Michael Jackson is Bad, Goldeneye Hits Nintendo 64, Princess Di Dies, and Metroid Prime 3 Corrupts – August 25-31

This week: in 87, Michael Jackson shows us Who’s Bad while Family Ties gets a spinoff. 97 shocks the world with news of Princess Diana’s death but also contains Goldeneye on N64! 07 plays games as Balls of Fury hits theaters and stuff like Metroid Prime 3, Lair, and Warhawk hit consoles.


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38 thoughts on “Michael Jackson is Bad, Goldeneye Hits Nintendo 64, Princess Di Dies, and Metroid Prime 3 Corrupts – August 25-31

  1. My kids will never understand how huge Michael Jackson was back in the 80s and early 90s. They’ll watch “Bad” and “Moonwalker” and probably conclude it’s terrible and I’ll have to tell them they’re wrong.
    If you bought the single for “Du Hast” the b-side was an english version and it just didn’t have the same appeal: “You….You hate….You hate me”
    Warhawk for PS3 was the second game I bought for that console, which was still starving for good content at the time. It’s also the last time I tried to get good at an online-only game. I was okay, but the game came with a free headset and I could only handle being called a “pussy-fag-cunt” for so long that I decided online play just wasn’t for me anymore, especially now that you have to pay for the service on Playstation consoles.

  2. This week 87 – I distinctly remember coming home late from playing outside & upset that I missed the begining of the BAD video airing on TV. I also dressed up as Michael Jackson at school this Halloween, just as every classmate just found out what homosexuality is & the F-word, so I got called that for the rest of my childhood existence because MJ having a high voice = gay = F-word. Yea, great times in farmland Illinois.

    This week 97- I was just starting my senior year, full Keith Flint of The Prodigy hair cut in effect. (obviously I was super cool then) I believe I was also watching SNL when they cut in with news of Princess Di’s fatal accident. I vaguely remember getting ready to go for a late night ride on my BMX.

    This week 07 – When I living in Toronto. I saw Rob Zombie’s Halloween opening weekend on a Saturday afternoon. Maybe 18 people where there, including the Pilipino grandmother & her maybe 6 year old grandson sitting RIGHT BEHIND me & my girlfriend at the time. Amazingly that kid sat through nearly the whole movie. During the end sequence while WWE sized Michael Myers is just brutally ripping apart a house trying to kill his sister, this little kid starts losing his shit. I turn around absolutely livid, “NO! You got this far sit through it or leave.” I tell the older woman & small child. Pretty sure they bowed out then. Who in the right mind would just sit there with a kid through Rob Zombie’s violent jerk off?! One of the most memorable theater experiences I’ve ever had. I hope they went to Balls Of Fury as a pallet cleanser.

  3. Rob Zombie’s Halloween, well I give it credit for wanting to be something else save for copying certain moments shot for shot as soon as Michael escapes. Although plenty of things I have to raise my eyebrows at like the escape scene in the Director’s Cut on Blu-Ray/DVD. In the theatrical cut, it was guards escorting him back to his cell but he breaks out and kills the guards including Danny Trejo. In the director’s cut, he escapes after a long rape scene with two guards and a female inmate doing it in Michael’s cell which, erm, I’m all for Horror villains killing rapists and I liked he 86’d them but, why a rape scene? But really, I respectfully disagree saying it’s a bad Halloween film if only because one, I’ve seen Rob Zombie’s Halloween II. And two (wow, redundant), I’ve seen Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers and Halloween: Resurrection, both films have me turn into the angry chief from Last Action Hero. In other words, at least Rob Zombie’s Halloween had a story I can follow. Oh and anyone who says the Producer’s Cut of Halloween: Curse of Michael Myers is a liar. It is just as BAAAADDDDDDD. In fact, want to know what happens in the producer’s cut of Halloween: Curse of Michael Myers? Michael has sex with his own goddamn niece! Why the fuck would you do that?! You want fanfiction? That was it! Wow, sorry, I went off on that movie-always. Do you see what I mean when I say I turn into the angry chief from Last Action Hero? Do you see what those two films do to me?

