EVERY Game In The SNES Classic Reviewed!

Still on the fence about that thing you won’t be able to get either way? Our boys Chris, Hank, and Brett have a review for each of the 21 games in the Super Nintendo Classic to help you out!

If you don’t have an hour to kill for this exhaustively thorough video, just take a look below where we’ve included a handy guide with blurbs from each game review. SPOILERS: They’re all great.

Contra III: The Alien Wars

Brett: In a game where it really is just running and shooting everything on the screen it still somehow felt cinematic and movie-like.

Donkey Kong Country

Chris: It was amazing, it was a watershed moment and it still holds up okay.


Brett: There’s still nothing quite like it. Undertale is the closest thing.
Chris: It’s an astonishingly well written game and it’s an astonishingly well localized game.

Final Fantasy III

Brett: I can’t really find fault with it and for it to be on here bundled with all this other stuff, what a bonkers value.


Brett: There are no weapons so it is pure speed. You can bump and you can zone people out, but like it is about racing.

Kirby Super Star

Hank: It’s Kirby’s job to put to bed a system. He usually is the last game on a system, because HAL sticks with it that long and they always do something cool with it.

Kirby’s Dream Course

Hank: It wouldn’t be true to Kirby’s legacy to not have a regular Kirby plus a weird Kirby.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past

Brett: You can’t overstate its importance.

Mega Man X

Brett: This was a cool-ass game — the spritework, the music, cyberpunk future. There’s just a lot of stuff in here that made it feel more like, “What if we made the next Mega Man for Sega and played into the attitude that the marketing has been pushing along?”

Secret of Mana

Brett: It just feels so colorful and alive — and again, kids on an adventure seeing different parts of the world AND YOU GET A FLYING DRAGON!

Star Fox

Chris: I love Star Fox and I’m glad it’s here, but I’m way more glad the one I’ve never been able to officially experience is here.

Star Fox 2

Hank: I never thought that Nintendo would let this out of the vault and it is very impressive that they did. They’re kind of breaking every rule — I thought all these things would never come out and they’re doing it!

Street Fighter II Turbo

Chris: It’s hard to go back and explain, “you don’t understand everybody, we bought this game because we wanted to wear different colored costumes and have four extra characters. But also we manipulated the speed!” For us this is the pinnacle of Street Fighter on the 16-bit platform.

Super Castlevania IV

Brett: “What is every technological feature that the Super NES has? Well, we’re gonna make a level around that.”

Super Ghouls ‘N Ghosts

Brett: If you went straight from Ghosts ‘N Goblins on the NES to this, it’s gonna seem like you missed fifty years of game design.

Super Mario Kart

Hank: Super Mario Kart blazed a trail! There weren’t really kart games before it. It was Nintendo finding a Nintendo-y way of making a racing game.
Chris: I would call it the first significant first party Nintendo multiplayer game.

Super Mario RPG: Legend Of The Seven Stars

Chris: It paved the way for the Mario and Luigi and Paper Mario series, just basically that you’re not just commanding people into a battle, you have to do Active Time elements in conjunction with that in order to succeed or obliterate your opponent and I’ve never felt an RPG system that’s more satisfying.

Super Mario World

Hank: When you walk by World Of Nintendo in Sears and you pull on your mom’s purse like, “eeeeh, no! We must have this!”
Brett: I didn’t live in a Family Circus cartoon.

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island

Hank: It is my favorite 16-bit sidescroller ever. My favorite sidescroller ever.

Super Metroid

Hank: It’s great that now that Nintendo has missed the 30th anniversary they’ve decided to re-embrace Metroid and I’m all for that.

Super Punch-Out

Brett: There is not a bad Punch-Out game.

Are you excited for the Super NES Classic? Were you able to get a preorder? What classic games did Nintendo leave out? Let us know in the comments!

5 thoughts on “EVERY Game In The SNES Classic Reviewed!

  1. This is great and all but call me when NEC releases the TG16 classic bundled with its long list of hits like Bonk and uh Bonk’s Revenge and Bonk 3???

  2. Yes, great point against DKC2, when I play a ‘Donkey Kong’ game, I want to play as Donkey Kong which is totally what you do in ‘Donkey Kong’, ‘Donkey Kong Jr’, ‘Donkey Kong 3’, ‘Donkey Kong 94’ . . .

    1. That wasn’t actually said… OMG it totally was. It’s weird; recently it seems more and more you hear about this retro-active “hating” of once popular older games; the DKC series for example. Not everyone of course but some. I wonder if in 2021 we’ll hear people say “Dark Souls wasn’t that great, people were just enamored with it’s perceived difficulty and overly complicated and nonsense lore.”
      Personally I think DKC3 is solid; and if it wasn’t for the fact it came out after the N64 and Mario 64 might have done much better. DKC 2 was extremely well received from what I remember.
      Really hope I can get on of those Snes Minis…

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