Planet of the Apes – Monday Night Movie 7/24!

With War for the Planet of the Apes on our mind, we gave our Patrons a vote amongst the entire series. So to celebrate the most recent Apes outing, we’re watching the first! Join us at 6PM PT on Monday, 7/24 as we do commentary for the original Planet of the Apes!

After our excellent commentary for The Simpsons Movie earlier this month, we’re back for more fun with a Monday Night Movie for the original Planet of the Apes! As we do every month, we put one of our Monday Night Movies to a vote, and this time, we pit EVERY (non-Tim Burton-directed) Planet of the Apes movie in a ape-tastic vote that the original won with over one third of the vote (the revival Rise took in 22 percent of the vote, while the weird Escape sneaking in 16 percent to finish third). Join damned dirty humans Chris Antista and Dave Rudden as they discuss the 1968 sci-fi classic LIVE on YouTube at 6PM PST on Monday, July 24. After the show ends, the link becomes exclusive to the Patreon community alongside an MP3 archive.

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In the meantime, celebrate simians by watching our streams of Planet of the Apes and Congo!

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