    I mean, I’m just pretty bitter about those two films in particular that the Rob Zombie Halloween remake didn’t seem so bad to me in retrospect for me. Especially since I own that big box set from Shout Factory. In fairness with the upcoming Halloween reboot, it has a credible director at least. I have good faith in that than another Rob Zombie go around. David Gordon Green is trustworthy at least. Admittedly, I’m open to more reboots of Horror franchises because I don’t ever want them to end. I’m even excited about that new Saw movie called Jigsaw. But the original Halloween IS a classic, no denying there so I’m in full agreement.

    Death Sentence, I feel it’s among James Wan’s underrated films. If only because unlike the Death Wish films, it shows the consequences of vigilantism. I’ll certainly take it over Eli Roth’s upcoming remake which is either a Punisher wannabe or another white guy killing minorities. Balls of Fury, it’s okay. Walken makes it worth it as does James Hong. Though it is pretty funny in retrospect for me because Dan Fogler I would end up seeing again in an episode of Hannibal. And it was kind of weird because after Balls of Fury and Good Luck Chuck, here he was in a serious role, no comedy whatsoever. He doesn’t last long though because Mads Mikkelsen as Hannibal ends up snapping his neck.

    House II, I remember being confused because one, I saw House on AMC and the sequel came up, I saw NOBODY from the original in it. But I tend to remember it for John Ratzenberger as this electrician who’s also an adventurer and find an Aztec temple in the house. It’s even on his card, go figure.

  4. Chris called GoldenEye a lesser Bond film, but I gotta say that’s completely wrong. It is widely considered Brosnan’s best and is my personal 2nd favorite behind Casino Royale (which shares the same director). Anyway great show guys!

    1. Within the lexicon of 007 fans it’s definitely revered, yes. Personal feelings aside, it’s definitely important and noteworthy.

      That being said, I used to be a HUGE fan and have cooled off a lot on it in recent years.

      1. Bond fan here. Goldeneye is quite well liked, but I think the Craig films are just so infinitely superior that Goldeneye has just sort of faded back into being just another Bond movie, one with a decent actor and a few nice beats, but nothing all that iconic. Also hurts from a very dated music score.

  5. House II: the Second Story is something I’ve seen a shitload of ads for in old comic books that I own, but have never seen, nor have I really heard anyone even acknowledge its existence until now.

    Goldeneye 64 is probably still in my top 10 most played games of all time. My brother and I played it almost obsessively, alone, together, and with friends whenever they came over from the moment we got it and an N64 until well into the Gamecube era. Around 2007 or 08, my brother hooked the N64 back up with the goal of doing something we never achieved as younger fellas – beating every mission on the highest difficulty and within the goal time limit so we could unlock the last bonus stage (with Baron Samedi). After a few weeks of madness (like trying to beat Facility in under 120 seconds), he accomplished it and we finally saw that last square on the mission select fill in with an actual level.

    I fucking hate Rob Zombie’s Halloween. Not only does it commit the sin of explaining WAY TOO MUCH of a movie monster’s backstory, thus not making him scary (and defeating the original point of Michael Myers not having any visible reason to do what he does), but it spends at least half the movie just on KID MICHAEL. It turns the opening 3 minutes of the original into 50 minutes of bullshit, and shoves a bunch of extra “edgy” nonsense into it, such as Michael having a drunken, abusive step-dad, how his mom was a stripper, and how his sister “is actually a bitch so maybe she deserves what he did.” The second half is somewhat better but still completely lazy, reusing kills verbatim from the original, and not making it much less boring. There is pretty much no reason to dip into this, the original movie is much better, and even Zombie’s sequel is an improvement.

    Metroid Prime 3 might be my favourite wii game. It finally gave us the FPS experience we all hoped would be possible when we first saw the wiimote and the motion controls it allowed for. It’s insane that it’s been a decade since the last GOOD Metroid game, and I am beyond excited for 4, whenever it graces us with a release.

