The Simpsons Movie Debuts, Guns N Roses Has An Appetite For Destruction, and Harrison Ford Flies Air Force One – July 21-27

This week in pop-culture history, 1987 showcases Superman’s Quest for Peace and the sad story in La Bamba, while rocking with Guns N Roses’ Appetite For Destruction. We’re all dudes in 1997 with Good Burger, even President Harrison Ford on Air Force One! 2007 does whatever a Spider-Pig does with The Simpsons Movie as Harvey Birdman presents his last case.


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34 thoughts on “The Simpsons Movie Debuts, Guns N Roses Has An Appetite For Destruction, and Harrison Ford Flies Air Force One – July 21-27

  1. Gn’R much like Skid Row doesn’t have that many albums but they maybe my favorite band off the 4(technically 2 one is an EP, ones a cover album and UYI is really just one album split us for money ) they made. 80s rock played a HUGE role in my childhood queerness and eventually semi transition into a boy. Something about seeming very adronynous yet ultra masculine dudes it wasn’t the lust I was “supposed” to feel as a girl but a “this is who I am” feeling. Due to his resemblance to my brother and awesomeness I still emulate Duff McKagan’s 80s heroine/acholic chic look even though I work in a lab it’s just an”feels right” look for me

  2. I bought a 4-pack DVD of Superman 1-4. I still have NEVER seen Superman 4. I guess I will someday. Is it on Rifftrax? 🙂

    Good to check out is the Richard Donner cut of Superman 2. It takes away some of the silliness and adds a few scenes.

    1. I remember watching Superman IV alot as a kid as the local station refused to air Superman II. All I remember is that Clark Kent was constantly sick even at the gym.

      I haven’t seen Superman 2 in full yet. Whenever the Movies channel airs it it’s always the Paris scene.

  3. It should be pointed out, Appetite wasn’t an immediate success. It really took off when the video for Sweet Child O Mine hit MTV later. The glam look of the Welcome to the Jungle video was intended as a joke, hence why the look never resurfaced. Appetite is in my top 3 of rock/metal albums of all time. Such a great album to jam to with almost no filler tracks anywhere. It’s too bad they never came close to matching the ferocity of Appetite with any of their later efforts.

    Nightrain is actually about a brand of cheap wine that was sold in the LA area in the 80s. The band, living out of a rented storage unit, would drink a lot of it since it could get them really fucked up on the cheap. I recommend checking out the Stephen Davis bio “Watch You Bleed” if you want to read about the band’s rather gross early days. It’s a small miracle none of those guys are dead. Slash attributed them to leaving that storage unit to an episode where he was hit with stray semen from one of the other band members who was having sex with his girlfriend (or just a random woman) while he was doing the same with another girl.

    And I heartily recommend going back to 1997 and checking out that Devin Townsend record Ocean Machine you dismissed. A great album that was overlooked, partly because it was released as if the band were called Ocean Machine to separate it from Townsend’s work with Strapping Young Lad, an extreme metal band, as the Ocean Machine record had elements of rock and pop on it (though hardly a household name, Townsend’s name on it may not have made any difference). I recommend the tracks “Night,” “Life,” “Seventh Wave,” and “Bastard (Not one of my Better Days).” Or just listen to the whole thing, it’s great!

  4. I always have to tell this story when G&R comes up. I was 6 years old, and dropped whatever I was doing when any Guns and Roses video came on MTV. My mom bought me the cassette tape, and the only tape player I had at the time was a Teddy Ruxpin. That’s what I listened to that tape in for 2 years until I got a proper boom box. You heard right. Imagine a 6 year old girl walking down the street with a Teddy Ruxpin screaming Mr Brownstone at the loudest its crappy little speaker can handle. It’s what made me a rock and roll fan today. My mom’s friends also thought I was going to turn out to be a horrible kid for buying me that tape, but my mother couldn’t be more proud of me to this day.

  5. Aww Appetite for Destruction, that album smells like Camel cigarettes and Busch light. I remember going to a ghetto amusement park called Oaks Park in Portland, and my friend’s mom put that album on in the truck on the way home. My friend’s mom rocked out with us while smoking BV lights all the way home. I don’t think I was any older than 12.

