Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle – Let’s Do This!

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is out today, and we’re taking this weird mixture of Mario and XCOM for a few sparring rounds! Join us at 3PM PST for a LIVE Twitch stream and catch the archive afterwards on YouTube!

We mocked it with the initial leaked images, but damn if Mario + Rabbids isn’t super-fun! Watch as we play it LIVE on Twitch, or catch the archive forever afterwards on YouTube! Either way, the video is below!

Looking for more Mario fun? Watch our recent stream of an uprezzed Super Mario Sunshine!

One thought on “Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle – Let’s Do This!

  1. Thanks guys! This has definitely put this game on my radar. Not sure I’ll pick it up at full price, but hopefully, like all Nintendo games, it will eventually receive an outstanding discount 10-15% off the release price, though since this was Ubisoft joint, maybe they’ll be more flexible the price.

    Also, good to see Matthew Jay part of the team (payment pending).

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