Anime Streaming Showcase: Trigun

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Summer of A.S.S. rolls right along with the gun-slinging adventures of Vash the Stampede. Trigun has certainly earned its legacy, but can that legacy transfer to newcomers, or is it a fading relic soon to be forgotten?

About me:

Like most people here, I’ve been watching anime for many, many years. I owe blocks like Toonami for getting me into the medium. Shows like Dragonball Z and Ronin Warriors shaped my beginning years, while shows like Neon Genesis Evangleion and Cowboy Bebop showed me that there’s some true artistic ability and expression found within anime (moreso than big burly dudes punching and screaming for hours on end). I now try to watch anime showcasing many genres and storytelling. Anime is just another great, creative medium for telling stories, and I’m happy to share my thoughts on the series I enjoy with you!

10 thoughts on “Anime Streaming Showcase: Trigun

  1. Oh my gosh, Trigun is one of my favorite amines ever! I definitely think that newcomers can find the show enjoyable; I got into it four years ago when I was a high school freshman. I enjoy all the Christian imagery and emphasis it places on morals and pacifism, probably because I myself am a Lutheran and can relate. This show, along with Berserk, Cowboy Bebop, and a few others is truly one of those “classic” animes that they just don’t make anymore.

    1. Nice, that’s awesome to read!
      Berserk is such an amazing series, and I really hope one day the ’97 series is streaming legitimately somewhere so I can talk about it, it deserves a lot of praise and notice!

  2. I loved this show so goddamn much when I was in high school. It was the only anime I ever watched day-and-date when it came out on VHS. My friend’s dad owned the local video store, and he would always let me know when the new tape was coming in, and I got to watch it before it went out for rent.

    1. Dude, that is AWESOME!
      Moments like that are why I love talking and creating things like this., it pulls out those older, possible forgotten memories, and people share things, it’s rad!

      1. I shared a similar story about End of Eva on 30-20-10. We got to watch that (and be disappointed) like a month early!

  3. I watched this around 10 years ago. I used to see it on best anime lists and avoided it because the name gave me no clue what it was. It’s so good, I even like the early episodes that are more care free. Vash is such a great hero and his humility is amazing. I think this is a must watch. I still re’watch it every few years plus there is a film called Badlands Rumble from about 2013.

    The clip show is annoying but you can always skip it.

    1. It’s remarkable how well those oft-hyped, oft-recommended shows still hold up decades after their release.
      I’m generally hesitant when I see a series get so hyped, so praised, and so often recommended, it can be a turn-off. Then I finally watch it and repeatedly kick myself for putting it off for so long. [Looking at YOU, shows like Nichijou and Haikyuu!!] ^_^

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