Talking Simpsons – Lady Bouvier’s Lover

It’s time for old love as Abe falls for Marge’s mom. Everything seems happy until Burns gets involved, all while Bart gets a special delivery of an animation cel and learns a lesson about Mary Worth in this week’s podcast…


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11 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – Lady Bouvier’s Lover

  1. The Jeep that Patty and Selma drive is a VW Thing. It’s still Patty’s vehicle in newer episodes, with an on-the-nose license plate “MANH8TR” added in case you forgot Patty is gay. Thanks new Simpsons.

  2. I don’t think this episode is anyone’s favorite, but there’s a lot of good jokes here because Season 5 is generally pretty good, even when it’s not at its best. Quality analysis as always!

    The “blank begat blank” jokes, made way back in Red Fish Blue Fish, is more likely a reference to the Old Testament Book of Chronicles (Dibre Hayyamim in Hebrew), which is literally just a list of genealogy going back to Adam for the first part, before being about King David. Matthew does have a genealogy of Jesus going to David and Abraham, but it’s just 16 verses, not chapter after chapter of lists. Genesis also has a list that’s a lot longer than Matthew but shorter than Chronicles.

    The Graduate is one of those rare films where as you age up you gradually stop identifying with Benjamin and start to identify more and more with the adults. It’s almost like he’s dealing with real people not “adults are all stupid” ciphers. Last Picture Show also did a similar thing with Cloris Leachman a few years later in a movie that’s sadly been kind of forgotten, even though it introduced the world to Jeff Bridges.

    1. They’ve mentioned they’re doing it all. Bob has even said his on the Patreon season wrap-ups that he’s started watching the later seasons, and has found some good jokes here and there. They’re just rarer and the animation actually gets worse once they bring the production further in-house.

  3. In a season of great, great lines & deliveries, the exchange of “You’re the devil himself” and Mr. Burns exploding out “WHO TOLD YOU” is one of my favourites.

    Abe bringing out the wrong old woman, who asks to come, and is silently rejected, is both comedic gold, and horribly depressing.

    Out of body experience Nelson laughing at Bart is SO WEIRD AND I LOVE IT.

  4. Dave asked, “Why use Chicken Tonight? Why not just season your food?”

    My family ate a LOT of Chicken Tonight in that ’93–’94 time span (especially the cacciatore one), and no, my mom did not season food very much, if at all. She has a very bland palate, which has been distressing to discover as an adult, since she still makes a lot of the recipes she made when I was a kid. I have fond memories of them, and realizing a lot of them have no flavor is kind of a bummer. Just one person’s two cents, but no, if you’re using stuff like Chicken Tonight, then you are probably not a food seasoner.

  5. It feels like the editing was a bit sloppy on this episode. There were a few moments of dead air which I wouldn’t normally expect to hear in Talking Simpsons. Still a great episode though!

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