The Best New Amazon Releases: Mega Man’s Legacy is Snatched

Four more great Mega Man games come to modern consoles while Amy Schumer’s follow-up to Trainwreck hits Blu-ray, this week on Amazon!

August rolls on with more fun stuff to consume here at Laser Time and on various disc types that you can purchase on Amazon! Here at LT, there’s a new Laser Time about The Most Controversial Songs ever, A new Vidjagame Apocalypse about Time Travel in video games, Talking Simpsons hitting season 6 with Bart of Darkness, and Thirty Twenty Ten covering Masters of the Universe, Conspiracy Theory, and Rush Hour 3. As for the ‘zon, we have an intruiging compilation alongside a mix of new hits and movie classics hitting Blu-ray. Remember, if you have Amazon Prime, you’ll score 20% off new physical game releases during their launch window. Additionally, anything you purchase after clicking one of these links will send some scratch to Laser Time… it doesn’t have to be any of the products on this page; literally ANYTHING you buy that visit helps us out. Anywho, onto the new stuff!

Mega Man Legacy Collection 2
The first Mega Man Legacy Collection was a great batch of wonderful nostalgia, putting the entire NES run of Capcom’s Blue Bomber in a neat little package that also included some great archive material and unique speedrun challenges. We got further Capcom 8-bit glory with the Disney Afternoon Collection, but we still have a few more classic Mega Man games to relive. Specifically, the non-X mainline Mega Man games that graced the SNES, PS1, and last-gen’s digital marketplaces. In a few ways, the four games in this collection are better for a collection then their NES predecessors. Mega Man 9 and 10 bring the old-school style back in a way fit for modern gaming, while Mega Man 7 and 8 each have a distinct style afforded by new console generations (compared to Mega Mans 1-5 which can sometimes blend together). Hopefully, we’ll have a chance to experience the Legacy ourselves on a stream this week and via discussion on Vidjagame Apocalypse!

After writing and starring in one of 2015’s best comedies, it was a bit strange to see Amy Schumer stay off the silver screen for so long. I mean, she DID have a major Comedy Central show to keep up and she’s currently working on Broadway, but I kind of expected the Schu to become a regular staple in blockbuster comedies for quite some time. We went through 2016 without a new Schu flick, and this summer’s release was a little subdued for the Schu. I must admit, I skipped seeing Schu do this due to a packed summer schedule, but I want to check out Stacked now that it’s on home video because one of my favorite comic forces of the late 1980s (Goldie Hawn) meeting with one of the best of the late 2010s (The Schu) hopefully makes for some good comedic moments. Snatched wasn’t exactly a big comedy hit this year, but hopefully better things are down the road for The Schu. Schu. Okay, I’m done.

Fargo 20th Anniversary Edition
You may recall we did a commentary for Fargo’s 20th Anniversary last year (get all Laser Time’s commentaries by becoming a Patron!) Well, that’s because we were on time, and this steelbook edition is a year goddamn late! The silver lining here is that Shout Factory is handling the release. Most studios don’t give a shit about physical releases anymore, but I can’t recommend Shout Factory enough. They continue to wave the mighty flag of pristine Blu-ray remasters, luscious packaging, and bonus features, more often than not, usually for underrated gems that weren’t treated all that well by big studios themselves over the last 20 years. (I dare you to deny their immaculate treatment of The Garbage Pail Kids Movie.) That said, this is a little barebones by Shout Factory standards. Coen Brothers fans well know that the directing pair is camera shy. They’ve never done a commentary, hell, most fans wouldn’t recognize their faces. But they do appear in an interview on this disc, along with Fargo’s star Frances McDormand. However, that appears to be the only new supplemental feature on the 20th Anniversary edition, other than the classy package. (This disc does appear to retain previous bonus materials, including audio commentary from cinematographer Roger Deakins.) That said, Fargo’s a fuckign masterpiece, and I wouldn’t argue with anyone calling it the Coens’ best film, even though it’s Raising Arizona. If you haven’t seen the latest HD remaster, it’s like seeing it for the first time. It’s a gorgeous goddamn movie, and this special edition is a fucking steal at $13 if you don’t own it already. – CHRIS ANTISTA

Teen Wolf
I’m not *quite* sure what the impetus is for rereleasing Teen Wolf on Blu-ray at this point in time (perhaps the upcoming 30 anniversary of Teen Wolf Too?), but Shout Factory is releasing the original Teen Wolf and its sequel with cool new box art and plenty of bonus features… including a two-and-a-half-hour Teen Wolf documentary, which seems a bit excessive, but hell, I’d watch a celebration of UHF at twice that length! Anywho, the original is a great slice of 80s featuring the always-dependable Michael J. Fox using his newly found lycanthropic transformation abilities to excel at sports, so it’s always worth revisiting. And heck, if you’re a completionist who wants feral versions of Michael J. Fox and Jason Bateman facing each other on your DVD shelf, Teen Wolf Too is also out on Blu-ray.

2017 NBA Champions
As a New York sports fan until the day I die (Go Mets, Knicks, & Islanders, Fuck the Yankees and Rangers), I’ve always found it fascinating how detached most Bay Area residents are from their teams when they’re losing. Heck, AT&T Park was a ghost town from the time I moved to SF in 2006 up until their every-other-year dynasty in 2010. That’s a similar distinction that befell the Golden State Warriors up until they reached three straight NBA Finals since 2015 (with only a blown 3-1 lead keeping them from Bulls-esque three-peat territory). Heck, I didn’t even know this team was based in the Bay Area until I moved here! I mean, the ENTIRETY of California is the Golden State, and the Warriors stunk througout the 90s and early 2000s, so how was I to know? Anywho there’s no denying that the GSW are a modern-day basketball dynasty, and as long as Curry and Durant remain healthy (and don’t somehow blow up at each other Shaq-Kobe style) you can look forward to more celebratory Blu-rays to line your shelf, as long as you have a Chris Webber jersey nearby to prove your longstanding fandom.


Kingdom Hearts III
Red Dead Redemption 2
South Park: The Fractured But Whole
Death Stranding
Final Fantasy VII Remake
Super Mario Odyssey
Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle
Assassin’s Creed Origins
Crackdown 3
Destiny 2
Call of Duty: WWII
Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War
God of War
The Evil Within II
Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus
Metro: Exodus
Monster Hunter World
Metroid: Samus Returns
Dragon Ball FighterZ
Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

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