Vidjagame Apocalypse 230 – You’ll Be A Dentist

Thanks to absent pun aficionado Dave Rudden, we’re dedicating Episode 230 (tooth hurty, hurr hurr) to gaming’s often-overlooked and frequently vicious dentists, with help from Bob Mackey and Matthew Jay. Then it’s time to pivot and chat about Destiny 2, Knack 2, the surprise reveal of Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes, and the genres you’d like to see Mario invade.

Question of the Week
What’s your most memorable experience with a game launch?



Theme song by Matthew Joseph Payne. Break song is Dentist! by Alan Menken and Howard Ashman. Haunting and beautiful New Releases Theme by David B. Cooper.

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Kingdom Hearts III
Red Dead Redemption 2
South Park: The Fractured But Whole
Death Stranding
Final Fantasy VII Remake
Super Mario Odyssey
Assassin’s Creed Origins
Crackdown 3
Destiny 2
Call of Duty: WWII
Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War
God of War
The Evil Within II
Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus
Metro: Exodus
Monster Hunter World
Metroid: Samus Returns
Dragon Ball FighterZ
Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

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23 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 230 – You’ll Be A Dentist

  1. Back when I was semi-employed, I used to go to the Mall of America to get to Gamestop right when it opened to pick up the game ASAP. I did this with Skyrim, AC3 and Lightning Returns, at least. There was something special about walking around a closed mall, in eager anticipation. You got to see things that normally don’t happen while people are there, like the construction work on new rides. I also went “trick or treating” on the day FFXII was released. It was Haloween, or close to it, and all the stores in the mall were handing out candy. When people asked what I was, I told them I was “entirely too old for this”, as I was 18 at the time.

  2. I worked at Best Buy while in college. I was there when the original Xbox launched and broke the rules by using my privilege to secure a pre-order and a few games. I went on launch day, got my games and drove back to my dorm–which was over a bridge and across a river–all the while screaming XBOOOOXXXXX out the window of my car. To no one. For some reason.
    Long time listener, first time commenter. Hello from Marvel!

  3. Ok I just listened to the Eclipse Episode and take severe umbrage against Henry’s remarks against the Xbox One and Xbox One X. He said the system is dead (it is absolutely NOT dead) and has no games (one of the most bulshit, asinine, and uninformed comments possible). Neither of these are close to true. The Xbox One has a weaker lineup THIS year yeah but it’s had strong lineups in the past and god knows PS4 has had weak years (basically every year but this one) and Nintendo routinely goes through long droughts (like next year will be for the Switch). Even so, the platform still has Super Lucky’s Tale (a smaller scale game but one that offers up a new entry and a largely dead genre of 3d platformers), Cuphead (one of the most unique and distinct games of this entire generation), Forza 7 (the next entry in the best simulation driving franchise on the planet), and PUBG which is one of the hottest games around on PC right now. Those are fine releases. Not to mention all of the updates for improvements on the Xbox One X that are confirmed.

    Next year just in the spring, they have THREE AAA games in State of Decay 2, Sea of Thieves, and Crackdown 3. Each offers up different gameplay experiences and are something fresh. Certainly something different besides ANOTHER 3rd person action/adventure game (vast majority of Sony’s exclusives). These may not interest you BUT they do not diminish that they exist. The games released on Switch and PS4 this year DON’T INTEREST ME but I’m not going around spreading bulshit that they have no games. Having games I don’t like does not equal no games. This is a misconception I’d expect from jackasses on the internet but not ‘educated’ former gaming press so I was greatly disappointed to see that. The circlejerk of “xbox sucks” has gotten out of control.

    Also, hopefully this has been since addressed, but there has been large demand for the Xbox One X with it selling out and MS working to resupply which is a lot better than whatever bulshit Nintendo does. Considering how important power supposedly was 4 years ago (and it was stated on this very podcast PS4 was preferred due to “best gaming experience”) it is quite laughable how it is being completely written off now. If you prefer the PS4, just say so and quit the bulshit.

