The Talking Simpsons Patreon is LIVE!

Bob and Henry quit their jobs and launched a Talking Simpsons Patreon!!! What new things will be offered there? What does this mean for the podcast’s glorious future? All of that and MORE will be revealed!


Big news, everyone! After two years of Talking Simpsons, we (meaning Bob and Henry) have decided to quit our day jobs to focus on making our chronological exploration of television’s greatest show a full-time operation. And to do this, we’re becoming an independent satellite of Laser Time, complete with our very own Patreon! So what does this mean for the show? For one, it means the podcasters you (presumably) like will have a chance to do what they love for a living, but, more importantly for our listeners, it means we’ll get to make even more stuff.

That’s right, while we’ll continue to bring you episodes of Talking Simpsons weekly until the Earth’s sun explodes, this crowdfunding operation will give us a chance to apply the “Talking” treatment to other animated series. We’ve proven it works well with our past episodes featuring Duckman and The Critic, and we hope to expand this approach well beyond Simpsons-adjacent shows. That said, our first modest goal will fund a full exploration of The Critic, while our second goal will give us the chance to produce an all-purpose animation podcast where any cartoon can be our subject matter. (Yes… even anime!) We’ve heard your demands for more, more, MORE, and we really want to make it happen. And with our pesky office jobs out of the way, we can make your podcast dreams a reality on

Of course, it’s possible you have some questions about all of this, seeing as this Patreon puts us in a kind of unique position. For this reason, we’ve put together a brief FAQ that should tell you everything you need to know:

What about your cushy jobs? – Seriously, Bob and Henry have quit their boring-ass jobs so they can focus full-time on Talking Simpsons content. That’s why they’re depending on this Patreon to (hopefully) pay their rent and living expenses while they focus on more Talking Simpsons and podcast related content!

Are the currently free podcasts going away? – NO! No matter the results of this Patreon, the weekly installments of Talking Simpsons won’t be going anywhere. We’re doing this to support Bob and Henry doing this full-time and creating way more content on top of the weekly show! But Talking Simpsons will remain free for future episodes and available in all the regular spots.

What exactly will this Patreon offer? – That depends on what milestones we hit, but in general, we want this to offer MORE. We feel we’re just scratching the surface of being Simpsons historians, and we hope you feel the same way. At launch, we’ve already got the second episode of Talking Critic, a special interview with an Executive Producer on classic Simpsons video games, and a special video of the hosts watching the unaired Simpsons pilot!

What kind of Patreon exclusives will this arrive in the future? – We want to do a Talking Critic for EVERY episode of that series. We want to cover other Simpsons related shows as well, like Mission Hill and Futurama. We want more interviews more people involved in The Simpsons. We want to make in-depth videos about lost Simpsons merchandise and books. We want to do a show where we cover all sorts of animation in the same way as The Simpsons! And with your help, we think we can do all that and more!

What about the Laser Time Patreon? – As we mentioned on the big explainer podcast, Laser Time is its own separate venture that already supports other folks. It wouldn’t be sustainable paying Bob and Henry if they took some of that budget. Instead, we created the so Bob and Henry can work on this show full-time, instead of after hours at some crappy job. However, Talking Simpsons’ Patreon succeeding does mean that Bob and Henry will have bigger roles in the Laser Time franchise, so supporting this Patreon supports Laser Time as well. Just this last week, Bob and Henry appeared on multiple Laser Time podcasts and videos, and you can expect many more in the future.

What about the first season and the season wrap ups? – Those won’t be leaving the Laser Time Patreon, but they’ll also be living on just to make sure new listeners get everything in the same place.

Any more questions? Please, leave them in the comments, and we’ll answer you as soon as we can. We’re really hoping for the best for this Patreon, so even if you can’t give, please spread the word!

You can also find Talking Simpsons on Google Play!

And on Stitcher too!

Also, don’t forget to watch our awesome video of Chris and Dave playing a “classic” Simpsons game!

“Join your friends at the Laser Time Podcast Network for a chronological and cromulent exploration of the greatest show ever made! Each podcast tackles a different episode of The Simpsons, breaking down every 22 minutes of animated entertainment into an embiggening discussion about Our Favorite Family.”

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54 thoughts on “The Talking Simpsons Patreon is LIVE!

  1. I came over to the Lasertime Patreon because of Talking Simpsons. For a while it was all I listened to on LT (and considered it money well spent), until I realized what an abundance of riches it contained. I will be happy to support both going forward.

    1. I came over to LT (and the Patreon) because of Talking Simpsons. I came over to Talking Simpsons because of Bob on Retronauts.

      It’s all worked out pretty well, I think.

  2. Hey guys, just shut up and take my money (and definitely turn this into Talking Futurama once you run into the shitty seasons for The Simpsons). And rest assured Chris, my much coveted five dollars/month is not being snatched away from you Laser Time lads.

  3. Holy cripes, Talking Simpsons must be more popular than I thought if you wanna quit your jobs for it!!

    I’ve loved you guys for years, but making this a separate entity to Laser Time feels a bit weird. Aren’t we all a team in this crazy game called life???
    Is it for tax reasons? Do you get better promotion by launching a second Patreon? Maybe it’s explained in this podcast, I’ll listen now.

