Steve Martin’s Nose Grows, Batman and Robin Lay an Egg, and Flight of the Conchords Soars – June 16-June 22

1987 starts with Steve Martin’s nose making for a great romantic comedy as Roadblasters mixes racing and shooting for arcade fun. 1997 offers the unique choice of the corny Batman and Robin and the creepy My Best Friend’s Wedding. 2007 offers up a comedy flop with Evan Almighty, but pays penance with Flight of the Conchords.


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53 thoughts on “Steve Martin’s Nose Grows, Batman and Robin Lay an Egg, and Flight of the Conchords Soars – June 16-June 22

  1. I saw this as a 9 year old and still love how silly-dumb this movie is. Let Batman be fun again.

    This movie delivers exactly what it promised, campy fun in the 90s

  2. Batman & Robin is literally an all time great movie and is MAYBE the greatest superhero movie of all time, much like FamilyGuy it’s entertaining, is it “well written”? NOPE! but if you goal is to be entertained this movie does that as well as any movie I can think of and is a perfect kids movie. I fug’n LOVE Alicia Silverstone she’s one of my 1st little girl crushes from Clueless and Aerosmith vids and she looked great physically as Batgirl, basically forever creating a love of Cosplayers well before that was a thing, I loved drag queen ass Uma Thurman just treating the scenery as a buffet, this whole movie is a genuine joy and other modern SuperHero movies could learn from it, fuck Logan & Days of Future Past we need more joyously cornball SH movies like this.

    1. Take off your Pants 7 Jacket is the album with “The Rock SHow” the one with the woman holding a glove was “Enema of the State” which is the best album name ever as a kinda shamed former Blink fan I’ll still play Rock Show, I Miss You, and Feeling it FT2T.

  3. As infamously disappointing as Batman & Robin was, June 20 1997 is a red letter day in my life because it was the first night I ever did drugs. And since I wasn’t 21 yet, it was also the first time I was under any influence of any substance ever.
    I took the night off from the movie theater. I already new B&R was bad, I saw it a couple nights early.
    We took mushrooms and spent hours laughing at everything in my friend’s bedroom, especially his EGM collection which now made zero sense. Letters to the Editor, advertisements, random sentences we read aloud…literally everything was hilarious.
    Later that night we tried to smoke weed (another first for me) and I laughed while trying to use the bong so I splashed water everywhere. This was not funny to my friend but it remains funny to me.
    I haven’t taken any drugs since 2007 so that night kicked off a decade of wild experimentation that I do not regret. If only I had combined the shrooms with Batman & Robin, I would have had much fonder memories of that film

  4. Ya’ll were really reaching with the gay subtext in B&R, I feel like anytime the X-Men or anything made by a gay person is made Henry really strecches to find gay subtext in every nook as if gay folk are only able to think gay thoughts. It’s just cheesy and camp, Robin is not a twink and it felt like you ere very strongly implying that Chris O’Donald a married father is gay which is kind of a lame thing for a gay guy to do and I say this a a bi-male myself.

    1. Just so we’re clear, you’re saying it’s a “stretch” to read gay subtext into a film made by a gay man when the star of the movie has gone on record saying “I made [Batman] gay”? It’s not a stretch to read subtext into these movies, it practically is the text: Bruce Wayne invites a 19 year old man to live at his stately manor, then introduces him to his lifestyle based around wearing rubber/leather suits with visible nipples and punching people. Henry is not the first to make this point, it is not a stretch, and it is bizarre to act like somehow this is Henry coding everything as queer.

      For more information, visit your local library or visit:

      1. it’s the Ruper Everett argument of a gay actor doesn’t just want to play gay characters and by proxy gay directors don’t just make gay movies. The Batman being gay subtext was a homophobic propaganda thing from the Comics Authority basically calling him a child molester, all I’m saying is just because Robin says “we’re partners” and things like that doesn’t mean it’s load with gay subtext, gay folk don’t just do gay things every gay second ya know?

        1. It is super full of gay subtext though and people have said this since it came out. Henry isn’t inventing this or stretching this, this is a discussion people have had repeatedly. Like, I’m not sure there’s even an argument to be had that a movie that does a montage of the costume ending with a dramatic zoom on Batman butt doesn’t have gay overtones.