  6. Sometime in August 2007 was the I-35 bridge collapse. As a lifelong Minneapolis resident, it really sticks out in my memory. We had a Japanese exchange student staying with us at the time, and when it happened, within a half an hour, we got a call from him mother in Japan, making sure he was alright. Really showed me how small tbe world had gotten. Also, that Fall, I started at the University of Minnesota. There is a bridge across the Mississippi river that connects the two parts of campus. All throughout that year, and into the next, they were dragging mangled bridge parts out of the river and setting them on the banks under that bridge. A constant reminder

    1. Fellow Minnesotan here. I still remember getting a call from my girlfriend’s mother making sure we were okay. And then being glued to the TV to try to take it all in. A bridge just collapsing during rush hour? That kind of thing doesn’t happen.

    2. I remember that, that made taking the bus on the Washington avenue bridge tighten up your asshole as you looked out the window and saw I 35 splayed out beneath you

  7. My Lilith Fair story:
    Whenever Henry talks about his dad, I feel a little guilty, because I have the dad he was probably supposed to have: an always supportive (now retired) Army Lieutenant Colonel who loves Baz Luhrmann movies and one time asked me to be in a community theater production of West Side Story so that he could play Doc. The man also loves Sarah Mclachlan and Sheryl Crow. When the Lilith Fair came to town, I thought it would be really cool to try to win him tickets from the local radio station. I tried every day for almost a week, and eventually I got through to the screener. They asked my name and how old I was. I wasn’t 18 yet, so they asked if I would be accompanied by an adult. I said “yes, I’m going to take my dad.” They asked “what does your dad do for a living?” (I assumed that was to give the DJ something colorful to comment on). I told him that he was in the army. They said “I don’t think he really wants these tickets” and hung up. I was MORTIFIED!
    My dad and I never made it to Lilith Fair, but he has seen Sheryl Crow twice since then.

  8. Blue Dragon was a dream team of Hironobu Sakaguchi writing/directing, Akira Toriyama’s art design and with Nobuo Uematsu doing the soundtrack which is a good JRPG soundtrack. However I just want you guys to play the first 90 seconds of this song. One of the boss themes, “Eternity”, was composed by Uematsu, with lyrics by Sakaguchi , and vocals by Ian Gillan.

    PLEASE play the first 90 seconds https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LUjxPj3al5U
    Its wildly ridiculous and doesn’t fit the turn based Dragon Quest looking and Final Fantasy style gameplay.

    Love that game, though Goldeneye is by far the best game from this episode of TTT

    1. I was really surprised they didn’t go out with it, although the Goldeneye theme was a pretty good choice.

  9. Wow. It’s gonna be 25 years since the start of Hanging with Mr. Cooper. I remember it as an ABC show that hit syndication along with Boy Meets World and Family Matters and I didn’t pay too much mind, just a show that helped me kill some time. I’m watching TNG right now and I am seeing what also aired around the same time of each episode and have read quite a few summaries and the first season had an arc about him leaving his new job at the high school for a pro team, and he’s only like 28. Urk.

  10. Here I thought I’d mention how Darklands is secretly the best Jesus and Mary Chain album (sorry, Psychocandy fans), but I very sincerely need to second the boss music from Blue Dragon, simultaneously the best and worst video game music ever. It’s camp as hell, unbelievably composed by JRPG legend Nobuo Uematsu, and Ian Gillan is singing like that voice you do when you’re mocking someone you think is dumb. “Mehn mehn mehn, dis is duh be-GINning.” And look, I really like Deep Purple. I was even named after Ian Gillan, but how in the hell can you not laugh at this actual song in a big budget video game?: https://youtu.be/LUjxPj3al5U

    Please listen to the whole thing sometime. From the first verse when you think it will get better, to the first chorus where it both does and doesn’t, to the random Gillan shrieks he starts inserting, it’s all so good.

    1. Side note: the song was also featured in the game Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden. The metadata in the file for the song lists the artist as “jesus christ the guy from deep purple sang this.”

