Marvel Trading Cards: Series 2 – Super-Villains

Say goodnight to the good guys, because we’re tearing into Marvel’s worst in this treacherous look at the Super-Villains of 1991 in this edition of our in-depth look at 1991’s second series of Marvel Trading Cards…

You’ve got three video volumes of Marvel Superheroes to enjoy, so it’s high time we dug into the super villains of the Marvel universe. Again, it’s 1991, so not only is there zero baddie diminishment brought upon by a tangled web of movie rights, but the popularity of the anti-hero and/or rooting for the bad guys hasn’t really taken ahold of pop culture. Furthermore, many of Marvel’s most famous storylines haven’t yet started, so Marvel’s 1991 treatment of its scum and villainy is nowhere near as robust and glamorous as what the heroes received. Either way, this blast through the past was delightful.

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One thought on “Marvel Trading Cards: Series 2 – Super-Villains

  1. wait wait wait… what’s all this about Galactus and humans being Earth antibodies? can i get an LTN video on THAT? that sounds fun and insane.

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