Ducktales debuts, We Find Waldo, LA is Confidential, Jesse James is Assassinated, and a Bro Is Tased – Sept 15-21

This week: in 87, Where’s Waldo debuts, Hellraiser scares us, and we get debuts for My Two Dads and Uncle Scrooge on Ducktales. 97 goes back in time with LA Confidential, while gamers discover an Oddworld. 07 has two classic flicks with Into the Wild and Assassination of Jesse James and Sony ends the sad run of the Sixaxis PS3 controller.


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22 thoughts on “Ducktales debuts, We Find Waldo, LA is Confidential, Jesse James is Assassinated, and a Bro Is Tased – Sept 15-21

  1. Fun Fact: Soulja Boy lived in my hometown, Batesville, MS, for a few years before he became famous. When he blew up, everyone seemed to have a Soulja Boy story and “Crank That” was played at most places on repeat for months. There were even rumors of them shooting a segment of a show about Soulja Boy’s life at my high school, but they never panned out. Eventually the craze died down, but you would occasionally still see Soulja Boy’s lime green Ferarri driving through town for a year or two after he blew up.

  2. I’ve never not been able to call that movie “The Assassination of Jesse Jackson by that Coward Robert Redford” like many of my quirks it started as a joke but became my natural way of referencing it.

    i saw LA Confidential maybe in 2003 when I was like 12 and am too this day shocked that while Guy Pierce’s career is nothing tobe ashamed of, he wasn’t a bigger star.

    Into the WIld was a good movie, but I really liked the Eddie Vedder soundtrack despite not being a soft rock/country fan. Pearl Jam is on my MountRushmore and their post Vitalogy stuff is often slept on but they’ve had a very solid to sometimes superb 20+ year run of albums. If Vedder had died before 30 like Cobain or Layne Staley his legacy would’ve rivaled Mercury’s or Robery Plant instead he got old and kinda weird like Steven Tyler and Axl Rose(which was Cobain’s selfish fear) thus won’t get his deserved “Rock God” love until he’s gone despite bein a world class frontman

  3. Eternal Sonata an under-rated “Tales of” like game. It deserves a new remake or a port.

    Didn’t see an episode of Ducktales until I was in my early 20s and bought the dvds used for $5 per season. Damn that show holds up well. Glad the modern take on it is also great…so far

  4. DuckTales! I enjoyed it for what it was back during its original run, but now I have a new appreciation for it as my kids (ages 2 and a half and 11 months) absolutely love the theme song proving that it’s a truly timeless piece of pop. I have a video of the two of them playing together with the show on in the background and when the song comes on they both literally drop the toys they’re playing with, turn to the TV, and proceed to shake their tiny human booties. Recently, it’s become a song I can sing to my daughter (the 11 month old) to help get her to fall asleep at night. If I wind up dancing to DuckTales with her at her wedding I’ll only have myself to blame.
    I love the old X-Men cartoon and I’m glad it got an actual final episode, since few Saturday morning cartoons do. I think the first two seasons hold up reasonably well, though the show is pretty light on the action as it’s essentially a drama (advertised as a super hero action drama, if my memory serves). By the time it ended I was growing out of it, and the animation quality took a huge dip over the final handful of episodes, but I still remember the show fondly.

  5. LA Confidential is fantastic, I love this movie so much, if you haven’t seen it I cannot recommend it further.
    Kitchen Nightmare’s is garbage in the US, its largely just Gordon Ramsey just yelling at people, which sure could be fun, but the UK version is much much better. Turns out Gordon doesn’t just yell and he does a better job interacting with people and showing how good a chef he actually is. Much more like a travel diary show than a reality tv show. It was on Netflix and I would recommend it 100% more than the US yelling version.
    Finally, I would be remiss to not talk about Gossip Girl, I didn’t understand it at the time, but all of my female friends, including my future wife, absolutely loved that show, and as far as I can tell that is the first time that the CW became not an also ran. I didn’t really watch it until I got together with my wife and then she converted me to it. And yes, it has the eau d’soap opera. But! if you love the current CW show, Riverdale, it is full of tried and tested Gossip Girl style. P.S. Everyone should watch Riverdale.

  6. HELLRAISER is soooooooo goddamn good. I watched it for the first time back in 2015 and was kind of blown away with how fucked up and engaging it was. I rewatched it again a month or so ago, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in horror. It’s great body horror, and playing Pinhead & the Cenobites as guardians of hell rather than outright antagonists is such a good play to differentiate this from others of the genre. The effects are great, it’s never boring, and it actually pushes away some horror tropes in a great way.