  11. 1987: Nick on Family Ties was awesome! He was Justine Bateman’s Boyfriend for a long while. He was an artist and looked like John Bender with a brown leather Jacket. He also did a movie around that time called “My Demon Lover” where he plays someone who was cursed that every time he’s sexually aroused he turns into a demon and possibly murdering women (It’s a comedy I swear)

    1997: I saw Kull the Conqueror numerous times on a VHS my brother got from his job at a grocery store. It’s got some good action, some funny jokes and is just one of those so awful it’s entertaining kind of movies. I think it should be a Monday Night Movie

  12. oh and in 1987 for Michael Jackson’s BAD. Before Michael Jackson did music videos most videos were of the band performing. They weren’t exciting, when Michael Jackson used the medium to turn music videos into tiny movies he changed the face of MTV and music. I think having Martin Scorsese was showing that music videos would be a huge deal. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to get back to drinking.

  13. I loved House as a kid, it had the Greatest American Hero fighting his Viet Nam ghost buddy, Bull from Night Court! The second one was a real disappointment at the time. I watched all four House movies a few years ago (I think there was some sort of name-change weirdness that makes it hard to tell what all four are,) and liked the second one more that time.

    I don’t see the point in giving us anniversaries for games that released in Japan a year and a half before we have any memories of the games. Sure they came out, but the date means nothing to Americans. I loved Simon’s Quest, and played through it a bunch back in the day, but I had the Nintendo Power to help me through. Maybe Dave’s really harsh judgement makes a little more sense if you don’t have some help.

    The PS3 era was so long, and we’re several years into the new systems, it’s hard to believe early PS3 games like Lair were only 10 years ago.

  14. In middle and high school I was obsessed with Rammstein. Growing up in Kentucky, most of the music I’d been exposed to had been country, pop, or classic rock and when I first heard Du Hast, it changed my perception of what music could be.

    I first heard it late at night on the radio while I was on a trip to see a basketball game and I knew I had to go buy that CD. I bugged my friends parents to take us to the mall so I could buy it but they only had their first CD, “Herzeleid” so I bought that instead. I caught a ton of flack because the cover of the CD is 6 shirtless dudes and a giant flower, but I was hooked right away. I couldn’t understand the first word of the lyrics, but thy captured my imagination with the industrial sound and strange European almost dance music quality.

    From there I discovered some of my favorite bands, such as Tool and Nine Inch Nails, and the whole genre of Metal. It’s almost funny because Rammstein is pretty much the newest group I listen to in the genre because it would soon take a horrifying turn into the abyss that is Nu-metal, but because of them I’ve explored everything from Alice in Chains, to Iron Maiden.

    Du Hast is probably their most well known song (it means you have, not you must) and while it is really good, I don’t think it’s representative of their best stuff. Check out Sonne, Ich Tu Dir Weh, Ich Will or Amerika for their best stuff.

  15. I’m feel about Kull the way Chris did about Halloween. Kull was the character Robert E. Howard created before Conan. Literally. After one of his Kull stories, “By this Axe I Rule,” was rejected by publishers, Howard rewrote the short story into the first Conan story, “The Pheonix on the Sword.”
    Kull is a more “thinking man’s” version of Conan. He’s a barbarian who knows he can’t just stab his problems away, but knows he’s ill equipped for anything but stabbing. In his first appearance, he has stabbed his way into being king, but has only recently learned about the concept of lying.
    The difference between Kull and Conan can be easily seen in the rewritten story mentioned above. Both are about an assassination plot against the protagonist. Kull wrestles with legal limits on power balanced against injustice written into the law and a subplot about him helping star crossed lovers. Conan replaces that with sorcerory, a goddess blessed sword, and a fanged ape demon. Both are good, but different.

    Anyway, Kull the movie was supposed to be Conan 3. But, Arnold said “It’s ice to know you’re thinking of me, but I’m chilling out making Batman and Robin, cold related pun.” And then someone said “Hercules and Conan; same thing, right?” so Kevin Sorbo was hired but he didn’t want to play Conan, so they changed it to Kull because why the heck not. Then the movie was bad. And because the best parts of Kull have been mined for Conan media, we will likely never get a good Kull anything.

