The Best New Amazon Releases: The Long Arms of Lego Batman

Nintendo’s first big original Switch IP, a movie tie-in releasing on SIX different systems, and two big action movies hit Blu-ray… all this week on Amazon!

Holy wow, THIS is E3 week? I mean, I know we have stuff up our sleeve with a procession of Laser Time E3 reactions, but(t) we also have a new Laser Time all about farts and a fantasy fight featuring Tekken characters in WWE 2K17. However, we’ve been trained to expect consoles to be like movie theaters during Oscar week; devoid of new releases worth mentioning. However, we have a HUGE Friday release on the Switch alongside another noteworthy game, while the Blu-ray side of the spectrum more than picks up any supposed slack. Remember, if you have Amazon Prime, you’ll score 20% off new physical releases during their launch window. Additionally, anything you purchase after clicking one of these links will send some scratch to Laser Time… it doesn’t have to be any of the products on this page; literally ANYTHING you buy that visit helps us out. Anywho, onto the new stuff!

I wasn’t prepared to embrace Arms, to be honest. I didn’t really click with Splatoon, and my first look at the long-limbed pugilists in Arms gave me that same level of modern Nintendo design indifference that made me made seeing Inklings in Mario Kart. And as a die-hard fan of Punch-Out Wii, I worried Arms would supplant Nintendo’s previous boxing work. Then I played the Global Test Punch and got hooked on the frenetic fighting, the multitude of competitive options, and yes, I even grew to love the characters. I had a blast testing it online and hopefully it’s even more fun when brawling with buddies on the same switch, which you can bet we’ll be doing on a livestream somewhat soon! This game won’t cost you an ARM and a leg, as Amazon Prime members fork over 20% less from their gangly limbs for this game during its launch window.

Cars 3: Driven to Win
KA-what?! Consider me surprised that there’s still Disney games getting console releases, but I guess the Cars franchise bucks all trends. After eleven years, kids still buy backpacks with Lightning McQueen on it, and both Larry the Cable Guy and Owen Wilson have stuck together to keep the series from sinking to straight-to-DVD sequeldom. I guess being about racing makes Cars 3 a somewhat easy option for a game adaption, and the kids need more than just Mario Kart as a racing option in a world filled with more sophisticated racing options like Forza, Gran Turismo, and Need for Speed. In that way, I guess I’ll let Cars 3 git er dun.

The Lego Batman Movie
You may have thought there were three great superhero movies this year; Logan, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Wonder Woman. You thought wrong; there are actually FOUR great superhero flicks this year, and one’s hitting Blu-ray this week! The Lego Batman Movie is the perfect mixture of The Lego Movie’s zaniness with a much-needed lighthearted take on the caped crusader. Will Arnett has been playing Batman n Bruce for so long that he’s got the role down pat, but the procession of stars accompanying WA and doing fantastic work in the process is also worth note. Michael Cera kicked off his resurgent 2017 as the doe-eyed uber-innocent Robin, and Rosario Dawson proved she could do DC as well as Marvel by voicing Batgirl, but Zach Galifankis’ performance as Joker is hugely comical in a way that befits the movie without trading on ZG’s traditional awkward comedy. I could have done without the requisite musical numbers mandated by the success of Everything Is Awesome, but otherwise, The Lego Batman Movie is well worth watching.

John Wick
I’ve watched the original John Wick twice (one for my own enjoyment and once to enjoy with the community as a Laser Time Monday Night Movie) and it’s stood as one of this decade’s best and most original action movie. Sadly, I missed John Wick 2’s theatrical outing (partially on account of bad timing, partially out of worry on how to top John Wick 1’s dog), but I’m all about watching Wick 2 now that it’s available on home video. The original Wick had already built a world I would gladly visit again, and Keanu Reeves’ resume as of late warrants a watch. I’ll surely give John Wick 2 a shot! You know… like a bullet. Anywho, moving on!

South Park: The Complete Twentieth Season
South Park’s twentieth season was not its finest. We’ve already talked about our issues with Donald Trump, but an unsung sucky element of his presidency has been turning South Park’s latest season into a hastily-written mess. And by that, I mean even more hastily than usual. Whereas season 19’s adherence to a singular arch worked wonders as they took on gentrification and the breakout character PC Principal, season 20’s stories of hacking, trolling, and an orange-tinted Mr. Garrison running for president became a jumbled mess as too many limp storylines dragged out for weeks on end. I could hardly be bothered to keep tabs on the stories this year, but now that the entire arch is captured on one Blu-ray I might give it another watch.



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South Park: The Fractured But Whole
Death Stranding
Final Fantasy VII Remake

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