Kingsman: The Secret Service – Monday Night Movie 9/18!

Our next Monday Night Movie is no SECRET, it’s Kingsman: The Secret Service! Watch this big budget brand of British brutality at a special start time of 4PM PST! Read on for more info!

Get yourself ready for a crazy trip to church as we watch Kingsman: The Secret Service LIVE on Monday, September 18 at 4PM PST! Ahead of the (hopefully successful) sequel, we’re going back to the 2015 original to watch Colin Firth, Samuel L. Jackson, and Taron Egerton engage in some gunplay, and we want you to comment alongside us! Join us via the link below LIVE or catch the archived versions on Laser Time’s Patreon or Laser Time’s Bandcamp. Looking to kill time before the commentary?

STREAM OVA! Get the Kingsman: The Secret Service commentary on Laser Time’s Bandcamp or get every commentary we’ve ever done by becoming a Patron!

Looking for more kingly goodness? Watch us play Sneak King! I dunno, it’s pretty tough finding a game stream we’ve done that relates to Kingsman in any way…

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