  16. So being resident Brit, I’ve got a bit to say about the passing of the ‘People Princess’ [ no irony, newspapers actually called her this AFTER she died]. I was actually visiting my aunt in Brooklyn when it happened but that’s not the interesting part. Over here common belief back then and currently is that this was not an accident. Nobody ever really blames the paparazzi [ maybe that’s newspapers looking out for their industry?] people either say nasty accident or killed by MI6 [Bond’s department funnily enough] on orders from Prince Phillip [guy married to the Queen]. It’s our conspiracy just like JFK for you guys.

    After Prince Charles’ affair and the divorce, Diane was often publicly shamed in the papers for her following relationships with high profile guys. The knives were fully out for her. Add to this she took up many charitable causes including a fight against landmine use. Some people saw this and her glamorous red carpet appearances as ‘rubbing the royals’ face in the dirt’. Her final boyfriend was Dodi Fayed son of Mohamed Al-Fayed. Mohamed owned luxury department store Harrods in London for over 30 years but was never allowed to become a British citizen. They are and were muslim Arabs. Many people believed that Diane was pregnant at time of death [ official sources have rebuked this…..] and that it would not be allowed for the future king of England [William] to have a Arab’/muslim half sibling.

    After the death the public were very angry at the queen and other royals for the treatment of Diana. It was a strange time over here.

  17. I have vivid memories of that classic 1997 release this week: Nuclear Strike. For whatever reason I really latched onto this game. I know it taught me the word ‘cache’. I still remember playing the second to last level, barely beating it, and writing down the password for the finale – Apocalypse, but with less vowels. I had to go to bed and to school the next day, all the while wondering what that final level was like. As soon as I got off the bus, I rushed to my Playstation and found that my copy of Nuclear Strike somehow got a gigantic circular scrape on the bottom, never to play again. I still have never seen that final level.

    Also I remember Princess Di’s funeral interrupting Saturday morning cartoons, which I apparently still cared about at nearly 11 years old.

  18. I will not only recommend people watch House 2 but would even go as far to say it would be a fun Monday night movie!

    It bills itself as a horror movie and it seems to start that way and then one of the characters zombie-cowboy great grandfather starts hanging out with them. Then Cliff from cheers shows up as a plumber who casually points out they have a portal to another dimension in their walls and then for some reason has a fucking sword in a compartment in his tool box! It’s probably been 20+ years since I’ve seen it but I remember it being a super weird but kind of fun movie. I’m going to revisit it now!

  19. Damn, this was quite a throwback for me. I loved House and House II. Originally I was allowed to see House II because it was PG-13 . I wanted it at the rental store purely because it was a movie I could get with a creepy ass hand on the cover. It had mind blowing special effects for the time. At least for a 10 year old’s mind. It is a ridiculous but entertaining adventure movie more than a horror movie. But it has a very tongue in cheek humor, very evil dead 2. Of course I haven’t seen it in so long i’m curious if it holds up.

    It introduced me to a bunch of scifi concepts and involves crystal skulls before indiana jones ruined them. This was a huge favorite rentle for young me, and lead to House 1 being one of of the first R rated movies I hunted down and had to sneak behind my parents back to watch. (one of the rental stores would let me rent R rated flicks but only horror because the dude just didn’t care.)

    BTW, house 1 is great too but for totally different reasons. Even more evil dead 2 humor vibe but far more enclosed. It’s all focused on one guy going nuts because there’s a horrific monster appearing and batshit stuff happening . Still has Norm from cheers as a really entertaining character.

    I really recommend them,. Was disappointed you guys didn’t talk more about it.

    But goldeneye… goddamn… Pizza hut parties packed around the tv. More nights than I can count. It went on up until perfect dark was released. God knows us 4 tried every turok, duke nukem, whatever fps came out after looking for the same fix but we always came back to goldeneye.