    And lastly, MS and Xbox have done a lot of good things this generation that are getting completely shit on or ignored while transgression by Sony/Nintendo laughed off. Nintendo’s bulshit with the SNES, NES, Switch shortages and their pathetic ‘attempt’ at online gaming is archaic and I can’t believe how they haven’t gotten more criticism and shit for it. The Xbox has put forth EA Access, Gamepass, crossplay, digital refunds, etc that are very pro-gamer and pro-consumer moves. Sony meanwhile has continued it’s huge exclusive content push (what has gone on with Destiny is absolutely pathetic) that people blasted MS for just a few years ago and outright refused any crossplatform play. Insane.

    Well I’m done. Go ahead and blast me for being a ‘console war fanboy’ but I am merely arguing for the respect the Xbox has earned in this console race and to end the incorrect bulshit running rampant across the internet. Who is the fanboy, the one that represents the facts of a situation or the one who ignores that information for outlandish claims? Being a podcast that at least some people listen to, you guys can help lead against that. I don’t give a shit about PS4, it can exist and I acknowledge it has games (albeit ones I don’t want). If it had games I’d want, I’d buy one eventually. To restate, what bothers me is the mistruths that have been running rampant for 4 years and misinformation and smear campaign against the Xbox One. I own a Xbox One, have preordered the X, have a 3DS (pokemon!), and a Wii U. I’ll get a Switch in a couple years when it has a library I want (I own BotW on Wii U and not impressed and not spending 300 bucks just to play Odyssey).

    1. I didn’t know you could tell the future. So next year will be a drought for the switch? Yet you’re gushing for games not even released. You’re just as bad as the people you’re criticizing.

    2. I think the fanboy is the one to write a huge comment about Henry’s cynical remarks a couple weeks ago just to defend a console you have no personal stake in

  4. I don’t get how the Pregnant Elsa or Dentist Dora games are creepy it’s just a harmless phone game, yet everyone is ok with games where people get shot in the face and beat up? IDK I just don’t get where the line is, it’s the same mildly annoyed feeling I get when ever easily offended and Kotaku writes an article promoting Overwatch shipping & sexy pictures of Overwatch characters or game zaddies they’re thirsty for when in other articles they shame people for sexy drawings and sexy characters. IDK I have no interest in those dentist or Spider-Man spanking games I just found the shaming from youse guys to be kinda OOC is all if kids want to play games like that it’s WAY less creepy than actual porn which when you think about it is fucking gross that it exist(I’m not anti porn…I just…just can’t with it is all)

    1. They do get really strange. Elsa Brain Surgery has you shaving her head, opening her skull, and removing the snowman and other Frozen-related things from her brain.

    2. so….people having consensual sex while someone films it is “fucking gross” and WAY more “creepy” than a game where you perform mouth surgery on cartoon children, who may or may not be pregnant?? gotta disagree with you there boss

      1. Eh, I’d argue watching a real life woman or man who’s very likely heterosexual get gangbanged and jizzed on is alot creepier than fake children being fake pregnant. I guess it is pretty odd ya’ll are judgmental about anime fans if people want to play a weird console wars boobs game in the privacy of their own home that doesn’t make them perverts. Also I’d rather no think about the horrific backstories and by proxy home life of people who do porn especially once they age out of it.

    3. I could explain why I think they’re creepy, but it might be faster if you just do a Google image search for “Elsa dentist” and drink in the sea of madness.

  5. Guys i’ve been listening ever since your hilarious dramtic reading of Halo Reach review comments with inception sounds effects back in the tdar days. Laughed my ass off at that shit and showed all my friends at the time. Never commented before though so here we go.

