Talking Simpsons – Lisa On Ice

Lisa is about to get an F in gym class while Bart is excelling at hockey, much to Homer’s delight. When Lisa starts doing even better as a goalie, competition for their parent’s love puts them at odds in this classic episode of terrible parenting. Join the hosts and special guest Kat Bailey as we get into some competitive violence…



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19 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – Lisa On Ice

  1. I played hockey growing up in Maine & New Hampshire, I was varsity in high school 2 years and was in AAU I was actually on track for a scholarship between hockey, academics and softball…but had to go off to college at 16 and never got back into it but I miss it dearly! I was too small for womens JUCO college hockey since I was a Defenseman and when I went to University of Maryland on academic scholarship that Fall they didn’t have a program for it but I did get to play soccer 19-20 but really wish I could’ve been in the women’s Frozen Four.

    1. Speaking of the Mighty Ducks which as Chris mentioned sparked a hockey popularity with kids myself included, I really loved their look, color scheme & I’m a duck enthusiast(got a Guns n”Roses Appitite for Destruction inspried duck tattoo with Scrooge, Daffey, Donald, Darkwing & Mighty Ducks logo on my back…it’s white trash AF but I love it) and own multiple hoodies and fitteds. Sadly they’re kinda ashamed of their Mighty era and are VERY stingy about breaking out retro gear so when it’s available you gotta snathc up quick. Thankfully whilst orange and black is not as cool as turquoise and purple it’s still an “out there” and stylish look so I have no qualms rocking an oversized orange hoodie in Fall.

  2. I’ve been waiting for you to get to this episode since you started Talking Simpsons, I think it’s my favorite homer episode.

    I remember watching this episode when it aired with my mother who was a teacher that was burned out on working with children. After the segment where bart gets punched for wasting ms. Crappspple’s time my mom in a very bitter voice muttered “like that would really happen”. The oddness of response has stayed with me for 20 years.

  3. I’m gonna be Sporty McSporterton here, and call Henry on there not being ties in Baseball. There used to be a lot more ties before the invention of stadium lighting because they had to stop playing due to darkness. Even during the previous longest winning streak, one of the games ended in a tie due to darkness.

    1. It seems like it should make sense, but I don’t think so. Moe wasn’t in the play or the audience, and that episode was from the third production season, which I believe had a 100% different writing staff than season 6.

  4. Kat’s wrong to say Bart has never been athletic prior to this. For one, he’s an accomplished skateboarder, and you guys immediately mentioned his putting skills. Between the two activities, it actually makes a lot of sense that he’d be good at hockey.

  5. On Chris’ assessment of basketball:
    Basketball is a game of runs. Yeah, the individual goals scored tend to be a non-event, but the fun of it is the swings in momentum. It’s rare that teams just trade baskets back and forth over the course of an entire game. You’ll get periods of that, but they’re broken up by one team or another scoring several times in a row. Watching those runs play out with one team vying to regain a tie or lead and the other holding on is where the excitement lies. It’s why I tend to find soccer and hockey less entertaining. Yeah, it’s exciting when someone scores, but the other 99% of the game is watching little of consequence happen. Most of the time the ball/puck just gets knocked from one side of the field/rink to the other. At least with football there is something consequential about every down. With baseball at bats progress the game. The only time I’m bored watching basketball is when one team dominates from start to finish.

  6. Another great episode as usual guys. Kat’s contributions provided a lot of insight about both hockey and being a woman/girl in traditionally male-dominated spaces. It’d be awesome to have her on again in the future.

    On the topic of jerkass Homer, I take slight umbrage with the “Jerkass Homer existed well before the Scully era and therefore cannot be a contributor to the decline of the show” refusal. Much like how “Homer gets a new job” episodes spiked in frequency after Season 8, I feel that Jerkass Homer sort of became the character’s primary operating state around the same time in the show’s history. In other words, I feel like the severity of Homer’s jerkassiness is what people dislike about post-Golden Age Simpsons, not the fact that he acted like a jerk for the first time completely out of the blue.

  7. The idea of failing gym is incredibly bizarre to me because even completely useless dipshits who had 0 athleticism and would complain all the time regardless of what we were doing, and/or people who would just constantly give the teacher a hard time never managed to fail gym throughout all my years of grade school & hs.

    To different extents, my three siblings and I all played organized sports, and had a much much more positive experience than the Simpsons do in this one. Even looking back on it, I never get the sense that my parents were living vicariously through us – local sports were simply just a good way to get us to go outside and do stuff with friends during the summer, and being Canadians and all, my two older brothers loved playing hockey from a young age. My sister and I were able to quit when we want, and we all had the benefit of our dad coaching at various times.

    I really enjoy that this episode actually tackles some sexism and the expectations we place on boys/men and girls/women, and we get some more of Skinner’s great chortling.

    Also, Bart’s face during the montage of him answering questions looks borderline Ren & Stimpy and it’s great.

  8. Homer’s menacing face at Bart reminds me of a family member. They believed children should always be one eyeroll away from a beating and enjoyed making their own kids walk around one eggshells around them.

    I was never good at sports and don’t like them, which might as well make me an alien as far as some relatives are concerned. Oh and sometimes sports pre-empted me from playing video games, even on my own damn TV, so that REALLY made me hate them. Oof, this episode took me some places.

    My line of the show has to be Homer with “And don’t go easy on each other just because you’re brother and sister. I want to see you both fighting for your parents’ love! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!” It was the perfect contrast to Marge’s attitude and over the top enough to be hilarious.

  9. Growing up gym class was easy, as long as you put on the uniform, do a half assed job exercising, easy pass heck even a B! I definitely loathe watching sports, but I do like playing them sometimes. I should start exercising more as I am almost as old as the hosts but who has the money for a gym.

    Wow, this was a pretty great plot driven episode that didn’t lean on the references! I have watched seasons 1-9 over and over on syndication (definitely miss that childhood experience!), and it’s usually the Bart and Lisa ones I remember the most due to my family situation. We’ll hate each other a lot but by golly family is family.

    I hope Kat comes back for more episodes, maybe rope in Nadia as well!

  10. My Dad made me play a lot of sports as a kid. I played four years of football (American), two years of baseball and one year of wrestling. All under protest. Probably the part that was most frustrating to to him was the fact that I was actually pretty good at them but hated playing. Anyway the talk on this episode reminded me of a related incident in my childhood. It was kinda similar to Homer’s promise about Bart’s turtle. I don’t remember what prompted it, but my Dad told me that if my baseball team won our playoff game he would buy Bart vs. the Space Mutants for NES. I know the game is kinda terrible now, but at the time I really wanted the game. I don’t think I understood what bad games were because I have fond memories of playing many games that are considered some of the worst ever. Anyway, my team lost and my Dad didn’t buy me the game.
    Also, Kat is awesome. And I’m not just saying that because she’s a fellow Minnesotan.

  11. Another great episode. However, I want to say that I respect all opinions but basketball slander is not one of them. Basketball is the more entertaining than the NFL, MLB, and NHL combined. So there.

  12. Honestly, the hockey animation isn’t *that* bad. It’s just clearly based on 70s hockey (when goalies stood up most of the time, as Lisa does in this episode, and when goalies had masks like Milhouse). Not bad for people who didn’t know hockey at all (I mean, okay, Lisa’s mask is terrible…)

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