Vidjagame Apocalypse 220 – The Best Games of 2017 (So Far)

It’s the last day of June, so let’s look back on a frankly stellar six months of game releases and pick five of our favorites. (Remember that these are just our opinions, which of course means they now have to be your opinions, too.) Once you’re done fantasizing about slapping the smug grins right off our dumb faces, why not listen to us talk about Valkyria Revolution, the SNES Classic, Nintendo Badge Arcade’s final update, and your favorite games of 2017?

Question of the Week
What’s a movie that you wouldn’t mind seeing adapted as a small and janky – but extremely true-to-the-material – game?



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Kingdom Hearts III
Red Dead Redemption 2
South Park: The Fractured But Whole
Death Stranding
Final Fantasy VII Remake

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41 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 220 – The Best Games of 2017 (So Far)

  1. a Scott Pilgrim’esque retro-brawler based on The Warriors OR… hear me out. a rogue-like Batman game that structurally resembles The Binding Of Issac, but as a side scrolling platformer. the bosses at the end of each Batman dungeon (fuck it, that’s a thing) would rotate and escalate, like Issac.

  2. I just listened to the E3 episode that was posted 2 weeks ago, but I figured it would be seen in the comments here rather than there. Chris mentioned about the PS4/PS4 Pro being sold with 1TB of storage max, but the hard drives in both are very easily replaceable. It takes all of about 15 minutes and Sony’s website even has guides for all models. Plus, 2TB laptop-sized hard drives (the physical size that they require) are only around $70-$80. Just a note that I felt may be helpful to Chris, or anyone else that may be running out of space on their system.

  3. Wait… did no one at VGA play Nier Automata? I’m not trying to ‘well actually’ you guys, there was an emphasis at the beginning that this list was going to only be the games the guys had played, and I didn’t hear it mentioned. Did no one play it?

    I mean…Persona 5 and Horizon are great PS4 games….but Nier Automata’s the best game on the system. Not from the last six months, I mean the best one currently available.

  4. QofW: Hardcore Henry: The Game would’ve been an interesting concept, I imagine it a cross between Doom and Mirror’s Edge. The movie already plays like a game with action sequences being like QTE events, so actually adapting it couldn’t be too hard…hell, it could’ve been one of those FMV games they had on the Sega CD.

    And one from my childhood…I always wanted a game version of Short Circuit 2 (my favorite of the 2 films). I was surprised when we never got a platformer starring Johnny 5 on the NES. The game practically writes itself with what they could’ve adapted!

  5. QOTW: Danny Boyle’s Sunshine would offer a great mixture of Mass Effect-ish space station soap opera, Telltale-ish drama with psycological choices to perform and in the end some Dino Crisis 3-ish (sorry about bringing that shitfest up) space survival horror.

  6. Crash Bandicoot 2 is an amazing game

    1 is ok, 3 is bloated with extra gimmicks

    Play through 2 its one of the best games of that console generation

    1. Agreed! I listen to a lot of retro gaming podcasts and am surprised how little the original Crash games are mentioned in general.

      1. I’ve seen a weird trend on various sites (not Laser Time, just in general) where the original Crash games are considered something of a “consolation prize” for people who didn’t have Mario 64. Something that poor, unfortunate people had to play because they didn’t have the better option.

        In my case, I got a PS1 because all of my friends bought N64s as quickly as possible and I was able to thoroughly play the only three games I liked for the console basically whenever I wanted. My mom bought me Crash 2 as a Christmas gift on a whim and I was surprised at how fun it was.

  7. Persona 5 is Leverage and Jamiroquai. A better combination than nuts and gum!

    Question of the Week- I would want to see any Star Trek TNG episode adapted into a point and click adventure game considering the linear answer and solution structure of many of the episodes. I would love to play as “blankish slate” Lt. Commander Data trying to restore the Enterprise back to normal with crap he collects throughout the game. He moves exactly like a video game character and has the dialogue options. What I don’t want is a VR option where you play as Riker. Please no.

  8. Telltale’s Precious based off the movie Precious based off the novel “Push” by Saphirre.

  9. To anyone dissuaded by Henry’s eye-opening 160 hour estimate to play through the two Danganronpa games, I feel the need to counter with having just played through both for the first time this spring, and having my total time probably hovering around the 75-80 hour mark. MAYBE 90, but nowhere near 160.

    Also, the first game is great, and the second is a sizeable step down (for me, anyway). Make of that what you will.

  10. QOTW:

    Hear me out, guys.

    A game based on Fight Club. Let’s take the anarchist, anti-capitalist message of Fight Club and package it in a glossy, soulless button masher. Add a sprinkle of product placement, garnish with, say, Fred Durst. Serve lukewarm.

