Swayze Dances Dirty, GI Jane Enslists, Zelda Hits America, and BioShock is Big, Daddy! – August 18-24

This week: in 87, Dirty Dancing debuts while the Garbage Pail Kids movie stinks and Zelda hits the US. In 97, Chris Tucker makes Money Talk while Demi Moore enlists as GI Jane. 07 treats us kindly with BioShock, the debut of Yo Gabba Gabba, and a bizarre answer at the Miss Teen USA pageant.


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21 thoughts on “Swayze Dances Dirty, GI Jane Enslists, Zelda Hits America, and BioShock is Big, Daddy! – August 18-24

  1. I LOVE the Marx Bros, Chico, Groucho and Harpo all brought a very different and all tiem hilarious style of comedy as a half Jew I was raised on Stooges, A&C and Marx Bros…also A LOT of 70s-90s black standup which to this day informs my sense of humor and have long been meaning to check out YByL on Youtube. I’ve successfully courted girls by using Marx Bros one liners as intentionally corny jokes as a flirting technique.
    Also Rilo Kiley is my FAVORITE Star Wars character, ta’hell with…Finn Balor(?) I’m shipping her and Kylo-Rey/Ren whichever one is the Jedi hanging with Luke in TLJ. I think they’d be an awesome power couple akin to my Revan & Bastila in KotOR.

    1. Can Patrons get a MNMesque feature where youse guys watch all of Trapped in the Closet, Diana HAS to be there. Also the best TitC lyric is
      “Oh my goodness I’m aboutta CLIMAX!”
      “That’s cool you can CLIMAX but GITUPOFAMYLEG!”

  2. With regards to “Dirty Dancing,” I hereby declare that all female coming-of-age stories be referred to as BilDAMESromans from now on.

  3. Oh my god, Bioshock is the game that single-handedly brought me back into gaming. I was in junior high at the time (I know) and one of my classmates was telling me about this game where you explore an underwater city with crazy superpowers and I was instantly intrigued. Previously I had pretty much fallen off gaming completely for some reason during the PS2 era. In retrospect it probably wasn’t a very long hiatus from the medium but for a few years at least I wasn’t paying attention to games at all. So later that week we happened to end up in the local EB Games and he showed me the box and it just fed more into my mystery around Bioshock for me.

    It led me into googling around for more videos and information which led me to discovering Gametrailers (RIP), then to Giant Bomb (which I still follow to this day), and eventually to GamesRadar and TalkRadar. So in a roundabout way, Bioshock is what got me into Laser Time.
    For the actual game, it remains one of my favourite games of all time. I go back and replay it frequently and I never get tired of its beautiful aesthetic. Everything from the art deco environment, era appropriate music, the best use of audio logs to exist, made Bioshock easily one of the most engrossing game worlds I’ve ever played in.

    I went a little long but Bioshock is something I’m very passionate about so it’s kind of crazy it’s 10 years old now. Also, fuck Bioshock Infinite.

  4. I watched Mimic a year or two back on Netflix, and it’s not Del Toro’s best work, but it’s still pretty fun and worth watching. Definitely got lots of weird gross stuff, and when they go down into the sewers to try and locate/ deal with the source, it gets pretty dang good.

    Bioshock is fucking phenomenal and still one of my favourite games ever a decade later. I’m lucky that I didn’t have anything spoiled for me and went in pretty blind, only having the demo as knowledge of what to expect, and I was blown away. As much as people derided Bioshock 2, it’s definitely a worthy followup (that even improves in some ways), and Infinite is such a circle-jerking mess (including NEEDLESSLY EXPLAINING AND TYING INTO THE ORIGINAL) that Bioshock 1 definitely stands as Ken Levine’s magnum opus.

    Thanks to ATTACK OF THE SHOW playing that miss teen America segment on the show, I had a hearty laugh at the bad response to Americans not knowing where stuff was on a map and quoted it for years. It is the epitome of having to respond to a question you have absolutely no idea what to say so you just vomit some nonsense and hope to get credit. That being said, I hope she didn’t get too much hate for it, cause not having a great response to a question about poor education just goes to show how important it was. US Americans need their maps.

