Vidjagame Apocalypse 219 – Games Headlined By Comedians

It’s not unusual for comedians to star in games, frequently as mascots who never shut up, but there was a time when games could sell entirely on the strength of a comedian’s personal star power. Heidi Kemps of joins us this week to walk through five times when comedians played themselves in games, after which we dig into ARMS, Cave Story+, Friday the 13th’s new apology content, and the games you wanted to see at E3, but didn’t.

Question of the Week
What’s your favorite game of 2017 so far?



Theme song by Matthew Joseph Payne. Break song is the ARMS Main Theme.


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If ya haven’t checked out the Laser Time YouTube channel, here’s something swell you might’ve missed!


Kingdom Hearts III
Red Dead Redemption 2
South Park: The Fractured But Whole
Death Stranding
Final Fantasy VII Remake

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23 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 219 – Games Headlined By Comedians

  1. QOTW: I asked my good friend captain Obvious and he said Breath Of The Wild. However I would like to give an honorable mention to Nioh which basically destroyed the stereotype of games that have gone through development hell, would always be crappy. Excellent game throughout and my favourite Souls-like game out there with Bloodborne.

  2. Dave is right, Saving Silverman is very underrated. I spent so many afternoons watching it on Comedy Central.

  3. Jump ahead to 24 minute mark, the winner of the e3 arms tournament goes against a producer of the game.

    Arms can be a viable hard core esport, not sure it will but early strong sales and moments like the e3 invitational could help

  4. I’ve seen a playthrough of that Eugene Levy Minigolf game and it is an abomination in every sense of the word. That fucking Gallagher game sounds like it’s on the same tier. Awesome episode, everyone!

  5. Technically, my Game of the Year So Far is Watch Dogs 2, since I beat it in late January. But I think that’s probably against the rules.

    But that still leaves me with Resident Evil VII. Such an astonishingly good time, and the best VR experience I may ever have, if VR proves to be the fad it’s constantly threatening to. I was captivated for every moment of RE VII’s running time, and haven’t played anything else this year with that kind of power over me. No, not even Breath of the Wild.

  6. Thanks to Heidi for reminding the guys that they’d been talking for three minutes, saying things like “I played so much of this,” and “that game was great,” after playing a sound clip, without saying that the game they’re talking about was the Three Stooges. Is there a real benefit to trying to get us to guess what game is coming up from the sound clip, when they forget to tell us what they’re talking about so often?

  7. One thing Chris might want to mention in game deals, the PlayStation store has flash sales every month or so from Friday to Monday, that has some really good deals sometimes, and I think a lot of people might not ever notice when they do these sales. There’s one going on this weekend, in fact.

  8. Thanks for the shout-out Heidi! Still haven’t picked up Neir yet, time to fix that. As an aside, a Lasertime episode on Christian anime would be fascinating.

  9. QotW

    Resident Evil 7

    It’s not the best of the best that I’ve played this year, BUT, it’s second place to that and since Zelda: Breath of the Wild is gonna get a shoutout, I figured I’d give some love to a game that I thought did the horror genre well!

    I’ll be quick- the bosses were fun, the gameplay was refined to the bare necessity (the simple bare necessities…), the graphics were gorgous and the pacing was tighter than the last four numbered games (although I love 4 and 6, both have sections that drag on too long). I also found the story great for what it was doing- a more personal, tighter focused romp around a house full of crazies and a shitty psychic asshole controlling it all.

  10. I haven’t played many 2017 games, mostly because I’m still going through 2015. So I have to say Persona 5, a very stylish game that reminds me of those old Heist movies and the tv show Leverage. While we get the usual teenage angst, these kids know their problems are not as serious as the victims shown in each of the games’ palaces. Most NPC characters give off an air of not giving a s-, while only drawn to the sensationalism that pervades our news consumption. I also found it interesting that the Principal Kojak is too busy trying to cover his own ass, while acting shocked that any action he takes to improve his school’s image, NOT improve the overall wellbeing of the people he’s in charge of is quite similar to what we see from various people of power across two countries. It’s a very thought-provoking video game, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m still playing it in 2018.

