The Best New Amazon Release: Danganronpa V3, FIFA V18

A new Japanese graphic adventure game and the foremost soccer sim hit Amazon this week, alongside some sweet Blu-rays. Read on to see them all!

Hoooo daddy, it’s a big ol’ week of fun stuff both here at Laser Time and over there on the slightly more popular Amazon website. We’ve got cool new shit like this week’s Laser Time covering the non-South Park works of Trey Parker and Matt Stone, an in-depth preview of The Evil Within 2, a Vidjagame Apocalypse covering the top 5 Metroid games (with Brett Elston), a new Thirty Twenty Ten covering the premieres of Star Trek: The Next Generation and Full House, a Talking Simpsons covering Lisa on Ice (featuring Kat Bailey) an imminent Monday Night Movie for The Cabin in the Woods, and… holy crap… An Elm Street Nightmare, which chronologically covers the Nightmare on Elm Street series with special guest Lizzie Cuevas! Over on the Patreon neck of the woods, the Laser Time Patreon’s got a Thirty Twenty Ten Bonus episode featuring Princess Di conspiracy theories and a military dad who dug Lilith Fair, while Bonus Time will cover our up-to-date thoughts on this week’s South Park amongst so much more cool stuff as the Talking Simpsons Patreon covers Homer Badman and Jay’s son talent show on The Critic. As for Amazon, we’ve got some big games alongside notable Blu-rays releasing. Remember, anything you purchase after clicking one of these links will send some scratch to Laser Time… it doesn’t have to be any of the products on this page; literally ANYTHING you buy that visit helps us out. Also, any physical game you prepurchase before launch day nets you a 20 percent savings! Anywho, onto the new stuff!

Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony
Who would have expected the super Japanese visual novel game for the Vita to spawn a veritable juggernaut franchise in the US? You’ve no doubt heard Bob Mackey praise the series on our own Vidjagame Apocalypse, but he said on Twitter that this one may contain, “the bravest narrative choice I’ve seen in a game.” At the very least, it’s got wacky students and a demonic bear, but you can expect even more VGA discussion about V3 from Mr. Mackey, mmkay? MATTHEW JAY

Are you ready for some football? No, not that kind, the other kinda football, the one they play outside ‘Murica! Soccer is a pretty draining sport (have you seen how long that field is and how often you have to sprint down it?!), so playing it is far preferable for lazy bums like your Laser Time pals. EA has consistently made a stellar soccer sim for well over two decades without a break, and while it may stumble some seasons (especially with tough competition from Konami’s PES series), FIFA is a great way to engage with the worldwide soccer phenomenon in a big way, or just simulate some fun footy games.

Transformers: The Last Knight
Hah! Imagine the money-factory that is the Transformers movie franchise declaring anything “last.” The likes of Megan Fox and Shia LeBouf are far behind in the rear-view mirror of the tranforming trucks this series has banked on. Now they’re in the robot-induced post-apocalypse as humans yearn to survive on the robot vs robot battlefield, with our greatest weapon… MAWK FAHKIN WALHBERG. Got annoying neighbors? Crank up the volume and drive them out with several hours of gears churning, metal clanking, and Mark Wahlberg Mark Wahlberging. MATTHEW JAY

The Princess Bride: 30th Anniversary Edition
Even if you didn’t hear the hosts praise this 80’s classic on last week’s Thirty Twenty Ten, you’ve probably either seen it or been told to see it. Very few films hold up this well thirty years later so you owe it to yourself to revisit or see it for the first time. And owning it means you can watch it as many times as you want as you spend years building up your immunity to iocane powder. Plus, it has the all-time best performance silver screen by Andre the Giant (WrestleMania 3 remains his all-time best small-screen performance). MATTHEW JAY

I’m not sure WHY Hollywood felt the need to remake Flatliners this year, but I will say two things about it; one – it’s fantastic that Ellen Page is once again getting a starring role in a big-budget movie, and the original is a movie I’ve always meant to make the time to see mostly based on the strength of the cast (though the premise of doctors reviving themselves constantly to get glimpses of the afterlife is also attractive). Keifer Sutherland, Julia Roberts, and Kevin Bacon were box-office gold in 1990, and I’ll likely give this newly-steebooked Blu-ray a spin in case the 27-years-later reboot gains critical acclaim.

Waiting for Guffman
Twenty years to come to Blu-ray for a film that not only defined a genre, but also kickstarted the career of one of the greatest auteur comedy directors of the 90s? We’re tired of waiting! While This Is Spinal Tap is an all-time classic, Waiting for Guffman makes a case for Christopher Guest’s best directorial effort, and heck, it might have an even better soundtrack than The Spinal Taps. After all, this is the movie that taught us what ever happens on Mars (answer: nothing).

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
Let’s pretend for a second that you need an excuse to watch Peanuts’ best non-Christmas special and say that you should because Halloween is right around the corner! Now that this animation classic is remastered for 4K you can see every single squiggle and spec of dust coming off of Pigpen’s disgusting hide in glorious Ultra HD. That’s an even higher resolution than Laser Time’s recent restoration posted on YouTube! MATTHEW JAY



Kingdom Hearts III
Red Dead Redemption 2
South Park: The Fractured But Whole
Death Stranding
Final Fantasy VII Remake
Super Mario Odyssey
Assassin’s Creed Origins
Crackdown 3
Call of Duty: WWII
Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War
God of War
The Evil Within II
Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus
Metro: Exodus
Dragon Ball FighterZ

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