Talking Simpsons – Homer Loves Flanders

We back right into this episode where Homer shockingly befriends Flanders after trying to bash his head in with a pipe. We dig deep into the episode’s many subtle references, all while laughing at quotes in this week’s podcast!


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68 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – Homer Loves Flanders

  1. I feel like by the time the podcast gets to the 10th season it’ll be an hour of complaining about comments and 15 of Simpsons talk.

  2. THIS HAS SO MANY GOOD JOKES. The waffle god, Homer through the bushes, the terminator parody, Kent Brockman’s insanity, the meta-textual humor from Bart and Lisa, Homer imagining himself as Marge, etc. Ugh, I forgot how much stuff this episode had in it. Love it.

  3. Chris, as a Canadian, I *agree* with you about guns, but “comment away fuckfaces”?

    I just genuinely don’t understand your need to berate and insult the audience every week.

    I truly just don’t get it.

    1. I agree, why treat all criticism so hostile. I guess its just a with us or against us mentality.

      I mostly enjoy Talking Simpsons but the anger/dismissal for any criticism is bizzare.

      This episode had some irrelevant tangents but the rants directed at the few commentors who dare disagree was way more distracting and disapointing.

      Enjoyed that Dave was on the show, mostly fun commentary and a lot of great supplemental information was provided. I thought “Where’s your Messiah now?” Was a direct quote from The Ten Commandments. Damn Mandela effect.

      1. Yep, gotta say I really appreciate all the research that was put into this week’s show.

        Especially Henry going back and tracking down the Cheers and Jeers from 1989!

      2. Criticism: “What do women know? They should be chained to the stove and make meals for me. They should be grateful they even want to live in the same apartment as me” “Guns don’t kill people, crazy people do. But you better not restrict my rights as a crazy person..” “You SJWs are ruining America with your calls for ‘stop being racist'”

      1. Ah the classic “it was just a joke” defense. Lighten up, he was just kidding, other people found it funny so it excuses any criticism.

    2. You morons fall for this shit every week. You are being baited, and not even artfully! Just STOP TAKING THE BAIT. You know who wouldn’t take the bait? Someone who’s not an idiot!

  4. I listen to this podcast for one thing and y’all keep getting distracted by the other thing! PLEASE focus on politics! There’s FAR too much Simpsons talk on this show. If you don’t focus on the politics, I may have to reconsider my Patreon pledge.

  5. All you guys do is whine whine whine about the comments and go off on tangents whining about politics.

    If you want to talk politics, make a political podcast. Everyone here just wants to listen to a Simpsons podcast.

    1. Were there any political tangents on this episode? I’m guessing you’re using the word “political” in the Internet commenter sense, meaning “a thing I didn’t want to think about.”

      1. Something tells me “SupportOurPatreon even though we hate you” isn’t open to having his world view changed.

      2. I think mentioning Reagan in a joking manner immediately makes them think you want all republican voters to die and counts as “politics,” even though it was directly related to the episode. And I guess saying Homer is a jerk-ass for treating Marge like a piece of meat counts as “political” to some people? Or complainers just like to complain without listening.

        1. Oh and btw… I’m quite certain Lincoln is a trainman icon and the single biggest icon on American history. Guess that was somehow forgotten about.

    1. The Lasertime episodes about celebrity rapping were just hilarious. I wonder what the Blues or Jazz were like in 1950 if White Male American Actors did the same back then.

  6. I thought you guys missed the mark on the fruit punch joke. The joke was that Marge and the Simpson family would be the type not to distinguish between juice and fruit punch, because they are of a lower socio-economic status in relation to the Flanderses. Maude apparently is well aware of the difference and insists “No sugar”.

    Here’s a little bedtime reading:

    Boy I really hope somebody got fired for that blunder.

  7. I don’t remember anything being said that justified much outrage, or Chris yelling about comments. I like less structured podcasts, but it seems like it might help everyone to refocus a little bit.

  8. I view the “comment away, fuckfaces” as a rebuke to those who whine about .01 % of the episode being political, not that people have different opinions than the LaserTime hosts.

    1. Yeah it never comes across as directed at people who dislike a Simpsons episode or feel different about certain aspects of the show (which comments are always civil), but rather at the people who say “STOP TALKING POLITICAL” at any mention of anything.