  6. I know that it’s a niche issue, but Jackson’s conviction really helps illustrate the way the law works to insulate the powerful from taking responsibility for their actions. Although Diana’s summary pretty closely followed the media’s handling of the case, including doubting whether Cosby was actually the father, the reality is that she had been in contact with Cosby repeatedly, and had been paid over $100,000 in her lifetime, but that Cosby froze the payments because she wasn’t maintaining a B- grade point average, but had instead dropped out of school to move to Hollywood. The couple of other “scumbags” were her husband and a third person who was working with her husband to produce a children’s television show while she was working at a Holiday Inn. She was given another payment from Cosby (3k), and told that he would pay her bills if she went back to school and maintained a B average. Instead, she made phone calls to people at CBS and ended up being involved in an FBI sting.

    The part that is unfair is that because Jackson was literally a 21-year-old with no money, she wasn’t able to hire a lawyer when Cosboy’s lawyers drafted up the proposed agreement. She asked for 40 million, and the court said that was blackmail (although they gave incorrect jury instructions), but if she had hired a lawyer she would’ve been able to make a legitimate claim that he owed her family child support in the neighborhood of $2 million dollars if you factor in around 10k per month child support, which is about 5% of what Cosby actually paid in exchange for her not calling herself his daughter, plus interest on 18 years of unpaid support: so she could have a very real counter-offer for a significant amount of money.

    Instead, Cosby and his lawyers were able to stick criminal charges on this woman for not being savvy in what she asked for and the way she asked it, turning the story into her being some sort of scheming criminal who tried to take advantage of Cosby’s good-nature. Of course, we found out later that her mother was drugged and raped by Cosby, as she was one of the women that had been set up by his handler at the time; Cosby’s people probably figured that because the women were already being paid by the handler, that they were unlikely to come forward with allegations of criminal wrongdoing, since they’d be risking some district attorney charging them with prostitution and perjury if they recant or change part of their story (an easy thing to happen when part of the story involves being drugged).

  7. It will be quite a while before you get to it, but I think there’s a movie where Dee Snyder plays himself even tho he was like 20 years old than he should be. I think it was about Tipper Gore’s war on entertainment and Jason Priestly stars as well.

  8. Back during this time period (late 90s), I was working at an independent movie theater where we did our own film booking directly with the studios, instead of going through a third party booking agency. As a result, we would get these invitations to see early screenings of new movies. These were not your typical buzz-building sneak previews – these were industry-only screenings in the early morning. The interesting thing about these movies is that they were often unfinished.

    Don’t get me wrong: the movies were complete, but they were usually in a state of “un-polish.” For example: Air Force One was missing opening and closing credits and was still using it’s temp score. Temp scores were by far the most common trait for these movies. Sometimes the color timing would not be done and you would see some harsh, raw lighting. And if you were lucky, you might see a movie without completed digital effects. That was how Contact was – huge sections of the CGI was missing. Sometimes there was a low-rez wireframe model, other times just nothing. The final sequence was totally unfinished and I saw an entire scene on a blue screen set. It was weird, but oddly wasn’t distracting. If anything, it made you appreciate the skill behind making movies even more.

  9. Jackie Chans Project A2 also came out (in Japan, it wouldn’t see a US localization until 2003) during this week, which is in my opinion one of Jackie’s most underrated films. It has some stunts that get reused in Shanghai Noon, though they seem far more dangerous in this film than they did there. It also includes a full on Buster Keaton building fall gag, only the thing that falls on Jackie is SO MUCH HIGHER IN THE AIR! The bonus kicker is that during the credits, you get a picture in picture with Jackie singing the credits in a smokey studio, looking like a total pimp in a sweet white dress coat that only him or a pimp could pull off.


    Project A had one of the most frighting failed stunts I’ve ever seen, namely the clock tower sequence.

  10. Come on, people! The Young Guns movies are Lou Diamond Phillips’ best work.

    Also… Is it really illegal to blaspheme in the US? Woof…

    1. Not really illegal, but if it’s on a broadcast network (as opposed to cable/sattelite only network,) so CBS, ABC, Fox, UPN, NBC, uhh…I think that’s it? The network will get a big fine from the FCC, and so, so many angry letters and emails from old biddies who have nothing better to do with their time than complain that someone said Goddamn or they briefly saw a nipple.

  11. Fun fact about the Simpsons Movie that you guys didn’t touch on (though maybe the movie commentary does, haven’t listened to it yet):
    USA Today ran a contest with 20th Century Fox where any Springfield in the country could make a short video to be entered into a contest where the winning city got to host the “Premiere.”
    My local Springfield, (Springfield, VT) won the contest (I say local, but I live like three hours northwest of it.)
    I believe there was some controversy about it because they put all the submissions online, and it was clearly not the best. Not the worst, solidly middle, but shouldn’t have won. But Springfield, VT has one big advantage…there is a nuclear power plant nearby. Not actually IN Springfield, about an hour south, but I have to imagine it’s the closest any Springfield in the country is to a nucular panner plant, and their submission video even featured it briefly. So I think a lot of voters must have felt it made it a “true” Springfield and voted for it.
    They might also have a gorge of some kind, I can’t remember.