    Resident Evil: Extinction sucks, and future movies ignore a lot of what it set up, namely that IT STATES THE ENTIRE WORLD HAS BASICALLY ENDED AND HAS BEEN RECLAIMED BY NATURE. Fucking hell.

    I watched Into the Wild about 3 years ago and I didn’t really like it in all honesty. Sean Penn does a lot of weird stuff with it, like the scene where the protagonist just talks at the camera out of nowhere, and the soundtrack bits by Mr Peal Jam are just RIDICULOUS with his gutteral noises as we see shots of nature. Just, no thanks.

  7. So, fun fact, they filmed parts of jesse james in winnipeg, my hometown. and literally across the street from my mothers office so, she has picture of the sandy areas with the things that they tied the horses to. unfortunately she never did see any actors out her office’s windows.

  8. Rollo Tommasi!

    I’ve been waiting for so long for this to come up, and Diana didn’t disappoint. LA Confidential is my favorite film of all time. I watch it at least once a year, and since it’s been 20 years, I must have watched it about 25 times. It is so freaking good. The book’s author James Ellroy, who’s notorious for not liking any of the adaptations of his novels, has praised it several times for how well they pulled it off, even though it deviates from the source material quite dramatically. He’s specifically said he wrote the book as to be unfilmable.

    It shouldn’t work either. It’s got three main characters, all of whom are totally unlikable at the start. One is a brutal thug, one is a corrupt limelight junkie, willing to screw over anyone to get ahead, and one is a selfish carreer climber, who’s willing to snitch on his colleagues , and hides his ambition behind a veneer of righteousness. And over the course of the film, all of them slowly find their humanity, and start doing the right thing, at great cost. I’d go so far as to say that Spacey, Pearce and Crowe all make the best performances of their carreers in this film, and I haven’t even mentioned the supporting cast of Kim Basinger, Danny Devito, David Strathairn and especially James Cromwell. “Have you a valediction, boyo?”

    This is as close to perfect a film as I’ve ever seen.

  9. Holy Crap, I didn’t think a 5 second soundbite from an old TV show intro would bring on a flood of memories completely unrelated, but I guess that’s what Thirty Twenty Ten does. When the intro for Out of this World started, I instantly remembered the first time I heard it. The Bing Crosby version of the song with the original lyrics plays over a old Little Lulu cartoon. I don’t remember how I first saw it, but its always stuck with me, and has been hard for me to find the past couple of years because I couldn’t completely remember the song. But hearing the little bit from Out of this World, I instantly knew. Thank you Dave for adding Out of this World to the shows to talk about from 1987.

    To save you a search here’s a link to the cartoon I was talking about.

  10. I don’t think it’s at all fair to call “Fatal Attraction” sexist, women can be evil to and should be able to play villains without people microanalizing and jumping down the writer’s throat in fact we need more pure, hammy, mustache twirling female villains, fuck that Catwoman, Harley Quinn, The Baroness “I’m evil but I get a pass cuz sex appeal” shit we need more fully in the red unsaveable and loving it characters. Glenn Close was great in this and aside from Marky Mark in Fear which is entertaining for all the wrong reason is the best “crazy ex” villain I can recall.

    1. Also Chris while the RE movies are hate crimes, think about it this way PWSA gets to make horrendous movies that are likely easy to shoot. He and his gorgeous wife make money while she gets to star in movies despite quite frankly sucking, and she wears clothes from her fashion line. Most importantly he keeps her happy and thus they stay married it’s a great racket he has going of course he’s going to keep making those movies. I believe Kate Beckinsale’s husband has the same scheme going with the Underworld movies as well.

  11. Hellraiser 2 is totally worth watching, it’s a good follow up to the first one. 3 is pretty awful, it turns into more of the 80’s monster movie schlock.