    2. Ya’ll were really reaching with the no gay subtext in B&R comments, I feel like anytime the X-Men or anything made by a gay person is made DoctorDrPepper really strecches [sic] to not find gay subtext in every nook as if non-gay folk are only able to think non-gay thoughts. It’s just cheesy and camp, Robin is a total twink and it felt like you ere [sic] very strongly implying that you want to silence the gay thoughts in your own head which is kind of a lame thing for a PHD to do and I say this a a bi-male myself.

      1. yeah I try SO HARD to hide my gay thoughts, it’s difficult ya know especially with the boyfriend I have and sleep with you fucking dirtbag. All I’m saying is just because something is made by a gay person be they Joel Shoemauker or child toucher Bryan Singer doesn’t mean it has gay subtext a movie is just a movie and it feels like a strech.

  5. I don’t know how you’d handle this, but is there any way you could tackle the growth of various ethnic foods in America? I have a very vivid memory of Thai food exploding in the 1997-2007. That is, in my memory at least, the US went from a place where Thai food was something you had to mildly hunt for in even in a big city to a there being a Thai restaurant in practically every small town in America.

    Is that, or the growth of Japanese/Chinese/Indian/etc food something you could ever cover?

    1. That’s gonna need a huge Patreon infusion, though nothing is stopping Chris and the gang from doing food reviews in general.

  6. Oh man, Steve Martin, Flight of the Conchords, and Batman and Robin? This is MY week!

    Steve Martin is a hero of mine and the book Chris mentions Born Standing Up is one of the greatest things I’ve ever read. His other books are (mostly) great too. I recommend The Pleasures of my Company. No book I’ve read has so perfectly captured the lonely malaise of depression like that book did. Roxanne is probably the second best movie he’s written, after LA Story which is incredible.

    Martin’s character in Roxanne is such a great example of male fragility. His entire life is about overcompensation. He is incredibly fit, funny, charming, a great fighter, will drop everything to help anyone in the town, and does everything he can to give back to his community. He is a perfect man. But mention the ONE thing he doesn’t like about himself and he completely falls apart and becomes an a-hole. Such a great film, I really need to rewatch it. And LA Story. And Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid. And The Lonely Guy. Goddammit, we’re doing at least one of these as a Monday Night Movie when I’m back in town.

    1. And The Flight Of The Conchords has affected my sense of humor more than any single product barring maybe Kids In The Hall, MST3K, or decades of SNL. Its sincere weirdness came at just the right time for 17 year old me.

      1. I loved watching Flight of the Conchords, especially when it took place in my childhood neighborhood. But I do get bummed about the gentrification of the area, something that began at the beginning of this century, and you see as Brett and Jemaine wander the LES.

    2. Man, I hope ThirtyTwentyTen lasts a full ten years. As I listen to it and side-conversations get sparked I often do a quick mental calculation, and for them to cover LA Story, they’ll have to make it to 2021. That’s not super-far away but ti’s not guranteed either. 1.5 years so far, 8.5 to go!
      PS. Oh, and I’m COMPLETELY emotionally unprepared for anything in the 90’s to be THIRTY YEARS AGO.

  7. Athletic World isn’t the super-valuable Family Fun Fitness game, that one was Stadium Events. Athletic World came out first and had been out for a while before Nintendo bought the franchise and peripheral, while Stadium Events had only been out for long enough for 200 copies to be sold before the recall. You can get loose copies of Athletic World for less than ten bucks.

    An entire unopened case of Stadium Events copies was found last year so their value may take a hit next time someone decides to sell, too.

  8. Having been born in 1988, I think I was the right age for any shitty action movie of the 1990s. My brothers and I would regularly rent Mr. Nanny and Suburban Commando. I can remember seeing every Batman movie in the theaters with my mom and brothers (besides the first one ). At the time, I loved all of them. I shit my fucking pants when ice skates popped out of Batman’ s boots. In a household of 4 boys, Arnold Schwarzenegger was as much of a hero as Batman himself. As I got older, I realized how truly bad most of those movies are, but now I can look back and enjoy them in a different light.

