Talking Simpsons – Burns’ Heir

This week’s podcast is a Bob Mackey original! Burns adopts Bart as his heir, all while we adopt Hans Moleman, eat some flowers, and learn how to host a podcast without using the letter “E”. Oh no, we just did! AAHHHHHH!!!


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17 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – Burns’ Heir

  1. Love the THX gag, it gets me every time, and the “Mr. Kurns” / “he card read good” bit is god tier.

    “The dogs that shoots bees out of their mouths when they bark,” has been said countless times between my siblings and I.

    Another great episode, gang. Loved the Bob Mackey v Bob Mackie talk.

  2. Ah, “The Trolly Song”. Never seen the movie it originated from, but I’m very familiar with it through it’s use in several cartoons, including two Tom and Jerry cartoons (“Cat Fishing” and “Old Rocking Chair Tom”). It was also used at the end of a Cow and Chicken cartoon with Cow and Chicken singing together in the shower after military training to man them up fails. Not-so-subtle gay joke there. But then again, that was 90% of Cow and Chicken.

  3. The fact that the Six Million Dollar Man noise is faintly audible when Marge fantasizes again, is one of my favorite jokes of the series and makes me laugh every time.

    Also, Toys = Barry Levinson, not Sonnenfeld 🙂

  4. I happen to be very lucky to live right next to one of the nation’s last Drive In movie theaters, and I can confirm to this very day, they play the “Let’s All Go to the Lobby” animation before every movie.

  5. Hey, golden time does mean overtime (double time or time & 1/2) there’s even a episode of Fraiser when the plumber says the same thing. And to what Lenny should have said to not use the letter e is just ‘I’m Cool.’

    Oh no!!! Not Lenny!!!

  6. Dude, despite being 22 I grew up with a drive-in and they played “Let’s all go to the lobby!” (and 3 Stooges shorts) all the time!

  7. I always thought the flower eating thing was a reference to early 1900’s actress Mary Pickford, who supposedly ate roses to become more beautiful.

  8. I always forgetabout this episode and mix a lot of the gags from it into my memory of other episodes.
    I like the babysitter bandit wanted poster in the background of the police station scene. “Remains at large”
    this is such an oddball episode. but fun.

  9. So the antique mirror bit more or less happened to my grandfather when he was a teenager, although in his case he was pointing a gun at a mirror and thought it wasn’t loaded. (And this was years before Taxi Driver, obviously.) I realize this sounds like a bad sitcom plot, but he managed to get in touch with a glazier who replaced the glass before his mother got home that day, and he plastered over the wall behind it. For years afterward, she would occasionally look at it and remark “I swear there’s something funny looking about that mirror.” As far as I know she never caught on to what really happened.

  10. I was aware of the “let’s go out to the lobby” song as a kid because of this commercial The commercial caught my attention and then my parents explained the reference.

    (The commercial is from 1995. “Burns’ Heir” was ’94, I know, but I saw the milk commercial first. I almost never watched Simpsons episodes in their original airing. I lived in one of *those* houses.)

  11. The wheat field portions of “Toys” were filmed in the Palouse region of Washington state. During the Springtime its nothing but Windows Xp wallpapers that the eye can see. 🙂

  12. The gelatin gag was likely another very subtle “Burns is old and rich” joke. We’re used to it being everywhere because Jello mix made the stuff ubiquitous, but before the mid to late 20th century gelatin desserts were considered an ostentatious luxury and a dish of the super rich. It was very time intensive to prepare it because they had to get collagen from animal bones, so it was something that only people who could afford the finest restaurants or a large enough cooking staff got to enjoy.

    These days we can enjoy it any time we want thanks to mixes on the grocery store shelf, but when Burns was young it would’ve been considered a decadent dessert of the wealthy which is likely why they have him making such a big deal out of it.

  13. Still loving the show, guys!

    I wanted to point out that I think you can see a version of the “Let’s all go to the lobby” commercial playing in the background of the Drive In screen when John Travolta is singing “Stranded at the Drive In” in Grease. I also remember that it was played for much longer at Drive Ins.

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