  9. Fun fact, the entire Geo line were rebadged versions of Japanese automobiles. Ned Flanders drives a Geo Metro, which shares its chassis and drivetrain with the Suzuki Swift. The car is notorious for being sold with a 3-cylinder engine, which is the basis of its ridicule.

  10. I get being annoyed by sone comments but man is the “Go fuck off. No one cares what you think” thing awful.

    Discussion and disagreements aren’t a bad thing.

    1. Wanting the hosts to fundamentally change the show and how they host it isn’t discussion. And I don’t think it’s a valid disagreement either. If you disagree with WHAT THE SHOW IS, then just go listen to something else.

      1. Thats right Matt disagreeing with a few sentences Chris said means that Dashful wants the hosts to fundamentally change the show and how they host it.

        You either love and defend every second of the podcast or you hate them and must go away.

        You seem to want to be around just to exaggerate straw men arguments and counter anybody who dares to disagree.

        1. Actually he also does Cartoons 101, a show/feature on this very network (Lasertime Podcast). The last one talked about the new DuckTails.

  11. This is another episode that I remember not liking that much but really enjoyed when revisiting for the podcast. Great job, as usual!

  12. Can you guys bring back the “Woah, Bob Mackey!” sound clip? Miss that. I know it annoys Bob, but live with it Bob! It’s great

  13. Holy. Shit. Of all the things to hear mentioned on Talking Simpsons, I never thought Carman would make that list.

    I was raised Pentecostal (I don’t recommend it), and so a lot of my youth was spent listening to contemporary Christian music. One of the CDs my brother and I owned was Carman’s R.I.O.T. (Righteous Invasion Of Truth).

    Now you can rip on Carman all you want, but the fact is, he would try writing songs in ANY genre of music to get people into Jesus. Just on a song-by-song basis, R.I.O.T. might be one of the most eclectic albums ever made. Just on that one album, there’s techno-infused “Vogue”-type pop (“God Is Exalted”), New Jack Swing (“R.I.O.T.”) (it was 1995 after all), regular swing (“7 Ways 2 Praise”), pop country (“Step of Faith”), R&B slow jam (“Whiter Than Snow”), Latin street music (“My Story”), straight-ahead hard rock (“No Monsters”), and traditional gospel (“Amen”). You could argue stylistically it’s a mess, but there was something charming about his moxie. He didn’t always nail it, and his attempts at rap especially were always unfortunate (ask anyone who was a regular church-going kid in the 90s “Who’s in the house?” and if you manage to not trigger a PTSD flashback they’ll probably automatically respond “J.C.!”), but I’d take the kind of effort Carman put out over the kumbaya uniformity of modern worship music eight days a week.

    He was also well known for his very long story songs, e.g. “The Champion”, which lent themselves to adaptation as short plays. The one my church glommed onto was “The Third Heaven”, where a guy dies in a car accident, goes to heaven, looks around a bit at how awesome it is, and gets a chance to return to earth because his family has prayed for him not to die, but by then he’s already too wowed by the splendor of what he’s seen and he decides to stay.

    I’m talking about him in the past tense but he’s still alive. He just either records a bunch of standards or goes for a way more traditional sound these days. Nowhere near as genre-hoppy as he used to be.

    That’s probably more than you ever wanted to know about Carman but hearing that name just lit me up. I’ll probably pipe up again in September over on Thirty Twenty Ten when we reach the 20th anniversary of the death of Rich Mullins.

    1. Genuinely fascinating comment, it’s always interesting what sparks thoughts from these old ass Simpsons episodes.

  14. My mom volunteered at a Christian pre-school when I was about Bart’s age, and as a result, I had play-dates with Rodds and Todds of the world, and I can confirm that they were always super-hyper and would always want to wrestle, probably because their parents wouldn’t let them watch regular television or play video games.

    My first car was a Geo Prizm. It was great because it had Toyota parts, got about 28 miles per gallon, and everything was a bit cheaper than the Toyota model because it was the generic version. Unfortunately Geo died in the late 90’s as it was swallowed up by Chevy.

  15. wait.. what? normally i don’t comment when you guys project odd ideas onto what’s happening in an episode but this one was simple guys. Homer didn’t want to be seen with Ned in public because he’s a ultra LAME goody two shoes God boy. it has nothing to do with sexuality. you guys are silly.

    1. When I watched it for the podcast I enjoyed the twist that Ned is first established as the annoying member of the duo but Homer soon takes over that role.