  12. Oh geez, Superman IV has a really funny-but-personal meaning to me. My great-grandmother (RIP), along with the rest of my mothers side of the family, hail from Panama, and I’m not sure if this is a Panama thing, but she referred to taking a shit as “going peace”. So, in my mind, the title, “Superman IV: The Quest for Peace” was extremely hilarious to my 5 year old brain at the time, because it was like the movie was called “The Quest for Shit” thanks to her. Even more fitting since the movie was so damn bad!

  13. It makes me happy when Diana points out actors that have to play different races like Lou Diamond Phillips. Being a half filipino kid myself it was always great to see actors like Phillips who “looked like me”, yet it made me a little sad to know that they always had to play someone of a different race/ethnicity. They kind of have to. The only time I could remember where there was a filipino lead character in anything was Rico from the Starship Troopers book. But they made him Argentinian in the movie and other forms of media, making it easy for them to cast a white actor.

  14. I just wanted to make a suggestion for the show that covers the week of August 7 – that week the finale of the BBC TV series ‘This Life’ aired.

    I don’t know if the show is even really known in the US, but it was one of the most beloved and controversial British TV shows of the 1990s. A (for the time) edgy drama series about a group of young lawyers sharing a house in London, it was famous/infamous for it’s groundbreaking depictions of sex (gay and straight) and drug use, and it’s (then cool) Britpop soundtrack. It’s also the show that made a star of Andrew Lincoln, who later found worldwide fame as Rick in The Walking Dead, and also features early roles for other future stars like Martin Freeman.

    I have such nostalgic memories of staying up late to watch it as a teenager, and love it to this day. It ran for two seasons between ’96 and ’97, and went out on a real high at the peak of it’s popularity. The finale episode – which ends, in typically British fashion, with misery, recriminations and someone being punched in the face – is such a classic TV moment for me.

  15. I lived around the block from a Simpsons Movie converted Kwik-E-Mart in Culver City. My roommates and I would go there late at night because there would be lines of people outside during the day.
    I only recently gave away my sealed box of Krusty-Os cereal that I bought from there to my best friend’s sister. It turned out her own box was eaten by their cousins a couple of years ago. They must have been really hungry since it was already a few years expired by then.

  16. Alright, So goodburger was a strange movie for me. I am 35 so yeah, out of my age group. But when it came out there was a promotion on Talk Soup back in the jJon Henson days. It was a contest that to win the burgermobile with a video saying why you deserve it and the best video would get it. I remember thinking it was a badass car and wanting it badly as my first car. I worked genuinely hard on the video, borrowed my buddies (dad’s)camcorder and did voice overs cuts ect. which was crazy hard with just a vhs camcorder and two vcrs. I anxiously sent it out via mail. I was genuinely heartbroken when the video I worked on for 3 weeks didn’t even get airtime when the contest was over. Even worse, it was a video I had no copy of so I can never see it again.

    That is my most vivid memory of Good Burger. Disappointment.

  17. 1997

    Devin Townsend’s Ocean Machine: Biomech might be one of my favourite records of all time, from my favourite canadian musician. this album is big, operatic, fun, melancholic, silly, cathartic, you go through the whole emotional spectrum. this became my soundtrack to grandeur, taking a train through the mountains, driving fast on an empty northern highway, watching the world get small as i take off in a plane.

    if grand, sweeping metal and rock appeal to you, this album is fucking gold.

    (skip to about 1:10)

  18. Summer School lacks any PG-13 sexy times but there IS *graphic fake violence* as two of the summer students are horror fans, so when Mark Harmon screws up and gets replaced late in the movie by a substitute, the two dudes use their knowledge of special effects to create an entire classroom full of GORE and nasty stuff to scare the replacement teacher away. It would be R-rated if the movie didn’t establish it as “fake” but it still looks exactly like a graphic horror movie so it was extremely traumatizing to me as a young kid. Years later I’m still reluctant to watch the movie again because I was so scared when I first saw the movie as a child.

