Hot Rod – Monday Night Movie 8/28!

We’re closing out August with a HOT movie. Particularly, Hot Rod, as the weird Andy Samberg stuntman movie turns 10, we’ll be doing a LIVE commentary at 6PM PST on Monday, 8/28. Cool beans!

Ancestors protect us, because we’re doing LIVE commentary for Hot Rod as our second Monday Night Movie in August. We’ve found a cool way to end the summer, and we’re doing so by commentating over this hella-underrated comedy LIVE with your YouTube chat comments. Join us via the link below LIVE or catch the archived versions on Laser Time’s Patreon or Laser Time’s Bandcamp. Looking to kill time before the commentary? Listen to us gush about Hot Rod’s 10th anniversary on Thirty Twenty Ten!

STREAM OVA! Get the Hot Rod on Laser Time’s Bandcamp¬†or get every commentary we’ve ever done by becoming a Patron!

Looking for more more motorcycle insanity? Watch us mix guns, motorbikes, and the 1990s in Trial of the Blood Dragon!

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