Talking Simpsons – Sweet Seymour Skinner’s Baadasssss Song

Can you believe that we’ve now made it to the 100th episode of Talking Simpsons!?! And it’s one of the show’s best ever, with some fantastic Skinner/Chalmers scenes, some great new character debuts, and some shocking moments that were cut from the show. Listen along and celebrate 100 episodes with the Talking Simpsons crew…


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16 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – Sweet Seymour Skinner’s Baadasssss Song

  1. Apu’s rant at Skinner, ending with “WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!” pretty much encapsulates my life as a short tempered nerd

    Greased Willie going after Santa’s Little Helper in the vents is one of the all time great moments of the show, as well as “MAKE WAY FOR WILLIE” at the end as he falls and confirms Skinner’s termination

    I love the chaos that the school descends into as Ned takes over, but still it’s bringing religion into the announcements that Chalmers finds unacceptable

    Great episode guys, love all the in-depth discussion, including Bob’s early explanations and Dave looking up what episode would air 20 years later.

  2. Copying my comment from the Patreon page:

    Regarding the name Mona, while I can’t say for certain where Ned’s mom’s name comes from, I can say where Mona Simpson got her name. Richard Appel, a writer and producer on The Simpsons, married novelist Mona Simpson in 1993 and has stated that he named Homer’s mom after her. Another fun fact about the real life Mona Simpson: her brother is Apple founder Steve Jobs but she didn’t meet him until she was 25 years old because she had been given up for adoption.

    1. I wonder if Ned actually met Mona Simpson, as I only recall seeing Mona Flanders in flashbacks. And I know she is not the same as Grandma Flanders.

      1. I have to imagine he met her at some point off camera. When Mona first returns, she is sitting in the front yard with Lisa while Homer tries to get her attention and she’s also in the backyard with all of the kids. There is no way Ned wouldn’t have looked at the window and seen her and not at least come outside to introduce himself.

  3. Also, I was a public school teacher in the South and the whole religion in school thing is just a mess. We would have morning announcements that would include a “moment of silence”, the purpose of which was to allow students to say a prayer without labeling it as such. But on the other hand, the school would put a giant Christmas tree in the center of the hallways and have a month long fundraiser to raise money which included buying ornaments to put on the tree and there was a youth minister who routinely came to the school with a backpack and would pretend to be a student for the day so he could reach the students (he’s now in jail for molesting some of them).

    1. This week, Governor Rick Scott in Florida signed into law the need for school boards to hire an “unbiased hearing officer” to take on complaints about what’s in the curriculum, especially science. It was 1998 that Henry had to deal with reactionary parents, it’s 2017 that people still think kids should not understand how evolution works because indignant people think we evolved from monkeys.

  4. I just realized listening to this episode that you guys almost never talk about the chalkboard or coach gags.

    Considering how in depth you get with every other aspect of this show, I’m really surprised you kinda ignore these parts.

  5. So far I’ve remembered LITERALLY every single episode Talking Simpsons has covered to a pretty decent level. I regularly go “Oh yea!” even when they talk about some of the small stuff and side plots of the episodes. So 100 out of 100 so far, and that’s pretty amazing when the last time I watched anything Simpson-related was the Simpson’s Movie in theaters (July of 2007 so 10 years ago) and I haven’t watched the show since 2001.

    I’m really really curious when they’ll get to an episode that I just have ZERO memory of. It seems like somewhere along the lines I would have missed at least one episode from 1989 – 2001, but like I said, 100 out of 100 so far.

  6. For us brats who live in the big cities you guys have to explain what a Montgomery Ward is. Is that an actor or what? Why was he in Kuwait?

  7. On the commentary, someone says that they think Skinner is bisexual, for basically the same reasons you guys said. So I guess that makes it ‘canonical’ or whatever. As someone who grew up in the rural South and went to a church that railed against the absence of prayer in public schools, I have to say the “facts has no place in organized religion” joke made my jaw drop. Already they were (still) outraged by the show (and Bart specifically), but to hear such a blatant slam against religion felt so daring.

  8. I’m a proud owner of a Jurassic Park-logo themed tank top with the title “Billy and the Cloneasaurus”. One of my greatest possessions and I wear it whenever appropriate.

  9. I’m not sure it mattered that they took so long to the DVD sets, at least in terms of having the complete seasons come out on DVD’s.

    They ended up doing 20 seasons, with the last, covering the September 2008 to May 2009 period, coming out in January of 2010. So in 2010 when the decision to stop doing them came, they were completely caught up with all the seasons.

    1. This definitely isn’t accurate. Season 20 was released a few months after the 20th season finished airing to capitalize on the 20th anniversary of the show. But it was a barebones release without commentary or anything else. They were only up to the 12th season with the actual DVDs at the time and season 13 came out after season 20. The last DVD release was season 17 in 2014 and they stopped producing them because of dwindling sales, not because they had caught up to the show chronologically. Seasons 18 and 19 never got a DVD release. The DVD sets only got one release a year because of the time needed to record commentary for every episode and so they as long as the show is still on the air they’d always be almost 10 years behind the show.

  10. This season featured at least two supporting characters losing their jobs and I’m thinking of how Apu and Skinner spent their time unemployed. Apu taught the Simpsons how to be thrifty as we saw in that soul-crushing supermarket. But Skinner on the other hand is clearly terrible with money!

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