    Here is the scene on YouTube, I found it but won’t actually view it:

    1. also I don’t know if this is more of a Talking Simpsons story or a 302010 story but when The Simpsons movie came to Japan (five months late!) there was an online controversy over the voice cast. As you know, the show has aired in Japan for years and has, like any Japanese cartoon, an established cast of beloved performers (you may recall how shocking it was in 2016 when Japanese Homer died). But when the movie came to theaters, it was released with a stunt cast of TV celebrities playing all the parts, most (all?) of whom were not even professional voice actors. Try to imagine Dan Castellaneta being replaced by Regis Philbin and you get the idea. Japanese fans were upset and even started a petition to get the original cast restored, but their request was ignored. Adding insult to the injury was that the movie was released almost exclusively in theaters with the all-star celebrity dub, which meant I had to wait even longer for the DVD to see it in English.
      When it did eventually come to home video, both the celebrity track and the regular cast audio track (plus English) were all on the disc, so in the long run justice was served. But I always get mad when Japanese companies use stunt casting in a desperate attempt to draw viewers to the cinema, as if a rando is going to pay movie theater prices just to hear a familiar voice play an unfamiliar character on the big screen.

  19. I saw GnR live in Texas Stadium (where the Cowboys played) in August of 1987 and they were great. Maybe the best arena show I’ve seen with giant walls of speakers. Iggy Pop played that show as well with Alice Cooper’s old guitarist and that band was fantastic. Headliners were INXS but we left. Here we are 30 years later and I just heard a slow muzak version of Sweet Child of Mine (just guitar and female vocals) at a hotel bar in Managua.

  20. Stargate was the show that got me woke on Sci Fi outside of my obsession with Star Wars. I remember being at home one morning during Summer vacation and was flipping through channels and stumbled upon it, with one episode I was hooked, i got crazy obsessed with it and both spin-offs Atlantis and Universe. SG-1 had a great run and 2 straight to DVD movies to close off that story and Atlantis came to a pretty great end as well with (spoilers) the city/spaceship that is Atlantis coming from the Pegasus galaxy to land in the Ocean off the coast of good old San Francisco. There was originally supposed to be a straight to DVD movie to close off Atlantis as well but I believe there was only ever a slight concept written up about what it was supposed to be, but about a year or two ago American Mythology released an SGA comic that takes place after the final season of the show, and I think a few months ago released a comic that is essentially Season 3 of Stargate Universe. There was supposed to be a reboot movie in the works from Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich but after Independence Day 2 I believe any hopes of that was scrapped. It looked pretty bleak for us Stargate fans but a couple days ago at Comic-Con a prequel web-series was announced called Stargate Origins, which seems to take place shortly after the Stargate was discovered in Egypt in 1928. Hopefully this is the start of a new era of Stargate that is glorious for us fans who’ve been patiently waiting for some new content.

  21. I remember going to a day at the movies with my then-girlfriend, now-wife to see Spawn and Air Force One. Luckily we saw them in that order so I didn’t go home with a horrible taste in my mouth. Also, me and most of my friends at the time all subscribed to Showtime in anticipation of Stargate SG-1. It was bit to us 20-somethings back then. I would have been 23 in July of ’97.

  22. I’ll always remember being hyped for The Simpsons Movie ever since I saw the Superman fak-out teaser before Ice Age 2. To me, The Simpsons Movie was the culmination/Swan Song of my childhood as I preparing to enter my teenage years and high school the following year.
    Thinking about all this, and the fact that I made a Spotify Playlist series that goes through the music of the 2000’s, have now made feel really nostalgic and even have led to me having my first “Fuck, I’m old” moment at 22. Thanks guys for doing that to me.

  23. The Simpsons Movie might still have the two biggest laughs I’ve ever had in a theater. Ralph shout-humming the 20th Century Fox fanfare during the title card and his reaction to seeing Bart naked (“I like men now!”). The theater was a packed house and I was probably causing a scene with how hard i was laughing.

  24. oh neat. Dianna’s my age.
    Stargate was pretty good honestly. I enjoyed the movie and watched it on showtime then later when it moved to the scifi channel. It was a good bit ahead on the whole forerunners ancient aliens thing back in the day before it became one with the pop culture zeitgeist and fell into cliche territory. It was a good space drama at times and at cons like dragoncon you would get crossover fans with doctor who, which i also enjoy.
    I remember going to see the Simpson’s movie with my storyboard class, i don’t remember being too into it and i haven’t watched it since. I do remember that’s when my professor taught us that a lot of industry folks sit through the credits to pay respects to all the people who worked on the film. She then went on to tell us stories about being an animator in the 80s and hanging out with Phil Roman of Film Roman fame.
    wow… I honestly don’t think i would’ve ever thought i would hear ANY ONE on any LaserTime show saying the words Welcome To Nightvale. really like that “radio” drama.