    QOTW: The only time i’ve ever stood in line for a game was my senior year of highschool. Me and my 4 best friends were hyped to a level only highscool nerds can achieve for Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim. We were huge fans of Oblivion, and it was one of the first games we all bonded over in middle school. The Elder Scrolls held a sentimental value and we needed to be there together from the very beginning.
    Although we were all big video game loving nerds, one of my 4 friends was on the tennis team and had a hot girlfriend. This meant he was able to transcend the outcast class of nerddom the rest of us misrable saps were resigned to, and signified one very important thing for the rest of us: he could get weeeed.
    Over the course of the few weeks leading up to launch we strategized. By the lockers, in classrooms and on the soccer fields during gym class, we meticulously planned every detail because, being highschool nerd-stoners who lived with their parents, we had to line everything up so as to not get caught and still enjoy the game (also it’s just fun to plan that sort of thing). We would head to the mall that housed our local Gamestop, rip as many bong hits as humanly possible and then go wait in line. Idont know what sort of social masochism compelled us already anxious teens to smoke marijuana and then get in a long line, where people have nothing to do but talk with each other, but god damnit it seemed like a good idea at the time.
    We were probably around the 10th in line, and for the most part we were able to just talk amongst ourselves. I know now though that 5 people hotboxing in a car meant we smelled like an Amsterdam coffee shop, which would explain why the gamestop employees just laughed at us when they handed us our que tickets. I also remember seeing a girl from my class about 30 spots behind us with her boyfriend. I accidently looked over at her for a little too long and she looked directly at me. That normaly wouldn’t be so bad, but being under the influence, it freaked me out just a tad. The worst part was that i did this awkward exchange happened REPEATEDLY because i would forget not to look in that direction.
    By the time we all reaturned to my friends house Iwas so burnt out all I could do was eat a bag of durritos and fall asleep on the floor. I couldn’t enjoy the game until I woke up 12 hours later. To this day i dont know why we just didnt save the weed smoking until after we got back, game in hand. O Well. Thats my launch story, thanks for all you guys do, it brings alot of joy to my life. Peace!

  6. QOTW: Really my only memorable game launch story is waiting in line for a PS2. My friend and I had the “genius” plan to head to the 24 hour Wal-Mart after school and wait until midnight to get a console, which of course is the same idea everyone had. My friend was late picking me up because he had to drop his sister off some where and smashed into a stop sign or something. We got to electronics and found a massive line that already had more people than consoles available. My friend ended up paying someone for a spot in line, only for Wal-Mart to decide that wasn’t cool and they kicked him out. Some more of our friends showed up, and we decided to drive around and see what else was going on. We ended up at a Best Buy that had a small line, which eventually became a very large line, but they weren’t doing a midnight thing so we had to wait all night if we wanted a PS2, in late October, in New Hampshire. We did it anyways. Everyone’s parents were surprisingly supportive (we were all in high school at the time) and some came by with blankets and food. Best Buy was all out of Tekken Tag Tournament so I had to settle for Smuggler’s Run which was an entirely forgettable experience, though it was my introduction to Rockstar. The worst part of the experience wasn’t the cold, but directly across the street was a shopping plaza that had a giant clock tower that was impossible not to notice every five minutes just reminding you how much longer you had to endure. It actually ended up being a fun experience hanging out all night with some of my buds, most of whom I have lost touch with, but I never want to do it again.

  7. I don’t mind the teeth cleaning. It’s the surgery that scares a lot of people from the dentist.

    The only game launch I ever went to was for Skyward Sword at the Nintendo World Center. I have no f-ing idea why I went, even though I could’ve ordered the Gold Wii Remote Plus off the internet. I had plenty of fun, considering I live in the city but can’t find the time to go to Rockefeller Center. Met lots of people, and even saw a classmate. I can’t tell you how the game was, never played it.

  8. QOTW: When Skyrim was released in November of 2011, it was one of those occasions when EVERYBODY on my Twitter feed was playing it at the same time. My only problem was that my wife and I were on a weekend getaway so I couldn’t play it. What made the whole thing surreal was that we were visiting a hot spring resort in the middle of the Rocky Mountains. So, even though I could only experience Skyrim vicariously for that first weekend, I couldn’t have chosen a more appropriate place to do so.