  20. House II – This is another movie I saw in my childhood and vaguely remembered into adulthood. So at some point I rewatched House and House II and got an Evil Dead/Evil Dead 2 vibe. And I ended up really enjoying House II.

    Music 1997 – Crystal Method’s first album Vegas was released this week 20 years ago. Earlier that year we also got The Prodigy’s Fat of the Land, Fluke’s Risotto and The Chemical Brother’s Dig Your Own Hole. These were huge albums for me as I was discovering techno. My favorite track from Vegas is Keep Hope Alive but the more well known track is Trip Like I Do. A version of that song ended up on the Spawn soundtrack. If you’ve only heard that version you might not know the original starts with some lines pulled from The Dark Crystal. https://youtu.be/6j9PTfDqbU4?t=20s

    Hangin With Mr Cooper – I don’t really have much to say about the show other than I vaguely remember liking it. But a few years after it was on me and a buddy wanted to shoot some hoops. It had been years since I played last so we needed to get a new basketball. We just wanted some cheap non-name brand ball and we found one by a company named Cooper. So whenever we’d play hoops that summer we’d always refer to the ball as Mr. Cooper.

    GoldenEye 007 – I love the movie and loved the game. But I was never ‘into’ it like a lot of other people. It’s probably because I never played the multiplayer. However, I super got into Perfect Dark. It helped they greatly expanded the multiplayer options and had bots. It’s not that I didn’t have friends, but the few I had weren’t really into games. So I was more into the single player aspect of Bond.

    Metroid Prime 3: Corruption – The Metroid series is my favorite in all gaming. Metroid Prime 1 is a masterpiece. And Prime 2 was great as well but definitely had its’ problems. One of the biggest in my mind is that you don’t get to the most visually interesting area until very late in the game. The Sanctuary Fortress was an amazing looking area that had an amazing boss fight. I think with Prime 3 they were trying to counter that by showing beautiful and diverse areas right away. And the pointer controls were spot on. It helps that the game is not a twitch shooter, so you never really needed to turn too quickly which never worked well for FPSs on Wii. Probably my most memorable part of the game is the area where the enemy has a bunch of Metroids in cages probably meant for experimentation. As I was going through the area I was just dreading the moment when something would go wrong and they’d all break out. Awesome game, I can’t wait for Prime 4.

  21. Sehnsucht fuggin rules. I didn’t get it until summer 98 (Du Hast video was blowin’ up M2 by then) but the rest of that year I was rockin’ out to the entire album. Spiel Mit Mir, Bestrafe Mich, Kuss Mich and the title track are all great! It’s a bit of a shame that Du Hast – the most repetitive song on the album – is what took off here.

  22. Hoh boy I remember my friend getting me onto the PS3 Warhawk game in 2009 when we played it locally. It was fun for a while but when I bought the game for myself, the servers were basically barren. That and Timeshift taught me that not all multiplayer games would have servers as full as COD 4. A lesson that I learned harshly in my first year of having PSN.

  23. my mother’s name was also Diana, she would get extremely upset if it was ever misspelled or she was called Diane. But I recall her also being a huge fan of Princess Diana, and I never really understood why. She had the dolls and the wedding on VHS and all the crazy merchandise and memorabilia. I never really understood the obsession.

    I’ve never been a fan of online games, don’t really care about competitive games against other people (one of the reasons I’ve never owned an Xbox or seen any reason to invest in the platform). But I really liked Warhawk on PS3 and played it a lot in the early days of the platform, it was easy to get into and understand the core game loop and was a lot of fun.

  24. I vividly remember when died, not because I had any real attachment to her but because I was working as a convenience store and a guy walked in and said, “Hey did you hear that Princess Dianna died?” and I replied in my best “trying to please every customer because this is my first customer service job and I want to be good at it” (Oh, past-JR….) that I had heard that and it was very sad. To which the customer replied, “Well, I don’t give a shit. She wasn’t my princess.” and Past-JR just sat there dumbfounded being a totally clueless 19-year old trying to think of what be the company approved response to that. I think I just stared at him blankly until he left.

