Vidjagame Apocalypse 226 – Gritty Sequels to Cute Games

Nathan “@kenjisalk” Ortega joins us this week for a dive into five cute and/or silly series that suddenly veered into shooty-shooty-brood-brood-murder territory, for better or worse. Then stay tuned for chat about Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, Lawbreakers, the return of the Nintendo World Championships, and the portable games you wish you could play on a console.

Question of the Week
Let’s flip the premise: What’s a gritty game that you’d like to see get a cute sequel?



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Kingdom Hearts III
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South Park: The Fractured But Whole
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15 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 226 – Gritty Sequels to Cute Games

  1. A gritty game that I’d want a cute sequel would be Resident Evil. Imagine chibi headed Chris, Leon, Claire, Jill, Wesker, etc. The game would be very anime-esque and have many anime tropes. The anime teardrop would appear in every cut scene. Instead of gruesome death scenes, it’d be stuff like You’ve been hugged to death or smothered with love.

  2. I’d like to see a cute remake of doom 2016 where you play as Noah from the bible and need to herd cute animals in to spaceships on hell.

  3. I know you were making funny the comic fans but gonna be a smart ads here.

    Archie sonic comics didn’t have that brown hedgehog explosion origin. That’s the UK comic sonic the comic. That didn’t happen in aechies universe.

    Edgy game I’d want made cutsie is god of war. It’s be interesting.

  4. QOTW: I don’t think I’ve ever thought about this topic, but it seems there’s a lot of games that could benefit in a humorous way from this approach. I was thinking Devil May Cry, Metal Gear Solid, and Witcher would all lead to pretty humorous “cute” games, but I’m going to go with Skyrim. There would be giant-eyed dragons roaming the skies with little puffs of smoke leaking from their snouts and adorable, cuddly, wolf-men, roaming the lands at night. A heart-shaped arrow to the knee probably wouldn’t sting as much as the real thing. This question has mostly made me realize I would love a big, open world game set in a cartoon landscape that’s silly and fun.
    Mega Man 7 was overlooked since it came after X, but I have to disagree with Chris in that it’s clearly among the worst of the mainline Mega Man games. It’s just kind of sluggish, especially compared with X, and feels like a half-assed Mega Man in terms of level design and power-ups. Visually, it looks pretty nice though for late era SNES game. Mega Man 8, once you get past the horrid voice acting, is better than 7. If it didn’t have those hover-board
    sequences in it I’d enjoy it a lot more. And the new Legacy Collection does not have save states or the rewind feature which is unfortunate.
    I can agree with Chris on basketball though – it sucks! I don’t know how the NBA license works with video games, but with TV the league makes the networks take the WNBA along with the NBA and basically strong-arms them into broadcasting WNBA games. They must not do the same with the WNBA since we don’t have a bunch of WNBA games, but I bet the license for it is either dirt cheap or comes with the regular NBA license, should someone want to produce a WNBA game.

  5. Dark Souls is just a very gritty Legend of Zelda, so you can’t say that at all.

    Hmm… How about the Batman video game series, because the less gritty version would be something similar to the Animated Series., more specifically the New Adventures or the Batman series of the 00s. Each game in the Arkham series is just so damn miserable, as Rocksteady keeps upping the depressive atmosphere more and more. Knight just broke me with that damned army. Cutetification would probably make Batman be more of a detective while going on wild goose chases around Gotham. I want a game like that is that so much to ask?

  6. I hate to say it but I’m pretty sure Chris was mistaken about Hellblade releasing on Xbox One. I only know this because I want it so bad but, sadly, I don’t own a ps4. There was a time when I was a single, childless man that I would buy all the systems but now it’s just Xbox and switch. I don’t know why Hellblade sounds so appealing to me though. It seems like such a cool concept for a game. I wasn’t even this downtrodden about not being able to play Horizon Zero Dawn.

  7. QOTW: Diablo would be a fun cute game if done correctly. A bunch of chibis running around slaying monsters in a top-down view would just make me happy. Sounds like good fun with a new feel.

  8. QOTW: I would love a Luigi’s Mansion/ Eternal Darkness crossover. The game would follow Luigi’s ancestry through history as they battle against an ancient foe (perhaps a giant blooper as the quasi-Cthulu). Insanity effects could be replaced by various Nintendo IP showing up in creepy or weird ways. This seems to have great potential on most levels, and if Denis Dyack didn’t have to be involved, well, even better.

  9. Question of the week…What’s a gritty game that you’d like to see get a cute sequel?
    Star Wars Battlefront II in Lego form count?

  10. QOTW: I want “Hatred Two: 2 Hat 2 Red” in which the faux edgey protagonist gives up his quest to murder people in a bad game and instead goes to buy his very own replica of Bart Simpson’s Lucky Red Hat. He skips through the city singing in his stupid gravely voice “Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows. Everything is wonderful; that’s how I feel when we’re together,” and waves a cheerful hello to those he meets. The graphics and controls will still be awful.

  11. One gritty sequel to a “cute” series that I played through was Army Men Sarge’s War. The previous Army Men games were pretty light-hearted, but in this one they even gave Sarge a gruff voice and much grimmer cutscenes:

    QOTW: This would be kind of reversal, but a gritty game turned into a cute one I’d like to see would be for Duke Nukem. The original 2D Duke Nukem games were pretty light-hearted with Oprah jokes such. It would be interesting to see the series go back to something less overly macho, especially after Duke Nukem Forever.

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