  11. QOTW – A film that is only worthy of a “small and janky” game should come from the 90s, contain some action, and star a bonafide action hero. Since all of those movies already received subpar game adaptations, why not go with the B version of such a film and select Suburban Commando? Take control of intergalactic bad ass Shep Ramsey as he hunts down bad guys and tries to find a way off of this little blue planet he knows nothing about. I envision it as a Double Dragon styled game with some shooting elements from Contra. Toss in a space battle stage where you pilot Shep’s spaceship and you have the makings of the type of game you’re looking for. Hulk Hogan is probably desperate to be in the public spotlight so his likeness may come cheap (even though he’s currently drowning in cash from the Gawker lawsuit) for a truly authentic experience. My one demand is that the continue screen feature the Christopher Lloyd soundbite “I was frozen today!” whenever you elect to continue.

  12. QOTW: I would love to play a Kill Bill game, underwhelming final boss and all. I just picture the game running in the Metal Gear Rising engine and being a great game to beat in less than 4 hours or so.

    Also, glasses push, I wanna see how blown Henry’s mind is when he realizes that 1994 was longer than 13 years ago.

    1. OH! Also, Surviving the Game. I’ll bet you could easily round up the cast to do the voice work and mocap too.

  13. QOTW: Face Off. You could even Austin Powers/Pokemon it and sell two versions. In Face Off: Uncaged you play as Nick Cage playing Travolta, in Face Off: High Travoltage you play as John Travolta playing Nick Cage.

  14. Martin Scorsese’s “The Last Temptation of Christ” would make a fan-goddam-tastic Telltale game.

  15. Hot Fuzz in the style of a Silent Hill or John Wick via John Woos Stranglehold… Honestly I just want another John Woo game.

  16. everything chris said about breath of the wild has made me very excited to still be playing it! the only reason i bought a switch was because he kept going on about how hard they are to find in america, whereas here we have a bundle with botw at BIG W and i had a spare couple hundo to burn. thank god i did. eventide island was one of my favourite parts too!

  17. Qotw: I would like to see an iOS game based off of the classic film Suburban Commando. It would be mostly about throwing shit into space. (Thats all I remember from that movie.)

    Sorry I previously posted this to the wrong page.

  18. QOTW. I would love to see a game based on Surf Nazis Must Die, where you play as a middle aged Black woman avenging the death of her son killing Nazis in rather over the top fashion. I don’t care how janky or glitched out it is, just make it happen. It doesn’t even have to be based on the actual movie, just the trailer.

  19. I really shouldn’t have laughed at Dave talking about the snes classic/mini’s cord not being long enough to hang yourself. but i did.
    Also, does anyone know what the song is playing in the background at the 101:50 minute? I’ve been trying to find that song since tdar episode 21. it haunts me. halp!
    I love the LT community. so much fun.

  20. Sorry guys. but Resident Evil 7 is nothing but a bad Rob Zombie movie knockoff. It is utter and complete trash.

  21. Also, I see how it is now. Comments by users only get read if they align politically with the hosts. Lame.

  22. QotW: As a child of the 80s and a huge fan of the movie, I always wished The Goonies had gotten a game more true to the source material. I know some people hold the tangentially related platformers in high regard, but neither of those focused on the ragtag group of loveable goofballs and their relationships with one another, which was really what made the movie so special.

    Having just gone back to finish the excellent Life Is Strange, which did such a great job of portraying the relationship of Max and Chloe, I would love to see how The Goonies could be adapted to that particular engine and brand of storytelling. If nothing else, the puzzle segment of trying to put the dick back on Michelangelo’s David would be worth a laugh. After that, the team at DONTNOD could move on to adaptations of Stand By Me and Explorers to complete the 80s kid ensemble movie trifecta.

  23. QOTW: either platinum games being forced to make the Devils Rejects on their slow drain circling to bankruptcy or the Big Sleep, made by a japanese developer, so now everything from the novel that was censored from the novel is pushed to 11 for no real particular reason and you solve puzzles by filling up a room with superfluous 1940s chain smkoking until the smoke becomes so thick the clue glows throw the smoke or the person youre talking to starts coughing and tells you information

  24. Qotw:. I think a racing game based off Talledaga Nights would be pretty cool. The game would probably end up just being NASCAR the mobile game, but I think it would a little be more fun.

  25. “Videogame-industry veterans Mikel Reparaz and Anne Lewis rally their colleagues for weekly discussions about games, the industry, and the circus of egos and information that surrounds it all.”

    The survey seems to be outdated. Maybe I’m being to picky though.

  26. QOTW: I really really want a fallout-style open RPG based on David Lynch’s Dune. Please let me become lord of the spices!

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