  25. Goldeneye 64 isn’t a very good game. Oh, I had some of the very best gaming moments of my entire life playing that game and it deserves ever rank it ever get’s in every “Most Important Games of All Time” list, but it’s still not a good game looking at it with 2017 glasses. You might say that it’s not quite fair to judge a 1997 game with 2017 glasses, and I’ll say that is actually why there should be a huge difference between, “Best Games of All Time” and “Most Important Games of All times.”

    That being said, I didn’t play Goldeneye in 1997, I mainly played it in 1999-2001 at my fraternity. By then it had already gained it’s reputation as THE game young men in the late 1990’s to play against each other so I was coming to it late but man did I love it. Never ever played the first player mode to any significant degree, but booting up the muti-player mode with a group of friends? That was sublime. Seriously, I can’t view that game except through the eyes of my college-age self and that will always treasure the memories of playing it. From coming up with our own house rules (No Oddjob!) to special matches (How about we try to kill each other only with timed mines?) to using a blanket to devide the screen so the other person couldn’t see where we were. … good times.

  26. To this day I associate GoldenEye with sad times. I had crappy friends in middle school, and when we went to our N64 guy’s house, one of the controllers had lost its analog stick, which as it turns out is held on with a very thin needle. Their makeshift solution was to put a pencil eraser over that needle. So when you would use that controller, your thumb would push down the eraser and you would constantly get pricked and have to re-position it. No prizes for guessing which one ol’ Roundy always got stuck with.

    When Princess Diana died, my 7th grade English teacher told us, “This is history. You are always going to remember where you were when this happened.” Which turned out to be … that class, because that’s where I learned it happened.

  27. I graduated from high school in 1997, so the show this year has been one awesome thing after another. The mention of Mr. Cooper brought back a very specific memory, but not one from 1997 – this one’s from almost a decade later.

    It was the summer after my fiancée and I finished our first year of law school and we needed a place to crash while we were interning in another city over the summer. Poking around online led us to a great deal renting a room from someone. We immediately drove to meet them, and they seemed safe and normal. While we were chatting, the woman – Autumn – mentioned that she had been on Big Brother season 2. Neither my fiancée nor I was super into reality TV at that point so we didn’t recognize her, but it was still pretty nifty.

    We didn’t hang out with Autumn a lot due to our schedules. Then, one day I came home to find our landlord sorting a bunch of pictures, including photos of her with a pre-famous Jamie Foxx and…Mark Curry. I mentioned how I enjoyed Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper, and Autumn said she still regularly kept in touch with Mark. Then she said she thought he’d be happy to talk to me if I wanted!

    I didn’t want to be weird or impose but I said that it would be cool, and so she dialed him right up. He answered and after they chatted for a couple minutes Autumn passed the phone over. Mark and I only talked for about five minutes, but he was friendly and seemed like a really nice guy, very down to earth.

    So: that’s the story of how one time I hung with Mr. Cooper!

  28. I vividly remember getting up on Sunday morning to watch cartoons. When I turned the TV on to Nickelodeon there was a ticker at the bottom of the screen saying “please change channels to Sky News” I did as I was told and there it was Princess Diana was dead. At this point I heard my Dad getting up and I rushed up the stairs as he was about to enter the bathroom. “Princess Diana is dead!” I told him. Still half a sleep my Dad said “ok” and went into the bathroom. I was left on the stairs not sure how to process this news.
    I was eleven at the time and didn’t really understand the reason for the truly enormous out pouring of grief that followed Diana’s death. I remember seeing a mother openly sobbing on the news while her very small daughter tried to comfort her clearly confused as to why her mother was so distraught. And holy shit did people want that Elton John CD! It was like Black Friday before Black Friday was thing!
    To me Diana just seemed like a nice person who tried to use her privileged status to help people in need. The conspiracy rumours about the royals wanting her dead seem pretty absurd to me but hey everyone loves a conspiracy!

  29. So I was mid landing on my first flight heading home from PAX when AimBotMaster’s recollection was read on the air of the plane crash with only one survivor. That’s some fucking timing right there.

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