  9. Hearing you talk about Batman and Robin – now I hope somebody goes and makes a Batman ’97 comic book that continues the adventures of that universes in a campy style.
    I’ve heard B&R be described as “A Gay Fantasia” and while I’m not denying the undertones I think the subtext is frequently overstated. What is frequently read as “gay” is actually just the camera treating men’s bodies the way it usually treats female bodies; that is you could have a camera shoot a good looking guy in a swimsuit at the exact same angles with the exact same length of time spent on various body parts, with the exact same cuts, with the exact same lighting, with the exact same background music, etc etc and the clip of the guy in the swimsuit would be read as gay while the shot of gal in a swimsuit would not. I think a lot of the commentary of Batman and Robin is centered around that.
    Finally, finale thought on B&R: The comments about were very cruel at the time. I’m pretty sure it was Wizard magazine who said that her action figure would come with “Cake Eating Action Grip.”
    Re: The Creation of Batman. Collaborative creation is really really hard to say who did what and how much credit any one person deserves. I haven’t seen the documentary so I’ll have to check out it, but from personal experience it’s not always cut and dried “who” created something when people are working together.

  10. 1408 was a damned good horror movie. Tight, well based, good effects, and good acting. Easily one of the top five movies based on a Stephen King story.

  11. Talking Simpsons covers about 2 and 1/4 years of media per year it is on the air (assuming a couple of specials where you cover a non-Simpson’s show and don’t advance the clock, as has been the case) while Thirty Twenty Ten is covering media at a “real time” rate of one year per year.

    For comparison’s sake;
    On January 7, 2016 – Thirty Twenty Ten was covering January 7, 1996
    On January 6, 2016 – Talking Simpsons was covering January 31, 1991

    Flash-forward to the present week:
    On June 15, 2017 – Thirty Twenty Ten was covering June 15, 1997
    On June 13, 2017 – Talking Simpsons was covering March 17, 1994

    At this rate, Talking Simpsons and Thirty Twenty Ten should CROSS STREAMS sometime in 2019! I don’t know if you can do it, but if it’s possible you should try to do the exact right number of talking Simpsons specials so that the math works out so Talking Simpsons and Thirty Twenty Ten cover the same new episode of the Simpsons on the same week, a feat never to be possible again! (Say that last line in a 1940’s announcer voice for full effect)

    1. This week Talking Simpsons on the Patreon advance feed is covering Bart the Genus. This week on 302010 the hosts are talking about Bart the Genus. THE PROPHECY HAS COME TRUE!!!!
      (Looks wistfully out window)
      “Though not in the manner I had foreseen…”
      (Thunder crashes)

  12. So many Flight of the Conchords memories, first off it was the first shows that I illegally downloaded as broke college kid, because who had HBO? Second, my favorite song, and one I bust out in text/email/facebook conversations all the time, and is perhaps ahead of its time is “I’m not crying” love that song.

    Finally, as a 10 year-old I remember genuinely enjoying Batman & Robin, even renting it when it came to Blockbuster months later. I also enjoy shitting on it as I have gotten older for how bad it is. I guess in a way its one of the movies that has always been enjoyable for me.

  13. in regards to blink 182, the alyssa milano video IS off dude ranch, it is for the song Josie, a music video that made public school look so cool that i begged my mom to let me transfer schools as a sophomore in highschool from a private school to our local public school. Also, the album cover with the woman with the glove on her hand, is for enema of the state, not take off your pants and jacket. the song henry sings IS rock show, which IS off take off your pants and jacket, but that’s not the alyssa milano video. also, thanks for the lost comment callback last week (or two weeks ago? maybe) but hearing chris read my comment and everyone else discuss it for sure was the highlight of my week. huge fan of the show, look forward to it every week.