  5. My sister used to watch Dirty Dancing a lot as a kid, and I watched it again a year or so ago, and had forgotten it was supposed to be set in the 60s. When I mentioned it to her she didn’t realize it was the 60s either, the way the characters are clearly interacting with music from the 60s and the 80s makes it easy to think it’s the 80s. It’s not a bad movie, otherwise.

    I loved that Zelda commercial with the guy in what I always thought was a Zelda dungeon, but now looks like maybe it’s a looney bin. Just the other day I said to myself, “which… way.. to go?” And every time I hear the word Zelda I think, “Zelda, ZELDA, ZELDA.” And Peahats! Octorocs!

    I heard Only in My Dreams the other day, and couldn’t remember if it was Lisa Lisa or someone else. It seemed like I hadn’t heard it in dozens of years, but I think I liked the sound better now than I did when it came out, when I was 10.

  6. “Everywhere like such as the Iraq” is an indispensable part of my referential vernacular. Can’t believe I’ve been saying it for a whole decade.

  7. In the Christmas of 1987 my Freshly divorced parents somehow got my brother and I one of the original NES systems with the ROB (Robotic Operating Buddy [ look it up kids]) Most NES systems came with SMB and Duckhunt, this came with Gyromite, Stack Up and Duckhunt. My brother used his Christmas Cash (He was almost a teenager so he got cash as gifts as I was still getting toys and he bought The Legend of Zelda. The commercials didn’t impress me and I was hoping he’d buy a game we could both play but I spent countless hours watching him play that game. Reading all the Nintendo power articles and reading the instruction book cover to cover. The game created this fantasy world that I never could imagine. Even if I was getting into DVD and one of my favorite movies of the time was Barbarians… I can probably beat the game in about 90 minutes now, but I obsess over every Zelda game ever since. Yeah it changed my life.

  8. I found it quite ironic that the voice of Andrew Ryan in Bioshock was the same actor who portrayed Ferengi Barkeep Quark on Star Trek Deep Space Nine…Armin Shimerman.
    Don’t believe it? Would you kindly Google it?

  9. So happy to hear Dave talk about Rilo Kiley. They are still one of my favorite bands (I had to come around to Under the Blacklight as well, but once I saw them play Breakin’ Up live, I was sold). Jenny Lewis to this day is a musical obsession of mine. I’m glad to know that others out there appreciate them. That’s all

  10. Oh man, Born in East L.A. was a staple of my childhood. I haven’t seen the movie in years, but a lot came back to me after looking up clips. The “Waas Sappening” scene was hilarious. I also liked the scenes of the non-English speaking cousin who thinks people leaving messages on the answering machine is Jesus speaking because his picture is covering up the phone. I’m only part Mexican, but I take after that side of my family, so it wasn’t often I’d see people who looked like me and my family on TV or in movies. It’s probably why I gravitated towards a movie like this even though it wasn’t meant for kids.

    Bioshock is an amazing game, but I’ll always be a bit upset with it because it totally overshadowed Metroid Prime 3 which came out the following week. I’m a huge Metroid fan, so I’ll speak more to that game next episode. I didn’t play Bioshock until a few years later and really loved it. The opening scene was freaky enough that I didn’t want to leave the safety of the bathysphere. The Big Daddies in this game were so fear inducing that I’d be literally scared of my own shadow in Bioshock 2. Which I kinda liked more than the first game. Maybe if I had been a part of discovering Bioshock with everyone else I’d have more affection to the story. But by the time I got around to playing the game the main story points were spoiled for me. And I just really liked the mechanic of setting up traps and preparing for an invasion of enemies.

  11. Yo Gabba Gabba came along when my niece was at the right age to watch it, so I saw a ton of it when it was still airing. Its such a bizarre show that you think has to have been made by someone who is high, but the creator of the show is Christian Jacobs, also known as the Bat Commander from The Aquabats and is also mormon, annoyingly so. The Aquabats used to play around here a lot before they had their 15 minutes of fame riding on the 3rd wave ska bandwagon, and while their shows were incredibly entertaining, they did not tolerate drug use in or around venues they played at. So its so bizarre how such a show was created by people who aren’t high.

