Talking Simpsons – Treehouse of Horror V

Halloween has arrived a little early on this week’s Talking Simpsons podcast as we delve into one of the best ever. No TV and no beer make Homer something-something, the second non-Brazilian man goes back in time, and we feast on Sloppy Jimbos for this week’s episode…



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13 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – Treehouse of Horror V

    -of course, I would not see the Shining until years after this episode, but it was great before, and it’s great now
    -Bart cheating out of the hedgemaze is something I’ve thought about a lot
    -love the dynamic of Willie+Bart in place of Scatman and the kid
    -Homer’s reaction to no cable and beer is gold, and how quickly he goes insane is a nice jab at the movie
    -The whole scene of Marge seeing the writing and Homer going nuts is phenomenal animation
    -Willie being absolutely useless is a nice dig against Shining movie, and his reappearances in the 2 other segments are perfect
    -“Urge to kill rising” is an oft-quoted phrase in my life
    -maybe the best TOH segment ever?
    -love how normal it starts, the take of Lisa yelling, Homer’s yelling, and how he does it AGAIN IMMEDIATELY
    -How even does Homer repair the toaster and make it a MORE complicated machine?
    -Abe telling him about time travel for wedding advice is great nonsense
    -love the murmuring sloth when Homer asks if the bug kill mattered
    -great joke on our expectations by having Homer eat the sausages rather than throw them to the dogs
    -Skinner’s fucking terrible and not at all subtle jokes about eating the students ruin me every time
    -I love the school becoming so small that the survivors are shoved into one class and have to fear being picked off one by one
    -And how the justification for killing & eating all the kids is just that the school food sucks and the kids seem appealing
    -the twist turn with the end where fog turns people inside out is disgusting, hilarious, and something that always stuck with me

  2. They never did ‘Tales of the Darkside’. How dare you guys forget that classic horror anthology show from the 80’s 🙂

    (I genuinely love it)
    (Its a great show)
    (Chiller uses it to fill up their schedule during the daytime nowadays, which is amazing because they’re SyFy’s horror-themed sister channel and they ACTUALLY have horror themed programming whereas SyFy fills their schedule with CSI Miami these days *loud sigh*)

  3. I believe the giant Lisa and Bart are a reference to Land of the Giants which was created by Irwin Allen who also created Time Tunnel.

    Santa’s Little Helper mauling inside out Bart is my favorite moment of all the Halloween episodes.

  4. A vague memory of the Simpsons Complete Episode Guide Book (which has been broken in to many pieces), made me think that the Brazillian Time Traveler was a reference to “Boys in Brazil”, which doesn’t make sense as it’s about Hitler clones. But the Brazil reference in the third story does makes sense on why that particular non-sequitur was chosen.

    Kat! How can you miss the hat trick!

  5. I remember watching the original airing and being really terrified by the violence. Watching the characters be turned inside out was the capper, I was too disturbed to do anything but watch with my jaw on the floor. Hyperviolence is frequently used as a gag on Rick and Morty, American Dad, and Family Guy but back in ’94 it was really shocking.

    I emailed the Laser Time guys about this, but if you want digital copies of Simpsons episodes you can always rip the DVDs using Handbrake. I have seasons 3-11 on my laptop. You can stream the episodes to your Roku/PS4/Xbox/whatever via Plex Media Server. It takes some effort but if you want to ‘legitimately’ own Simpsons episodes it’s a great route to go.

  6. Matt Groening apparently says Allie Goertz and Julia Prescott’s Everything Coming Up Podcast is the best Simpsons podcast

    I beg to differ…Talking Simpsons >>>>

    but the gals got Nancy Cartwright.

    Talking Simpsons should 1 up’em and get Albert Brooks or Fraiser!

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