  14. Judging by my username, I’m sure it’s no surprise that I’ve seen BATMAN & ROBIN more times than I could count. I was too young to see it when it came out in theatres, but my parents got the VHS once it was out (as they had with the prior 3 movies, for my older siblings) and I watched them all so much that the tapes were literally worn out and eventually we upgraded to those terrible snap-case DVDs, and later the “anthology” remasters. For some reason Mr. Freeze in the film TERRIFIED me as a small child, especially that line where he’s telling Ivy “his hear will FREEZE in my hand.” Initially I was of the popular opinion that it was the worst of the four, but now I would much, much rather watch it than 89 and Returns. None of those four movies are “good,” but Burtons are so dark (in the sense that THE SETS HAVE NO LIGHTING) and everything is boring as hell, whereas at least Schumacher’s two are so dumb that you’re never uninterested. And, as Comics Alliance’s Chris Sims posits, it may be the “best” of the four because it is the most tonally consistent – all four movies are utterly camp, but the first three seem ashamed of it and try to hide it by pretending their adult and mature, but B&R just turns it up to 11 and says “fuck it.” Their reviews of the four films are really great reads, the B&R one starting here 20 years on, I’m sick of people holding Burton’s movies up on a pedestal and throw crap at B&R. Batman Returns is just about as dumb and campy, the plot of Penguin running for mayor was used on Adam West’s show for god sakes! And I’ll end with this, Batman & Robin is a much better movie than Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

    And yes, BATMAN & ROBIN (and Forever) are FULL of gay subtext. As Comics Alliance points out again, Alfred & Bruce adopt a GROWN ASS MAN and they become “partners.” Not to mention the rubber nipples and Bat-Butt-Shots.

    Last thing on my extremely lengthy comment, my brother’s friend got us into Flight of the Conchords over the summer back in 2007, causing us to buy the albums, catch up on the episodes we had missed, buy the DVDs as they came out, and be fans for a decade. Love Brett & Jemaine, and seeing them in other stuff (lately, Jemaine in Legion) has been a blast.

    1. My brother picked up RE4 wii edition sometime around release, and I pretty much spent the entirety of summer 2007 playing and replaying the game with him, learning everything there was to learn about it, except we were not able to beat the game on Professional difficulty (something I managed to accomplish once the Xbox 360 version came out, and again on PS4). It started my Resident Evil fandom, leading to hundreds of hours of gaming, and even watching those awful, awful movies.

  15. I remember watching Batman and Robin in theaters and thought it was a really crappy movie. And I was 10 at the time.

    I think that when a 10 year old says your movie is boring, you’ve failed as a filmmaker. Still, Joel Schumacher has taken this in stride, apologized many times for it and even poked fun at it from time to time, so it’s all good.

  16. The VERY BEST thing Kristen Schaal has ever made is this sketch she and her former comedy partner Kurt Braunholer used to do called Kristen Schaal is a horse. I won’t spoil it, I’ll just say please watch the whole thing and keep in mind that they used to do a 20 minute version of this:

  17. Serious Monday Night Movie recommendation, especially for LaserTime: Laser Mission starring Brandon lee. It’s an unbelievably unintentional/ sorta of intentional action thrill ride co-starring Ernest Borgnine! It was clear Brandon was going to be a star but he had to cut his teeth with some doozies like this. The movie is so bizaarly paced, so disjointed and downright hilarious. It nearly crosses the line into self parody with Brandon being the only one who seems to know what movie hes in. Seek this one out!

  18. The first Batman was the second VHS tape I ever got, after Top Gun. They both had intersting Coke commercials before them. I saw Batman Returns in the theater, and it seemed really great seeing the great big dark sets in a dark theater, and I think it’s held up better than the first one, which is sort of slow other than Jack Nicholson’s Joker. I know I saw Batman Forever, but I don’t like Jim Carrey or Tommy Lee Jones, and it seemed really lame. The only time I saw Batman and Robin was in Japan, with a few of the judo players I was dorming with for college, and I’m pretty sure it was dubbed in Japanese, with English subtitles. The Japanese guys loved it, but I thought it was just terrible. I recently picked up the Bluray with all four movies (I’ve been getting a bunch of sets of movies lately on DVD or Bluray, $ 10 or 15 for four movies of usually descending quality isn’t bad,) so I’ll try them all again and see if they hold up at all.

    Dave’s World featured Shadoe Stevens, whose voice most listeners have probably heard, but I knew him from a Casey Kasem style top 40 show on the radio in the 80’s and 90’s, it was weird to see him acting instead of just hearing his voice. Patrick Warburtin was also on it.