    1. I actually came here to go to bat for Hellraiser 2. It is a direct sequel to Hellraiser, and they were originally intended to be one film, but it was way too long, so they were split up, and expanded upon (mostly 2) to make two films. Hellraiser 3 is not really as bad as most people think it is. I can’t really explain it without giving away the ending to the second movie, but Pinhead does act like a stock horror movie monster in part 3 for a reason. It’s still not as good as the first 2, but I like it. 4 gets a bad rap, because “Pinhead in Space!”. Yeah, that happens, but the movie is about the history of the puzzle box, and the curse on the descendants of the man who created it. The best way I’ve found to describe the “quadrilogy” is to say that 1 is an introduction into the world of Hellraiser, 2 is about the nature of hell, 3 is about the nature of Pinhead, and 4 is about the nature of the Lament Configuration (the puzzle box).
      The rest of the movies in the series are pretty hit or miss. All but the latest one were just stand alone horror scripts that had Hellraiser elements crammed into them in order to be able to better sell them to audiences. 5, Inferno, is kind of a horror/noir film that is ok. 6, Hellseaker, is good, if only because Kirsty, the heroine of the first 2, comes back (same actress, even) for another story. 7, Deader, I actually like a lot. 8, Hellworld is pure shit, never watch it. 9, Revelations, is the latest one, which despite being VERY cheaply made, badly acted, and only made to keep the rights to the franchise, has an interesting story, but can most likely only be enjoyed by the most hardcore fans.
      After all this, I think I should also mention that I am really not a fan of horror movies. I never watch them. They scare me too much, but the Hellraiser movies and the Phantasm series are the only exceptions, even if I watch them infrequently, and only during the daytime.

  12. For the record, the Baja Men have recorded THREE parody versions of “Who Let The Dogs Out?” for The Simpsons. Besides “Who Wants A Haircut?” there was also the fake Radio Disney song “Who Left The Milk Out?” and the end credits song “Who Let Her Jugs Out?” after Marge mistakenly gets breast implants.

  13. Dave, I bet you didn’t expect an answer but the background music in the Playing God trailer is Toxygene by The Orb. They’re basically a trippy ambient house collective that’s been around since the late 80’s. Toxygene, I’d say, is one of their more commercial sounding tracks, and probably one of their most well known outside Blue Room. Check out the 7″ mix at least, it’s a great track.

    1. I bet when they were filming Fatal Attraction they didn’t expect that its enduring legacy would be the introduction of the phrase “bunny boiler” into the common vernacular.

  14. GOD DAMN what a great episode!

    I was 13 when Fatal Attraction came out, and I remember sneaking into the theatre to see it because it was that movie that everybody was talking about. It has an alternate ending in which Glenn Close appears in the bathroom but instead of trying to kill Anne Archer, commits suicide by slitting her own throat. It’s way more downbeat, as it doesn’t give the audience the satisfaction of seeing Michael Douglas vanquish the ‘crazy bitch’, and also explicitly labels him as the villain because this wouldn’t have happened if he hadn’t made such shitty choices in the first place. Naturally though, they went with the trashy ending.

    As for In & Out, I’m with you Diana in that it does go a little too broad. However, I still think it’s a really funny movie that is packed with amazing performances. You guys called them all out, but I wanted to give some extra props to Matt Dillon for both his ‘Oscar winning performance’ (presented by…GLENN CLOSE!!!) but for his great work as a small town fella who became the biggest movie star in the world.

    Anyway, thanks for all that you do. Every Thursday is a pleasure.

  15. Good Luck Chuck has one of the worst movie posters I’ve ever seen, where Dane Cook is shirtless and staring off into the distance and at the bottom is just the slightest hint of the top of a woman’s head, positioned … well, you know.

    I’m 100 percent with Diana on Into the Wild. I read the book way back when and the main character pissed me off. He was a naive dum-dum who had not even the first inkling of what he was getting into. Maybe I should reread it with fresh eyes but I recall having virtually no sympathy for McCandless.

  16. Every afternoon I would would get off the bus and literally sprint to get home in order to watch Ducktales. It started at 3:00 and the bus dropped me off at 3:03 so no matter how fast I ran, I always missed at least the first 5 minutes of the show. Eventually I started programing our VCR so I wouldn’t miss a minute of those talking ducks but that wasn’t enough for me so I ended up buying a Scrooge McDuck comic book. I didn’t know it at the time, but that comic book, Cash Flow, was written by Don Rosa and was one of the best comic books I had ever read (still is). Pretty soon I began collecting Scrooge Comics anywhere I could find them, including this old book store at the beach that had a bunch of comics from the 1950’s for prices I could afford. And my favorite of those were done by another duck artist named Carl Barks who quickly became my favorite author. I ended up begging and pleading for years for my Mom to buy me the Carl Barks library. It ended up being a Christmas Present, a Birthday Present, and a second Christmas Present combined, but I got all ten volumes and was content. For about ten minutes before I began reading about some of the history behind the stories. Rosa and Barks and Ducktales the show go all over the globe and deal with a lot of history and I really do think the love of exploration and wonder Scrooge gave me is a major reason I’ve ended up traveling to around 30 different countries in my life as well as getting a masters degree in history to boot. Ducktales! Woo-hoo my friends. Woo-Hoo indeed.