    I remember one of the Penn and Teller games was about global warming or something, and the screen go progressively effed up like it was literally on fire.

  11. A Night In the Night Woods, it’s like, the most compelling story based game i’ve encountered in years.

    i’ve been playing Friday the 13th. since the stream, and there are now kids younger than 10 in every game.

  12. As I only recently upgraded my PC, I’ve been playing catch-up. So Far Cry 4 has been my game of 2017 so far. I’m also looking forward to checking out Bayonetta (that counts, right?) and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided…wait, that was from 2016 wasn’t it? Ah fuck, never mind.

  13. I haven’t touched most of the top tier 2017 titles (BotW, Persona, Horizon), but NieR Automata is going to be tough to beat. Who knew the existential despair of self-aware robots was so interesting? The game is one part fast-paced Platinum combat, one part the butter-passing robot scene from Rick & Morty, and a healthy dose of fucking with the player. It’s wonderful.

  14. QOTW: the actual Beyond good and evil 2 and not an mmo prequel that uses beyond good and evil universe as a coat of paint

    1. Are you saying the trailer wasn’t buon appetito?

      In all seriousness it was absolutely embarrassing trash.

  15. QOTW: Breath of the Wild, but to at least try and get a different take on it, I’ll specify the Switch version. I have a toddler, and the amount of time I get to spend gaming is pretty scarce. The last few years I’ve started several games that never get finished just due to me not really playing anything until my daughter goes to bed and not having much energy to stay awake after that. Playing on the Switch is a different story. I can play in the bathroom (sorry). I can play over my lunch break. I played in my hotel when I left town for a conference. I played with a sleeping, flu ridden toddler passed out on me because she wouldn’t sleep alone. Not that that wasn’t possible with my 3ds, but there’s no game like Breath of the Wild on 3ds. No point in fawning over the game any more than has already been done on the show. It’s my favorite Zelda and a top five game for me, and only because of the Switch could I experience it.

  16. At the start of the year I’d have been sure my answer would’ve been Persona 5, but despite the battle system being a huge improvement over P4 I just gave up on the story the moment the “Empress” party member appears literally out of nowhere. On top of that, Nier did nothing for me and both Breath of the Wild and Horizon showed me that I want something more than just trudging through massive open worlds crafting and looking for loot.

    What I wanted was Yakuza 0. I’ve been the both the best and worst fan of the series, buying every one but never actually playing them, but I couldn’t resist the draw of the late 80s setting and I ended up putting over 100 hours into it over the space of a few weeks.

    The main story has intrigue, backstabbing and double crosses, while the 100 or so sidequests have you doing things like helping a living statue to sneak to the bathroom without anyone noticing, helping Michael Jackson and Steven Spielberg film a zombie-themed music video and breaking up a scam cult. On top of that you can run a cabaret club, go to the disco, sing karaoke, play Outrun, and build a real estate empire with a chicken advisor. All backed up with a fantastic soundtrack and incredible localisation work.

    Yakuza 0 is really good, you guys. And the remake of the first (sans Michael Madsen v/o work) is out in just a few months.

    1. Also, here’s a #0 entry for this top 5 – Adrian Edmonson (Vyvyan from The Young Ones) ‘starred’ in How to be a Complete Bastard for the UK 8-bit home computers. It was a tie-in to the book of the same name and focused on you (as Ade) doing your best to drive off guests at a party by being the titular ‘complete bastard’, pissing in pot-plants, farting, stabbing people with pens, that kind of thing.

      It’s not a great game, in fact it’s probably more famous for the controversy it caused by being included free on computer magazine covertapes than for the content itself.

  17. I’ve been a listener to almost every LT joint for a couple years, but Heidi and Dave’s Achewood reference convinced me to finally make an account!

    Still catching up with last year’s hits, so unfortunately don’t have much to add for the QOTW (Doom is fun stuff!). I think P5 is the only new title I’ve picked up in 2017, so I guess it wins by default? That said, it’s a bumpy ride…If the dialogue were as consistently rad as the gameplay and visuals, it’d be a shoe-in, but damned if those kids don’t become an echo chamber after the first few dungeons…

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