Spider-Man Homecoming and Spidey’s Weird Hollywood Web – Laser Time

Spider-Man finally has his own Marvel Cinematic Universe movie, but his journey to joining that world was quite tangled. We explore Spidey’s early failed movie efforts before swinging over to spoiler-filled Homecoming thoughts in our third segment!


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13 thoughts on “Spider-Man Homecoming and Spidey’s Weird Hollywood Web – Laser Time

  1. Spidey’s long, dumb road to the big screen is a fascinating story so this should be an interesting episode.

    As for Homecoming, I LOVED it. Easily my favourite Spider-Man movie, and it’s up there as one of the best of the MCU.

  2. At the time the 90’s Spidey cartoon was okay…but looking back it aged terribly.

    Did you guys know Fox set out specific rules for the show? One of the most ridiculous being that PIGEONS CANNOT be HURT.

  3. I really like Henry’s history of the Spidey struggle to get him to the big screen. A lot of that i didn’t know was going on. I don’t think I would have enjoyed a James Cameron Spidey movie. no.
    also, I’m a bit partial to the Spider Man theme feom the Electric Company. I have very vague memories of the show, i think my older sister watched it. But i remember the theme songs to a lot of segments.
    anyhoo here’s some EC Spidey

  4. Holy shit Hank! That history recap was so informative, crazy, amazing and entertaining. You should feel very proud of that segment, you did great!

    As for homecomingi itself, like i mentioned before, i enjoyed it, but i don’t love it as much as i want to. I’m happy spidernan is part of the MCU now, but something definitely was missing in this film. Like Bob correctly pointed out, the thin emotional core of it all and peter’s real lack of struggle made the whole thing feel a little shallow and not very important. It’s still very entertaining and well executed, but I’m hoping it can feel more involving next time around.

  5. Great episode!

    I remember disliking the look and animation, as well as the horribly convoluted storytelling, of the Fox Spider-Man cartoon to the point that it colored my view of the entire series for a number of years. It also didn’t help the first Spider-Man comic I ever picked up was during the dumb Ben Reilly clone saga and completely confused me as a kid. It wasn’t until the 2002 film that I began to appreciate the character and I have a soft spot for all three Raimi movies. The Webb movies made such a non-impression on me, I can’t remember much about them at all except for Andrew Garfield being WAY too popular and having WAY too many Vaio products at his disposal. Homecoming was great. I found myself smiling uncontrollably through most of the movie.

    I’m still on the fence about how good the Cameron Spider-Man would have been. While Cameron is undeniably a talented filmmaker, I’m not sure his style would have suited the character very well. Cameron’s directing, except for True Lies, tends to be a little wooden and stiff to me. I’m sure he would have delivered a good product, but Raimi’s spin on the character and the world (when he was into it *cough*Venom*cough*) was far more exciting and different. However, I do think Cameron could have directed an awesome Superman flick.

    I still haven’t dove too deep into Spidey’s comics, but I have some jumping off points where I’d like to start, specifically the Lizard storyline Shed that Henry has talked about a few times.

  6. “Bob, we really want to hear your take on this as an outsider to the Marvel world!”

    (thirty minutes of Henry telling Bob his opinions are wrong, when he manages to get them out before Antista’s steamrolling interruptions)

    So, which is it, then, fellas?

  7. I’m actually on Bobert’s side here. I liked it, but it felt inconsequential and I am really getting sick of Marvel’s story-telling tropes and terrible music.

    Also I hate Peter Parker when he’s written like he is in this movie- a total Mary Sue. It’s not just that he’s smart he has to also be good-looking, shredded, white and have women falling all over for him. It’s so lazy and I can’t stand it.

  8. Somewhat related i played the spider-man homecoming vr experience. For being free it was alright. really just a ten minute shooting gallery with some voice samples from the movie. Considering the last gamevertisement i played was the super 8 level in portal 2, spider-man vr was a huge improvement. It be nice if they added more to it for the dvd/infinity war release.

  9. I really like Spider-Man a lot. And I hope that if it gets a sequel, it’s called “Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends.” It’s the best Spider-Man movie not named Spider-Man 2, which is still the high bar for which all comic book movies are rated against, in my opinion. And I will cut a mother fucker if he disagrees.

  10. great episode. i loved hearing bob come into contact with marvel films for the first time. i would listen to a whole podcast series where the boys all make bob watch every film from the MCU then desperately ask him to like it for 90 minutes. OR a podcast where bob has to talk about something he isn’t familiar with for 90 minutes. either way, fantastic work. you all deserve a pat on the head

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