  19. About ten years ago, I heard a Caribbean steel drum band do an instrumental cover of Every Breath You Take. My friend’s coworker turned to me and said, “Great song! I love P Diddy.” Because I’m an insufferable music snob, I pointed out the song was by The Police. “The Police? No way bro, this is I’ll Be Missing You.” He rolled his eyes like I was the biggest idiot in the world. I thought it was crazy that an adult in the mid-2000s could have heard the Puff Daddy version and not realize he had sampled The Police.

    1. It’s pretty interesting that Puff Daddy coopted this Police Song, which was pretty creepy on its original form. I indeed like the newer version, and heard it A LOT on the local pop station, and first learned about Biggie Smalls via this song. I was a little kid back then so I had yet to listen to rap much less hear about the East/West Beef.

  20. I begged my dad to go take me to see B&R when I was a kid, and when I saw it saw it I could not have been more satisfied. It was my favorite movie ever when I was a kid, and started my love of superheroes comic books, and wrestling for the next twenty years, and I didn’t even realize it was considered a bad movie until I looked up the rotten tomatoes score years later, and was pretty embarrassed for having liked it so much.

  21. I was 11 in 1997 and Chris O’Donnell as Robin gave me some strange new feelings that turned out to be me being very very gay.

  22. Hi guys, another great show. One slight correction, I’m sure Colin McRae died when the helicopter he was piloting crashed.

  23. Fun fact regarding RAW DANGER: that game and Disaster Report were part of a series in Japan under the name Zettai Zetsumei Toshi. A third game was on PSP which never got released abroad. A fourth game was supposed to come to PS3 in Spring of 2011 ( I played a demo in 2010!) but when the *real* disaster of 3/11/2011 occurred, the game was straight up CANCELED.
    …but it didn’t die! A few years later the creator of the series bought the rights to the IP and he is currently working on a version of ZZT4 (subtitled “Summer Memories”) for PS4 and VR. It will probably look bad but boy, the ideas behind those games (and now, the story of making them) is fascinating.
    Here’s the last known trailer for ZZT4 from 2015: this game has no announced release date

  24. An odd twist for “1408”..

    My ex and I (she being 18 at the time and unable to drink in Toronto) went on a trip to Montreal, almost picked up a stripper that looked like a tiki torch, and more importantly, checked into our room #1408.
    This was about 6 months after the movie came out and we had actually seen it. We thought it was a little creepy (especially since it was a crappy “Quality Inn” just off the main drag of St. Catherine st., a major strip club area) but checked in and looked around the small room.

    One thing that stood out was a panel protruding from the wall. After checking it closer, it turned out to be Velcro strips holding it on the wall. I obviously removed it right away to look at what was behind. Nothing. Just a really crappy access area for repairs that wasn’t closed off properly.

    It wasn’t until I closed it and went to turn around that I saw a little dime bag on the floor, filled with what looked like pop rocks and powder. Yeah, it was crack.

    Originally I thought I would pitch it off the balcony to avoid any trouble of someone thinking it was mine, but then I had a better idea. I called the front office and started yelling. Yelling about the unsafe panel, and about the drugs. The assistant manager pleaded with me to not call the police and said that they would deal with it. After a lot of yelling and ranting about “think of the children” we were upgraded to the Jacuzzi suite free of charge (they refused to comp the stay completely).

    I tried writing this on the review for Travelocity but it wouldn’t let me post it. A couple months later I was called out of the blue by Travelocity asking for more details and trying to get my money back. But unfortunately this was 2007 when I had no idea about loading pics on the computer and sending them….i wasn’t a techy guy.

    Still had a lot of fun.

    5 stars.

    Oh, and we smoked a bong the whole time in the new room and eventually got pulled over and searched on the way home because I was on probation for getting caught with pot. I’m sure I didn’t seem very sincere when yelling at the assistant manager about drugs.

  25. Sitcom in Florida: Golden Girls. Not only do you have a sitcom in your home state, it’s one of the irrefutable classics of the form!

  26. Speaking of Brandon Lee – if your only exposure to him was The Crow, you really owe it to yourself to check out his other two studio movies: Rapid Fire and Showdown in Little Tokyo. Neither movie is exactly high art, but they both showcase his talents as a martial artist and as an actor who exuded charisma and charm.

