Vidjagame Apocalypse 225 – Turn Back Time

This week, we delve into five games that made time travel and manipulation central parts of their gameplay – and with co-host Chris Antista out, we’ve got double guests with Henry “hEnereyG” Gilbert and Vincent Ingenito to help us sort through them. Then it’s on to Tacoma, SNES Classic pre-orders, Dragon Quest XI, and your favorite comic-book games.

Question of the Week
What’s a portable-only game you’d like to play on a console?



Theme song by Matthew Joseph Payne. Break song is Time Travel Song by Brad Neely. Haunting and beautiful New Releases Theme by David B. Cooper.


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Kingdom Hearts III
Red Dead Redemption 2
South Park: The Fractured But Whole
Death Stranding
Final Fantasy VII Remake

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18 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 225 – Turn Back Time

  1. I would love to see a Professor Layton game on a console. Possibly with an open-world but I don’t really care. If they could make the puzzles on a larger scale with a console edition, I think it could take the game to new heights.

  2. QotW: A portable only game I’d like on a console is Ace Attorney. Not a port like we had on the Wii, or a pseudo-esque version in Harvey Birdman but a built from scratch game. Mix elements from the various games – the evidence investigation of Case 5/Apollo Justice/DD…the investigation style of AAI, etc. Full on voice acting.

  3. Youse guys left a “Loggia Boi” reference on the table, also Dishonored 2 blow D1 out of the water, D1 is flawed but promised D2 fulfills that promise she makes being sleathyl or at least none lethal more doable(albeit still a hassle when using swords)

    1. Seriously fewk Gone Home, if you want a compelling gay(and also realistic AF) romance story watch “Lost and Delerious” don’t settle for a boring ass AudioLog collection quest with an ending that undermines everything they set up narritively (albeit poorly) it sucks that it was shielded from criticism in a lot of ways by the press treating every critic as a homophobe or people who need violence in games even though I guarantee you most of the people who loved that game hate audiologs in Bioshock it still irks me!

      1. I can’t thumbs this up on the site, so I’ll just say “Yup”.

        I don’t like Gone Home because if portrays gay romance as “toxic” and “tragic”. Same with The Last of Us: Left Behind (especially when compared to Bill’s arc in the main game where it was a sub-sub-sub-sub fact about his character). Gone Home doesn’t normalize gay love, it makes it exotic and dangerous. It wraps it up in nostalgia and portrays it as this star-crossed lovers thing.

        It really irritates me how straight left-leaning people attached to this game. I can’t speak for others, but I still have problems confronting my bisexuality, even in my 30’s. But it’s not some tragic or exotic thing- I’ve literally always been this way, since I was a little boy.

        1. So yeah, fuck Gone Home and I’m fucking sick of hearing about it too. If you want a better portrayal of gay love, play Dream Daddy. What a much better-written game.

  4. Nice to hear Wild Arms get some love. Soundtrack is still one of my favorites. It’s pretty cliche overall…but still a great game…overshadowed by FF7, which was released months later.

  5. I think the top 5’s are my favorite part of you guys’ podcast. Chrono Trigger was obviously gonna be number one on that list and deservedly so. I was just hoping to hear Timesplitters Future Perfect get a spot on the list. Keep up the good work fellas.

    1. I was so holding out hope that timesplitters would be mentioned at the very least. I’m so glad I’m not the only one to love the timesplitters series! Future perfect was so good. I still have hope that someone will either make HD remakes or bring the series back.

      1. To quote some above: “I can’t thumbs this up on the site, so I’ll just say “Yup”.”

        I spent so much time with TS2 map maker. Trying to recreate GE and PD maps; playing around with the AI and objective stuff. And that’s on top of the multiplayer and story mode. It was a great game.

  6. I would love to see both Final Fantasy Tactics Advance come to a console. I spent countless hours on both games attempting to max all skills on each job class. The world of Ivalice is awesome and nothing beats playing as a moogle and a bangaa! I feel like this game never gets the recognition of other FF games.

    1. FFTA2 is really underrated but the loot/equipment system is so broken that it can be hard to defend the game. (IIRC, even if you do every possible sidequest and have a thief stealing loot, it takes WAY too long before you can get enough Black/White Mage skills to unlock further mage classes.) It’s also interesting how the main story is extremely barebones, but many of the sidequests contain interesting stories and unique challenges.

  7. I really want Kid Icarus Uprising to get ported on the Switch with twinstick controls. The humor is far outside Nintendo’s wheelhouse (jokes about loading screens, Smash Bros, health care, naughty thoughts, etc.), the on-rails segments are like Star Fox 64 stages cranked up to 11, the music combines fun buttrock with the kinds of orchestrated arrangements you’d hear in an early season of the Pokemon anime, the weapon crafting was a ton of fun, and the flexible difficulty system meant it could be as easy or as difficult as you wanted, with the appropriate rewards given depending on how hard you pushed yourself. It also had a pretty rad multiplayer mode.

    Too bad the controls were designed by a psychopath.

  8. Mikel, do what Bob does, find other ways of playing Dragon Quest V. The SNES and PS2 versions are fully translated and there are ways for you to play them on a big screen.

  9. QoTW: I would enjoy seeing the 3DS eShop Level-5 Guild series remastered and ported over to work on consoles. A few that stand out are Crimson Shroud, Attack of the Friday Monster, and Liberation Maiden. Each one offered unique game play in small bite size gaming adventures. My fear is that they will not ever see another release and eventually disappear into the 3DS eshop abyss once they cut off online service for the device.

  10. QOTW: Since everything has a gyroscope on it these days, just give me another chance to play Warioware: Twisted! Toss in a few new microgames and some multiplayer options, and you’re off to the races. Sure, it was technically possible to run it on the Game Boy Player, but having to pick up and spin the Gamecube was nobody’s good time…

  11. QotW: I’d like a treasure advance console release featuring gunstar superheros, guardian hero’s advance and Astro boy Omega factor. I fear alot of GBA titles are going to get lost to time with the way Nintendo handles ( or doesn’t) it’s Virtual console library and these games deserve fresh eyes and some tlc.

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