  16. First off, I love the show, love the hosts, love the political detours, love “comment away, fuckfaces”, love it all. The only way Laser Time could improve anything would be for Henry to come back to Thirty Twenty Ten (please!).

    To confirm that I am indeed the oldest person on Laser Time, please allow me to confirm the actual source of the “well” Reagan joke. Growing up as a comedy/music/pop culture nerd like most of you, I vividly remember the novelty hit “Ronnie’s Rap” by the oh-so-beloved “Ron and the D.C. Crew” in late 1986/early 1987. It broke right as I was fully immersing myself in as much hip hop and rap as I could consume, so I taped it off the radio as soon as I could and endlessly replayed it.

    I assumed that it had some level of national penetration/love, but apparently it peaked at 93 on the Billboard Hot 100, so I guess not as many people heard it as I thought. It sure went viral in my pocket of the Pacific Northwest though, as I recall it getting near-hourly airplay on my local top 40 station. Many of the phrases in it still bounce around in my head to this day, like “rappin’ to you from that big White House” or “Tip O, Tip O’Neil”. But the stuttering “well” is definitely the hook and I feel like it has to have been the direct source of this joke.

    There was never a video made as far as I can tell (which probably explains why it wasn’t a bigger hit) but here is the audio:

  17. So when Bob and Henry’s Patreon launches, I’m assuming Talking Simpsons will be moving there. What other shows will be part of the new Talking Podcasts network? I feel like The Critic and Duckman are obvious but I’m most excited for King Of The Hill. With 13 seasons it’ll last for a few years just by itself and there is so much to dissect about those characters.

    1. I don’t think this will happen, especially not move to another patreon. Talking Simpsons is a Laser Time show, and was one of the biggest boosts of their own Patreon. I look forward to supporting Bob and Henry with whatever they choose to do, but don’t start a panic in the comments about people having to move patronage, when we simply don’t know at this point. Friday all will be revealed.

      1. There have been a ton of comments made recently about the cost of hosting a show like 30-20-10 and how they are making efforts to make it shorter in order to reduce costs. This was partly why I made the assumption that Talking Simpsons would be moving, noting nefarious. Really it’s just a hunch based on comments made across podcasts and Bob and Henry on Twitter and I wanted to get it in writing before it happened so I could say “I was right” later.

  18. It’s really interesting to me to listen to this show and remember myself ageing through the episodes. When you guys where covering the early ones, I was 11 or so, and still very much what I think of as a little kid, but with this one I was 15, almost 16. Not an adult by any means, but not what I think of as a kid, exactly, either. I think I remember talking about this specific episode in school after it aired, but of course that’s a little fuzy after almost a quarter of a century.

  19. Talking Simpsons covers about 2 and 1/4 years of media per year it is on the air (assuming a couple of specials where you cover a non-Simpson’s show and don’t advance the clock, as has been the case) while Thirty Twenty Ten is covering media at a “real time” rate of one year per year.
    For comparison’s sake;
    On January 7, 2016 – Thirty Twenty Ten was covering January 7, 1996
    On January 6, 2016 – Talking Simpsons was covering January 31, 1991
    Flash-forward to the present week:
    On June 15, 2017 – Thirty Twenty Ten was covering June 15, 1997
    On June 13, 2017 – Talking Simpsons was covering March 17, 1994
    At this rate, Talking Simpsons and Thirty Twenty Ten should CROSS STREAMS sometime in 2019! I don’t know if you can do it, but if it’s possible you should try to do the exact right number of talking Simpsons specials so that the math works out so Talking Simpsons and Thirty Twenty Ten cover the same new episode of the Simpsons on the same week, a feat never to be possible again! (Say that last line in a 1940’s announcer voice for full effect)

    1. This week Talking Simpsons on the Patreon advance feed is covering Bart the Genus. This week on 302010 the hosts are talking about Bart the Genus. THE PROPHECY HAS COME TRUE!!!!
      (Looks wistfully out window)
      “Though not in the manner I had foreseen…”
      (Thunder crashes)

  20. When I first heard the I’m Worried Need Money part when I watched this last year I didn’t even know who did Don’t Worry Be Happy and I wasn’t wearing headphones, so all I heard was faint “ooo”ing and tapping and the name and didn’t hear out fading out. It was hilarious to me.

    I imagined a famous singer with an approaching deadline going into a studio and just winging it, like Phoebe from Friends, with a guitar he’s passively tapping and “ooo”ing to try and make a song to not lose the recording deal and naming it that to lock it all in.

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