Shin Godzilla – Monday Night Movie 8/7

For our first August Monday Night Movie, we’re watching the King of the Monsters with our resident King of King of the Monsters fandom! Join us at our special start time of 630PM PST as we commentate LIVE over Shin Godzilla with special guest Brett Elston!

We’re kicking off August’s Monday Night Movies in a big way! We’re starting with Shin Godzilla, featuring special guest (and walking Godzilla encyclopedia) Brett Elston! Join Chris Antista, Dave Rudden, and Brelston as they discuss the 2016 Gojira reboot LIVE at 630PM PST on Monday, August 7! At the aforementioned time, a YouTube live link will appear where you can listen to us chat and drop some comments in yourself! After the show ends, the link becomes exclusive to the Patreon community alongside an MP3 archive.

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3 thoughts on “Shin Godzilla – Monday Night Movie 8/7

  1. As a huge Godzilla nerd, I’ve been beyond excited for this film… however being a UK resident I am as usually burned release wise with the series so I have still yet to see it. Even after all the praise fellow big-G fan Brett has given I refused to pirate it. However now that it has FINALLY been released on home video (seriously Japan, why so long!?), I am currently hungrily waiting for it to arrive in the post. I’ll definitely follow up with this commentary after I’ve seen it for the first time.

  2. About fucking time.

    Like, I know Japan is becoming an isolationist society again, but the US helped make this movie, so the least you could do is lemme see it legally. As is, I pirated it. And I just upgraded my gaming PC, so I literally have the money. I just don’t support bad business like this 😉

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