    Rapid Fire is the better of the two, and cats Lee as a college student who is the only witness to a mob hit. He is taken into protective custody, but ends up on the run when corrupt agents come after him. Powers Boothe plays the tough guy cop who is trying to help. There are some really good action scenes here, including an awesome fight with Lee taking on two gunmen in a small hotel room.

    Showdown in Little Tokyo is a completely absurd buddy cop movie that really wants to be Tango and Cash. Dolph Lundgren is the star and Lee plays his hot shot new partner. Personalities clash as they take on the Yakuza. This movie is WAY more fun than it has any right to be. Also well directed with a brisk 85 minute running time. It costars Tia Carrere as the love interest, and Shang Tsung himself, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa as the big bad. It also was responsible for this immortal dialogue exchange:

  27. I have a suggestion. Not really a comment on this episode specifically or anything. Ever considered doing a “Rest of the 80s” special episode? Covering 1980 -1985. So many awesome things from that time I would love to hear you guys was nostalgic about. The last straighter, superman 2, ice pirates, he-man. I could go on. You guys do a fantastic job of making me feel both old and young at the same time. I hear “Predator turned thirty this week.” And I think “Fuck am I old.” Then you guys bring up an episode of Mr. Belvedere and it comes flooding back to me and suddenly I’m 7 years old again. Keep up the fantastic fucking work.

  28. I was one week shy of turning five when Batman & Robin came out, and it’s one of the first movies I remember seeing in theaters. I don’t remember much from that first viewing but I clearly loved it because that halloween I went as Schwarzenegger Mr.Freeze and had most of the toys. I honestly think people are too hard on it now. It’s of course a bad movie but it’s sort of a necessary evil as it lead to the Nolan trilogy, and although it’s not nearly as self-aware as the 66 series I think they should both be appreciated as comedic masterpieces.

  29. I saw Batman and Robin in theaters as a five year old and loved it. It was a movie that felt like a saturday morning cartoon. Like most of those cartoons, it
    doesn’t hold up at all. If I want campy fun Batman I’ll rewatch the Adam West show or read some old comics.

  30. Keanu Reeves, Thomas Jane, and Gretchen Mol starred in “The Last Time I Committed Suicide” released June 20, 1997. It appears to be a period piece that takes place in the 1940s where Jane plays a philanderer who runs away when his girlfriend tries to commit suicide, and they reconnect a few years later.

  31. I’ve never seen Roxanee yet I have some pretty fond memories of it thanks to the Muppet Babies. In the episode Beauty and the Schnoz Gonzo and Miss Piggy are reenacting a Romeo and Juliet-esque scene where Gonzo tries to wow Piggy with his words. At one point during the scene Gonzo starts receiving transmissions on what to say from Steve Martin via clips of Roxanne being edited into the show. Maybe one day I’ll actually watch the movie but until then I will forever associate it with this 29 year old cartoon.

  32. I doubt anyone will see this but I saw Batman and Robin SO many times when it was released. I loved the movie as a 10 year old and had all kinds of toys and stuff. I love the accessory batman characters so seeing robin and batgirl was great. Arnold’s lines were dumb fun. I swear I saw this movie five times in drive in alone and loved it each time. I haven’t seen it in over a decade and no desire to revisit but it has such a fondness in my heart for that summer of 97.

    I also remember brainstorming what the sequel would be and remember rumors of Nicholson returning in flashbacks with Scarecrow being the major villain.

  33. A funny story about this episode: my dad actually drove the winter ice roads many times when he was younger. It was great pay for him and over time, he became a master at it, and later on, when he was retired from long haul trucking, Ice Road Truckers came on, he loved it; not because of it’s “thrilling drama”, but because he found it hilarious. Seeing the accidents, trucks breaking down, and the over dramatization of the whole thing, he watched it like someone who laughs at a horror movie, constantly pointing out stuff like not properly chaining tires, pulling too heavy a load on the ice, and how the drivers were not bothering to just pay attention to the conditions. It’s really interesting when something is seen by someone who has actually worked the job, and knows how overdramatized tv can be

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