Cartoons 101 – The Secret Reference In The Rocko’s Modern Life Intro!

You heard the Laser Time hosts complain about the Rocko theme on a recent episode, but they didn’t mention this weird fact!

Reading books about animation takes me forever because I need to sit it down every half a page or so to look up absolutely everything mentioned. When Joe Murray said in his book Creating Cartoons With Character that he made a station ID for MTV I of course had to look it up! Something stuck out about his interstitial that I think you’ll recognize too. Watch to find out what it is!

This might be another entry in the “Well I Thought It Was Cool” series. What do you think?

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3 thoughts on “Cartoons 101 – The Secret Reference In The Rocko’s Modern Life Intro!

    1. Yeah, it definitely would be spaced out. Probably more than that. But I have a ton of ideas that won’t fill a whole video.

  1. Oh neat! I never saw that bumper for mtv before. Murray is such an underrated creator and was one of the first animators in his age group to embrace indy web based animation and launched an indy channel kaboing tv to try and launch a new generation of animators and cartoons. It ultimately didn’t work out as well as say, Seibert’s Cartoon Hangover on youtube. I just remember being nervous trying to pitch to both of them during those time periods. Anyhoo, now I’m off to watch a bunch of episodes of Rocko now. yay!

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