    I remember when the Miss America model was on Amazing Race, she constantly tried to make people think she wasn’t as dumb as that clip makes her out to be, but instead kept proving everyone right by making really dumb decisions and saying really dumb things over and over.

    I really can’t share in the praise of Bioshock, and that goes beyond the fact that its a first person game. The entire premise of the game hinges on the idea that objectivists were able to work together to such a degree that they built an entire underwater functioning “objectivist utopia”. Yes, the game is about this society after it has fallen into ruin, but the very fact that insane libertarian ideas are given enough credit that they could even make a society like this in the first place goes so far beyond my capability to suspend belief and accept that the entire premise of this game is too ludicrous to buy into.

    Bioshock Infinite has a different problem, where it tries to grab various Americana references and just throw them together, but its very clear that the writers did not know anything about them, and just threw together random ideas without any idea what anything means

  12. I know a director’s cut of Mimic was released back in 2011 on Blu-Ray. It’s very close as you can get to Guillermo del Toro’s vision for the film given the Weinsteins screwing him over. He hasn’t worked with them if you looked at his filmography.

  13. You guys had me with the giant cockroach in a trench coat. On another note, M.I.A. may have had a popular song that you mentioned but her best song ever is “Pull up the People” from her Arular album. Finally, the great Groucho Marx once said that he would never be the member of a club that would have him as a member. Sage words that I live by myself. Great show!

  14. I don’t know when the next time G4 is going to come up, so I figured I’d tell my G4 story here.
    Back when Sarah Lane and Kevin Rose left Attack of the Show to help Leo Laporte start TwiT.tv, they held open auditions in 3 cities to find a new cohost. The winner from each city got to be on the show for a week, then viewers voted on which one they wanted (spoiler: none of them were chosen, and they hired Olivia Munn instead).

    I went to the audition in New York. There was a line that went out the door and around the block. It took about 5 hours to get to the front of the line. They took us into a room in groups of ten and just said “Yell out your favorite part of the show.” I yelled “MARGARITA FRIDAY” and they dismissed everyone but me and one other guy. They took our pictures, made us sign a release and told us to come back the next day.
    The next day, the line wasn’t nearly as long, but while we waited, we had to fill out an exam testing our geek knowledge – mostly comicbook stuff. It was about the thickness of a textbook or a small phonebook. (I also remember a weird dick-measuring contest where we all got our phones out and argued whether or not the NGage or NGage QD was a superior phone)This time, they called us into the room in pairs and had us stand across a small table from eachother.
    “We need to see your banter style. You’ll have 3 minutes to debate. You must debate the side you’re assigned regardless of your personal opinion.” They handed us cards with our debate stance. Mine just said “Christian Bale is a better Batman than Michael Keaton.”
    It’s important to mention that Batman Begins came out the night before, so OBVIOUSLY I had never seen it.
    They started the clock, and the guy standing across from me said “I never saw Batman” and froze in place. I tried my best to start a conversation with “Michael Keaton is too old to play Batman, and besides he was really more of a Bruce Wayne than a Batman,” but my cohost was dead silent, and my Keaton bashing was making it pretty clear that I hadn’t seen Batman Begins yet. After our agonizing 3 minutes was up, I said to the casting director “that was rough! I haven’t seen Batman Begins yet.” she said “we’re looking for someone who was willing to go see a Batman movie at midnight after spending all day waiting in line to do this. You need to really love this stuff.” Obviously, I didn’t get a call back.

  15. Bioshock made me get an Xbox just so I could play it. I could not believe how hurt I was finding out that Atlas was using me and brainwashing me. The cold chill I felt when I heard the ‘would you kindly find Andrew Ryan and kill that son of a bitch’ during the would you kindly montage blew my mind. I love it for blowing my mind so thoroughly and my sister and I are planning to get matching Bioshock tattoos.

    Plus it had guns and 40s music. HEART

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