Ringo, and they’re still making music, along with a lot of early rock icons. It’s actually surprising how few rock stars have died from the lives they lived from the 60’s to the 80’s, we have a whole lot of old rock stars hanging around still.

  6. E3 prediction: with bubsey back, Alfred chicken remastered collection is announced with a new game teased!

  7. how do you like that, ya whiners? you don’t want them dropping politics in your video game show, this week they put the orange cunt IN the episode! i love it.

        1. Wow, talk about obnoxious, McCarthyist americans who can’t handle not talking about politics for 3 seconds.

          1. Wow,talk about sex, baby
            Let’s talk about you and me.
            Let’s talk about all the good things And the bad things that may be
            (Gotta add some Pepa to the Salt being passed back and forth.)
            This maybe too far a call back, so to google:
            Salt-N-Pepa is an American hip hop trio from Queens, New York. The group, consisting of Cheryl James, Sandra Denton and originally Latoya Hanson, who was replaced in 1986 by Deidra Roper, was formed in 1985 and was one of the first all-female rap groups. They won the 1995 Grammy Award for Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group. Let’s Talk About Sex is one of their songs, peaking at No. 13 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.
            Happy birthday and congrats on the dog, may he bring you much joy and happiness. 🙂

          2. They devoted more time this episode to making fun of you directly than they did to anything political in the episode that made you freak out. Seems like a sign to chill.

    1. Whelp we were *this* close to not having an argument ensue. At least it’s more civil than TalkingSimpsons can get.

      1. Well, looking at the other commenters, I’m not surprised.

        I just wish they would lump the politics in one separate show.

        The hosts have good chemistry, and that’s why I like them. And when they’re on topic, they’re great!

        I just wish Chris would talk about everything as passionately as he talks about The Last Starfighter and the Disney afternoon cartoons. Henry talk about everything as passionately as he talks about comics, Bob talk about everything as passionately as he talks about retro games.

        When they get onto a a subject they like, they fire on all cylinders and the shows are wonderful. It just seems like when they’re not as invested, they always, inevitably, veer into politics. Why? They don’t like the topic? It seems like Lasertime is Chris’ favourite show because he gets to pick a topic he likes. If he’s not as invested in the video game show….why is he doing it? I’m not trying to insult him, but I’m honestly wondering if he’s better off just putting his efforts into things where his passion really lies. They already do 302010 as an examination of pop culture history, why not do a Daily Show type show where they comment on current events, because clearly that’s what Bob, Henry and Chris are all interested in.

        Lastly, we had our own Trump (Rob Ford) in Canada and Americans thought it was hilarious and put him on TV – AND a conservative PM for TEN FUCKING YEARS.

        Now that America has one, people seem to think that everyone should care about american politics 24/7, and if you don’t, you’re a horrible nazi that deserves to be publicly attacked and whipped in the streets.


        I can’t think of another way to say this. It’s NOT about left or right politics. We just don’t fucking care about politics and it’s not why we listen to the shows. I don’t care who Bob thinks is evil. I don’t care who Henry wants dead. I don’t care what Chris’s politics are….AT ALL.

        I just want them to stay on topic!

        It’s incredibly egocentric to expect everyone to care about american politics. Believe it or not, america is not the centre of the universe.

        There are plenty of reasons, good reasons like the ones I listed above, to listen to the shows. Politics are not among them. PLEASE think about that.

          1. *THAT’S* what you got out of this? Well, I guess I should expect as much from someone who probably looks at a Jerry Springer audience as inspiration.

          2. I mean, it seems like you do. Every week you’re in here ranting about how you wish it was a totally different show. You should probably just listen to something else. If I watched Twin Peaks every week and wrote a letter to David Lynch like “Why isn’t there more three modern families in this show!? I want more modern families in my TV shows!” I’d probably just watch Modern Family instead.

          3. I don’t wish it was a totally different show, that’s totally untrue. I just wish they would stop talking about politics and talk more about video games. How is that wanting a different show?

        1. I get being worn out on American politics, I listen to a few England based politics and remember feeling burnt out in UK politics post Brexit. That said, chill the fuck out. They’re talking about American politics because it’s something they care about. Asking them to stop talking politics is like asking them to stop talking about The Simpsons. It’s not gonna happen, it shouldn’t happen, and having a separate podcast isn’t going to stop it from creeping into everything they do. Plus, as the pushback against your arguments shows plenty of listeners like the political talk. What you’re really asking for is to be pandered to. You don’t like the political talk? Fine. You’ve left that feedback. Now grow the fuck up and stop making rants demanding that they bend over backwards to accommodate what you want.

          That is literally not what I listen to this show for. It’s a show about real people and real things that exist in the real world and are a part of my real life. How can that possibly be escapism?

        3. HOLY FUCK this was not an invitation to start another argument. At this point, saying the SAME THING every week does nothing. If it bothers you this much, STOP LISTENING. I’m a Canadian, I don’t get bothered by the political talk, and I’m not going to bitch every single time it happens. THEY’RE NOT GOING TO PAINFULLY FOCUS EVERY CONVERSATION BECAUSE OF A VOCAL MINORITY, especially when you guys are dicks about it every episode, no matter what. Fuck sakes these comment sections make me hate coming to this site. GOOD JOB GUYS.

  8. E3 predictions:. Sega is showing up in a big way! They’ll be showing off fighters mega mix 2 featuring the entire Sega ip as possible character roster. The game will be 2v2 fighting viper style game and free 2 play. Thier will be micro transactions for character packs. Sega will make new games for the highest selling character packs so save your pennies. Expect echo the dolphin, hornet the car and anthropomorphic Sega Saturn and Dreamcast. Sega Saturn will have extremely complicated move set. Dreamcast will be the best character but no one will know. Expect comments like “no PS2? No buy!”

    Also, chrono trigger 2, half life 3 vr and FM towns Marty/Casio loopy miniconsoles will all be announced by the recently resurrected Jesus Christ.

  9. QOTW: I predict Nintendo announces a Mario Odesy themed Switch. It’ll look great, be well priced and they’ll release so few they actually sell out before the announcement is over.

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