Talking Simpsons – Itchy & Scratchy Land

Nothing can possiblie go wrong with this week’s podcast! The Simpsons visit the violentest place on Earth as references to Westworld, Disneyland, and Jurassic Park collide in one wild classic episode. We go deep to explain it all and more in this week’s very Bort-tastic download…



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16 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – Itchy & Scratchy Land

  1. Oh man, Bob’s story about accidentally ending up in the wrong bathroom is my absolute nightmare. Great story.

    Also, props to the Diamond Dog for bringing it to cover Chris’ absence.

  2. This is one of my favorite episodes as it not only skewered sitcom episodes about going to theme parks, but made me want to go to one. I still haven’t gone to a theme park yet and I’m old enough to have children. 🙁

  3. Great episode as always guys. BTW you guys mentioned Jerry Lewis at the end of the episode discussing Euro Disney, so the Talking Simpsons curse continues. Although the episode did release a week early on Patreon before he died, so should it still count? RIP Jerry Lewis.

  4. Chris will like this: When I was a kid, the closest theme park was King’s Dominion in Richmond. Before it became “Paramount’s King’s Dominion”, it was almost exclusively themed in Hanna Barbera shows and characters. They did have themed parking areas, like the Yogi Bear lot, or the Snagglepuss lot. It’s been years since I’ve been there, so I don’t know if they still use those.

    1. I went to King’s Dominion circa 1996-97 (I remember the big ride was the Outer Limits coaster), and I don’t remember much HB stuff by that time, other than I’m sure novelty stuffed toys of Jetson’s characters or whatever in the games area.

      1. Well, it was I think 1993 when Paramount came in. Then, they made rides off “Days of Thunder” and stuff like that. In the 80’s there was tons of Hana Barbera. I’m showing my age. 🙂

  5. I really love the expression and noises that come out of Itchy when he’s brainless, plus the pained grunts when the dudes in mascot suits get kicked.

    Homer reading the bible is VERY odd given his past behaviour (say during Homer the Heretic)

    But most of all, BORT IS THE SINGLE MOST REFERENCED SIMPSONS THING EVER between me and my friends. I have a group chat with two fellow Simpsons nerds and all our names in the chat are Bort, many of my game characters have been named Bort, and “my son is also named Bort” is just something I mutter to myself on probably a daily basis. Thank god for this episode.

    Another great episode, always love hearing Dave on TS.

  6. My name is Dominick so the Bort joke always makes me laugh because I have one of those names you can spell in different ways. The only time I ever came close to finding something with my name on it was when I was a kid on a field trip to Six Flags and I was browsing the Daffy Duck license plates and hoping by some miracle they had my name. As I was looking I saw the first three letters of my name and got excited only to realize its spelled the other way “Dominic” no K. That day I felt defeated and the Jakes, James, and Johns of the world have won.

  7. Loved the episode. Interesting tidbit the parents island in itchy and scratchy land is a reference to paradise island in Disney world that had dance clubs for adults and teens and the quote “it’s always new years eve”. Paradise island was a Micheal Eisner creation and only lasted until a new CEO stepped in.

    1. I think you mean Pleasure Island. I miss the Adventurers Club, it had some fun characters and I’ve never seen anything like it since.

  8. I watched that PBS documentary about theme parks and was that section about Roller Coasters terrifying. Sure they’re made of very solid wood, but those cars running down those tracks at 150mph while you’re under them? Holy crap.

    Really have to watch Westworld and Jurassic Park now.

  9. Love these rare podcasts without Chris, the pacing is so more fluid. Without the lame joke interruptions every couple of min, and the 5 second uncomfortable silent pause, cus no one can say the truth. And ppl can actually finish their thoughts and stories.
    Awesome work guys

  10. I remember that Looney Tunes episode that Henry mentioned. We actually saw it on a random VHS tape we bought around 1993 (!). It confused me at the time because I’m black and the characters looked nothing like me or my family. It was pretty gross when I learned what was actually going on. I later saw the episode on Cartoon Network and the episode just fades out when it gets to that part.

    Great podcast about a great episode. I love the Bort joke like everyone else, but I’ve always loved the “bigger, balder, fatter son” joke too.

  11. I went to Universal Studios Florida back in 2005 or so, and for whatever reason they had a small area of Simpsons merch already. Notably, there was a thing of personalized licence plates. Not only was Bort missing, the also didn’t even have Bart!

    Also, I didn’t know what veal was the first time I saw this episode, so I always thought Lisa said “Mom, that’s real!”. A much darker joke.

  12. In the French-Canadian version, the long awkward pause as Bart and Lisa looks at eachother while Marge and Homer consider the parents-oriented options at Itchy & Scratchy Land, has them actually letting out some excited ‘aaaaaahhhh!!’. I haven’t seen this particular episode in English yet, this came as a surprise to me that this part was totally silent. I do believe it’s a voice mishap cause there is (sorta) dialogue in our localized dub.

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