  9. I was only half listening when Mikel started talking about 4k output but I’m bored and wanted to clear this up.

    The HDMI 2.0 standard that is used on most devices these days are able to output a maximum of 4k/60hz/RGB-8bpc due to the bandwidth limitation on the port/cable. HDR uses 10 or 12bpc color. This is fine for 4k blurays as they only output 24hz, and 30hz signals can fit as well. But in order for a 4k/60hz signal to output 10 or 12bpc it has to use chroma subsampling (ycbcr). Think of it as “color aliasing”, it kinda gets jaggier contrast the lower you go, but it’s really hard to see with the naked eye. The PS4 will do this automatically and set it to 4:2:2 chroma with 12bpc for HDR content (or you can manually set it to 4:2:0). The Xbone S, and I assume the X, allow you to select 10bpc or 12bpc and will also use either 4:2:2 or 4:2:0 for any HDR content at 60hz. I appreciate the option for 10bpc on the Xbox as that is the native color depth on HDR TVs. The 12bpc signal from the PS4 Pro will be downconverted to 10bpc by the TV and is problematic depending on how good your TV is. And lastly, if you’re on PC and have the Windows 10 creators update, it will automatically set 4:2:2 chroma with 10bpc color for any HDR games you start up. It was a pain before the creators update, and you had to manually set it in the control panel.
    Now, the silly part is that most of the 4k console games out there right now still run at 30fps within a 60hz signal. What they should have done is just used a 30hz signal for those and left the color at full on RGB. And then only used chroma for 60fps games.
    Luckily HDMI 2.1 will solve this nonsense and hopefully be a firmware update on the port for all “modern” devices. Not holding my breath but I’ve read some suggestions that it’s possible as long as the device manufacturer goes for it.

    1. Uh… my thing was that PlayStation VR comes with an HDMI breakout box that plugs in between the PS4 and the TV. It’s capable of 4K output to TV, but doesn’t have the same range of 4K output as the PS4 Pro. Which seems strange to me, given that the two were released a month apart. So if you want to use a PSVR but still get RGB/HDR output, you need to either swap out the HDMI when you want to switch, or get a reliable 4K HDMI switch (which can be tricky to find). That’s all.

      TL;DR I am an adult baby with too many toys.

      1. Aha, that’s the part I came in late on.
        They probably messed up big time and only used HDMI1.4 ports on the VR box. That would be just perfect.

  10. QOTW: Like a true Grove Street gangsta, I skipped school to get my copy of GTA San Andreas on the day it was released. Unfortunately I did not have enough street credibility to purchase the game since I was a month shy from turning 18 and therefore my local Gamestop clerks would not even consider selling that game to me. I executed the infamous plan B and approached some reliable looking hobo outside the shopping mall. I gave him the cash with the exact details of San Andreas’ box art and what do you know, the hobo came back with a copy of Vice City and of course refused to give me my change back. Feeling less like a true Grove Street gangsta, I returned home, got a stern lecture from my mom and waited for a month for my 18th birthday (which of course was Sunday so I had to wait one extra day for the Gamestop to be open) so I can legally purchase the game. Since we are talking about GTA San Andreas here which was one of the most hyped and well reviewed games of that time, you can only imagine if they had any copies left when I finally would’ve had the chance to buy the game…

  11. QotW: I see a lot of long responses so I’ll try to keep mine short. I was so excited for the Dreamcast after seeing that freaking killer whale in the Sonic adventure demo I simply could not wait and ordered one from Japan. We were still in the dark ages of online shopping so I be had to write down the appropriate item numbers, mail the order form with a check and pray I would actually get something. My modem-less Dreamcast DID arrive with killer Apps like psychic force and frame gride. I felt so superior to all the peons still playing their ps ones and n64s. I must have been insufferable.

  12. QOTW: World of Warcraft.

    I had played the beta so I was eager to jump into the full game and start a new elf rogue, but the wait was killing me since I was a shut in only in high school and had nothing to my life. I kept checking the early USPS tracking, and after landing in my city it suddenly said it was in Texas.

    I freaked out and drove to the post office, asking where my precious game was, and they didn’t know, saying they had no packages. I went home, again refreshed the tracking, and this time it said Seattle. Confused, I went to go to the post office again, and almost stepped on a brown box on my way through my door. Somehow in the fifteen minutes I was home, the guy dropped it at my house.

    I excitedly ran in and installed it, only to find the servers had caught fire and the MMO was down for everyone. I wouldn’t be able to play it for another week.

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