  25. As someone who lost interest in “new” Simpsons completely after season 9, I really enjoyed most of the movie. There’s clearly a mix of old-style jokes from the early season writers and 2007-era jokes. I didn’t love the more modern-Simpsons-style humor, but it was a lot more tolerable when bundled with the classic stuff. That said, the following year one of my friends got married to a very obnoxious woman who (among other things) liked to watch this movie while my friends and I played D&D and she would quote almost every single line in the movie – in the same room as us. I haven’t watched it since.

  26. Ten years ago this week, I got a call from my friend asking if I wanted to go to the midnight premiere. I was a 20 year old not doing anything with my social life, so of course I said yes. We got to the theater, and were lucky enough to buy the first two tickets for Who’s Your Caddy! There was only one other person who came in later; it was kind of surreal nearly having a theater to yourself. I don’t actually remember much of the movie itself.

  27. I have a story about Good Burger, and it is something that happened literally this week and, as time of writing, is still happening right now. I bet if you look, provided this is read on the bonus show, you’ll still be seeing this on my feed.

    After hearing the episode, and shaking my head as I remembered such non-jokes as “I know some of these words!” and “You better watch your butt, man”, I decided to joke around about it on my Twitter and posted a gif of a gigantic burger falling onto Sinbad’s car (this literally happens in the movie). Along with it, I wrote, “Happy 20th Good Burger, a movie so annoying and dumb it’s impossible to forget.” What I did not expect was a backlash that has flooded my feed with replies, overwhelmingly in its defense. Before I go on, I have to say that I can smell the difference between harassment and good-natured funning around, and this is obviously the latter.

    Black twitter was vehement in its defense. There was the usual, like movie quotes and laughter, but also, “Delete dis” and a gun emoji, “pay respects to a classic,” or “Yeah this man’s gotta go,” and this is just a small sample! I was flooded with responses!

    My favorite ones as follows; “drop ya location,” “when’s your birthday so I can slander your ass when it comes,” “are we just gonna sit here and let this account not get deleted,” “I already reported you on four accounts young man,” and at a cool #2, “you’re going in the grinder!”, a quote from the movie. But by far, my favorite is one young man who tweeted at me, “Sounds like something a Mondo Burger skim would say,” which is the competitor to Good Burger in the film.

    More honestly, it apparently is very big to black people, which makes sense since Keenan and Kel was young aspiring black comedians and Good Burger was born out of that, I can see young black kids cracking up at the “welcome to good burger” intro. One man informed me that Good Burger is, in his words, “to black people what Napoleon Dynamite is to white people.” I’m not going to say I like the movie or that I agree — nobody can straight facedly tell me Grape Nose Boy isn’t some Scary Movie level terrible — but I have more respect for it and its fans as they all seemed to have a good time dragging the white boy for his opinions and I never had more fun than playfully responding to the blowback.

  28. I was 9 in 1987 and recall seeing Superman IV during a weeklong family vacation at Black Butte, Oregon. In the late 1980’s Black Butte was ultra isolated patch of mainly fields and a vacation houses with not much to do other than swim, ride bikes, and climb Black Butte. We took a family trip to a nearby town to see Superman IV and the kids all loved the film while, in retrospect, the adults all thought it was total and utter garbage but where trying to not spoil the kids fun and saying things like, “It wasn’t really as good as the first one…” I recently was at a con and saw a live show by Cine-Masochist giving Superman IV the MST3K and that is the only way anyone should watch the film today.

  29. My parents always used to say “bedtime bonzo’s!” to my brother and I when we were little. It was fun to learn, 30 years later, that they were making a reference to a movie. I had no idea. You’d think with all the pop culture I consume, I’d have heard of that by now. Thanks for that fun bit of info!

  30. Ten years ago I was banned from my local 7-11 store for being a racist. Let me explain. This has been brought up before but for a promotion with The Simpsons Movie there were some 7-11’s that were turning into Kwik-E-Marts. When this promotion was announced they were vague with it was going to be all stores or only limited stores. I was at my local 7-11 purchasing crap cause I hated myself and asked to cashier if this store was going to be one of the ones to change into a Kwik-E-Mart. He started to lay into me, calling me a racist and I’m a piece of shit and just tearing me into shreds saying I was banned from the store. I was able to tell him about the promotion I read about it but he said he never heard about it and then laid into me again. Haven’t been back to that store in over 10 years just in case…

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