    Either way this is my favourite show and I love Laser Time, so hey I’ll probably sign up!

      1. Yeah I listened to the cast! You totally won me over with just earnest talk about running a business. Chris is already doing superhuman work driving LaserTime, and you guys are not JOINING LASERTIME.

        I think it was as you were apologizing for having a second Patreon in Retronauts, I thought “No big deal, if a guy has two jobs he should get paid twice!” It’s true with Talking Simpsons, it’s somebody else working a different job. Happy it’s going well, I’ll jump onboard soon.

  4. This is more exciting than a free trampoline! May the overlap between the networks be as incestuous as the Huckabee family tree.

  5. I haven’t listened yet, but from what’s written here it sounds like the Patreon should be Talking Other Stuff, since Talking Simpsons shouldn’t really be changing, if I read it all correctly. I hope the wrap ups don’t leave the Patreon I’m already paying for, that seems like you could make an argument for doing it, but it’d be kind of a jerk move, just adding other stuff isn’t unreasonable to me.

  6. As a fan of Lasertime and Bob and Henry I wish you all the best of luck on this, but I have to say for my part Talking Simpsons is a large part of my patreon plede and I don’t know how much more I can give. I appreciate that a new podcast hopefully means you can get more money but I support Lasertime, I support Retronauts, and supporting Talking Simpsons would start to fill like I’m paying 3 times to listen to the same people in various forms.

    I saw all this as just honest feelings, not wishing you guys anything but the best. I appreciate you are real people making honest money and not gettin rich off this by any means.

  7. Sup, Simpsons fans. Chris chiming in just so nobody feels duped, upset or angry with us because today’s exciting announcement. Yes, a bunch of kind people launched Talking Simpsons via the Laser Time Patreon, and to that extent, nothing will change. Talking Simpsons will, for the foreseeable future and hopefully a little more (fingers crossed!) will remain weekly and free as if nothing’s changed. But the fact remains, Talking Simpsons alone is an intensely produced show, Bob and Henry were brimming with new ideas, and sadly, they haven’t been properly compensated for some time. And that needed to change. Laser Time’s Patreon can barely support three people full-time, let alone four, and revenue in every other avenue has been steadily declining due to the unstable nature of advertising, ad blocking, and the reality of people not really coming to any Laser Time destination outside of podcasts. Even though everything we’ve been making has been on a slow incline, all of our ad revenue combined could never, ever support a single member of Laser Time. Thus Patreon has been a wonderful little life preserver. It can fluctuate up and down somewhat wildly, but make no mistake: There’d be no Laser Time without it.

    NOTE: Every cent of the Talking Simpsons Patreon is going to Bob and Henry, in order to both live, and launch brand new beat ass initiatives that wouldn’t be possible without full-time compensation. We’ll undoubtedly appear on much of what they do, but Dave and I won’t be taking any money from Talking Simpson’s goals. The boys need to buy new equipment, and one of the reason everything will still post here is because we’re still friends, we can save money on hosting, and can maintain a little better and grow stronger by combining our resources. Furthermore, there are other benefits beyond new shows for hardcore cartoon fans such as myself. For one, I have a billion things I would like to do, make, and be a part of, but we have daily podcasts to maintain (to say the least) so creating anything new would be difficult to impossible to maintain. Not only does this allow Hank and Bob to pick up this ball and run with it, on their own terms (and yours), it will make them more available for appearances on other Laser Time shows. That’s huge for me. Getting people on our shows requires a tightwire miracle act of scheduling, permission, availability and timing, and it’s only gotten harder as of late. Unless the guys make this Patreon work!

    All that said, I fear people will see this as us being greedy, but I assure you it’s very necessary for us to keep doing this while making a most modest of livings. Of course I hope you support Henry and Bob, but I also hope you’ll continue to support us too. We have plans for your future and ours, and even though this process terrifies me more than you can imagine, it absolutely had to be done in order for the survival of everything and everyone. I’ll be happy to talk more about the matter, so feel free to ask whatever. Bob and Hank will be appearing on this week’s Bonus Time AND the Monday Night Movie SPACEBALLS. Thanks for being cool, everyone.

    1. Are you planning to be involved with the show in perpetuity? It would be a downright tragedy to have an animation focused podcast without you. The more cross pollination between “networks”, the better.

    2. I was wondering about it in a comment above, but just wanna say you guys totally won me over in the podcast, thanks for being so open and honest in what it’s like to run Laser Time!

      By the way Chris congrats on the big interview with Tad Stones, I thought it was a great Laser Time episode and I hope living on Patreon means you get to enjoy doing more stuff like that!
      If you’ve been editing Talking Simpsons yourself until now, I hope this spreads the work out amongst the guys aswel!

    3. Oh yeah, I love doing the show and will continue doing it for as long as I can. But the money has to go to Bob , Henry and the new endeavors.

  8. I’m in, but it means that I had to cut my support to Laser Time. It kills me, but Talking Simpsons is how I discovered the network. I love almost everything Chris and the rest of the team do (your political talk is the BEST) and I wish I could afford to pay all of you the money you deserve.