  17. Hellraiser? Oh my god, I love Hellraiser! ^_^ It’s one of my favorite Horror films. It’s very gothic, has moody atmosphere, it’s just about everything right. In regards to the effects, to this day, I am still in awe of the effects like how Frank gets resurrected. Like I can see the editing tricks like the blood flowing in reverse and such but it’s still impressive-all these on camera effects. I mean, I’m not the type to say “Grr, fuck CGI! Practical effects all the way!” because both effects and even stop motion always have their limitations but when effects are good like in Hellraiser, they are REALLY GOOD! And yes, Doug Bradley as Pinhead is still great. I still memorize his lines and my god, the Cenobites are intimidating as all hell if you excuse the pun.

    In regards to its sequels, in fairness, the second film is really good and the third film, well not as good but it’s on the fun side of things with interesting ideas. Three fun facts though, the character of Julia especially in the second film, certain people working on both films essentially wanted her to be the icon of the franchise but ultimately, Pinhead ended up being the mascot. And the other, the fifth Hellraiser film Inferno was the directorial debut of Scott Derrikson who ended up directing Sinister and Doctor Strange. Yeah, dude went from one franchise to another many years later with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And then there’s the fact that Pinhead was a woman in the original book The Hellbound Heart. But either way, I await you all discussing the second film given its release in Christmas weekend of 1988 (it was released on December 23rd). That year was a big year for Horror icons between that, Nightmare on Elm Street 4, Friday the 13th Part VII, Halloween 4 and Child’s Play.

    I need to see Fatal Attraction though.

    Ducktales, yeah, I’m still fond of the show. It’s very fun and one of the only 80’s cartoons I like. Disney Afternoon at that point in time had great stuff. Although Mickey has his set of shorts on TV. Also, I know Mysticons spoofed that whole “diving in gold coins” kind of thing. Wishmaster, only saw clips of but I did see the second film. Andrew Divoff does give the Djinn sinister charm to the point where he’d have made a good Doctor Doom. At least in a good Fantastic Four movie but I do remember Wishmaster being advertised as a Wes Craven film despite him being the executive producer and not having direct influence. That and Robert Englund was in it. But Wishmaster never met Warlock just to correct you if I may. And funny, In and Out was airing on Movieplex recently.

    The X-Men cartoon, still fond of that too. I’m impressed it lasted that long from 1992 to 1997. Given what I saw of the final episode, I’d say Xavier’s speech is a appropriate send off. Though I know season 4 was supposed to be the last one.

    Soulja Boy, heard about this song throughout the years and I don’t think I heard much since like 2009 or 2010 except for like a cameo in a Nick Cannon film. I think dude’s a One Hit Wonder really like somebody for Todd in the Shadows to cover. The Jane Austen Book Club, want to see. Good Luck Chuck, got bored after a few minutes but got a taste of how sexist and misogynist it was via Film Brain’s Bad Movie Beatdown and all I can say is…yikes. Like, the start of the film; it might as well be child porn like, did the parents read the script? And would the whole concept constitute as rape? I mean, it’s Dane Cook so he’s obnoxious either way.

    Kid Nation I saw promos which, okay interesting but not surprised it lasted long but if I wanted to see Kid Nation, I’d go to Lord of the Flies or that one episode of The Simpsons. Kitchen Nightmares, I don’t like reality TV but I admit, Kitchen Nightmares is a bit of a guilty pleasure based on Gordon Ramsay trying to help restaurant owners but either they fold months afterwards or the owners are stubborn. Gossip Girl, I need to watch the whole series but I did see the first episode in order to prepare myself for Marvel’s Runaways given the showrunners of both shows and I’d say with what I’ve seen, they’re the right choices to tackle teens with superpowers and feelings.

  18. Super late, but to answer Dave’s question about Where’s Waldo, the cartoons are by a British artist. Where’s Wally is the original name – Wally is short for Wallace, but is also gentle British slang for an idiot. None of this would have translated very well to America!

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