  9. Talking Simpsons was the reason I joined the Lasertime patreon (I wanted to hear that first season, and the season wrap ups.). I regret I can only donate a dollar a month (maybe more in the future) but since Henry’s from my “hometown” of Jacksonville Florida and I look forward to this podcast every week I hope that you are all successful in your endeavors.

  10. What’s the Patreon tier to prohibit unnecessarily shoehorning his girlfriend into the show?

    Once you pick up on him doing it, it’s really distracting.

      1. Don’t act like you’re unfamiliar with the CONSTANT references to Lasertime’s girlfriend.

        Every goddamned WEEK, it’s Lasertime’s girlfriend THIS and Lasertime’s girlfriend THAT. I don’t know how Lasertime can’t tell how obnoxious it is.

        1. Chris tells stories about his life, and often his life involves his partner so I don’t see how that’s obnoxious but okay then.

  11. That was the earnest pitch I’ve heard in a long time. Bob and Henry you have my support and respect AND of course my recurring monthly $5.

    Also I just want to put this out here: Talking Neon Genesis Evangelion, I know it may sound bad when you first picture it but let it ferment for a while and you’ll see it’s podcast gold!

  12. Hank and Bob, i’m glad to see you guys following your passion and doing something that makes you happy. I honestly don’t have the much of a connection to the Simpsons, but I can’t wait to see what else you guys put out.

  13. Congrats, guys! I am happy to add this to my Patreon list. Your show is always a highlight of my week and gives me something to look forward to on Wednesdays.

    Your show, along with the rest of the Laser Time family of shows, make my horrible I.T. job bearable week in and week out.

    Many thanks.

  14. That was a terrible idea. Other podcasts in the bay area like Kinda Funny are on the verge of failure. You’ve succumb to the idea 80s-90s kids belief that you should do what you love and your job should never be annoying or difficult. You know you only have 4 good seasons of The Simpsons left? Based on 52 weeks a year that gives you a year and a half of consistent listeners. And The Critic is far too niche even when it was on for a consistent listenership. It’s also not as good as you remember it. And Duckman… really… Duckman. It was a fun show but it’s so deeply rooted in the culture of the time that you’ll find a very small audience for it (I tried to listen to you’re pilot, it was bad b/c I don’t remember Duckman other than it’s existed and I liked it as a seven year old.)

    I’m shocked someone would give up a paying job for a hobby that will fail. Blows the mind.

    1. Who hurt you? Please donate to my patreon so we can finally get to the bottom of who hurt nunya.

    2. I apologize, guys. I think my fear and self loathing finally manifested itself into a semi-sentient commenter. A little prozac should kill him … but first I wanna find out how he got the Kinda Funny analytics.

  15. Is there a tier to *not* get called right-wing nazi scum by Bob and Henry when you dislike how political the show gets?

    1. Lying about podcast hosts calling people who disagree with them “right-wing Nazi scum?” That sounds EXACTLY what right-wing Nazi scum would do!

      1. Does trump contribute to your patreon for all the real estate he takes up in your head?

    2. That has literally never happened. Also, stop saying it’s “political” without any EVIDENCE OR EXAMPLES. The constant attention-seeking need to point out how you disagree with the hosts seems like you live in a bubble that makes you unable to accept difference, and you are EXACTLY what you accuse the hosts of being. Please fuck off.

    3. Hi Smuh! Thanks for your interest in the Talking Simpsons Patreon! While we are sorry that you are not satisfied with our product, we appreciate your input and invite you to listen to one of these other podcasts!

      Sean Hannity Podcast
      The Renegade Republican with Dan Bongino
      How Trolling Made Everyone Hate Me
      This Free Hundred Dollar Bill has a Smudge on it
      The Stop Listening Show with Nobody

      Best Regards,


      1. Oh look, a bunch of unwarranted political attacks from americans who can’t handle anyone with a difference of opinion. What a surprise!

        1. You don’t appear to have an opinion, is the problem. You made a vague, unqualified statement that you’re not backing up.

          Good for you if you have a different point of view! Put a little fucking effort into expressing it or you’re just going to get dunked on.

        2. Dude, stop. We’ve made our statements. We’re not going to change, you’re just here starting shit, and we’re gonna start deleting your comments. We’d like to avoid that at all costs, but this kind of feedback isn’t constructive, it’s constantly disrupting show discussion, and you are clearly overly invested in making a fight out of this while pathetically trying to present yourself as a victim. Grow up or move on.

          By our own standards, we aren’t being political. Either way, please accept that we’ve heard your complaints and we’ve chosen not to incorporate your feedback. I’m more than happy to bend over backwards to make a fun show for you. For everyone. Liberal, conservative, or apolitical, but you and a few others are sullying the comments and we can’t have that. By all means, offer us a contrary opinion, call us liberal pussies, offer a reasoned counter argument or an alternate opinion to all the “politically” charged stuff we’re accused of. But quit being a fucking crybaby and starting needless fights on our site. Or leave, it’s up to you.

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