The History of South Park (Outside South Park) – Laser Time

From their Christmas card beginnings to orgasmic cannibals to puppetry (and even Princess!), we go through Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s weird careers outside of the South Park series.


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11 thoughts on “The History of South Park (Outside South Park) – Laser Time

  1. I fug’n love South Park, it takes a lot of shit from people for targeting everyone, but that’s kind of it, no one is too good for a joke and some people find offense in that because they’re ok with jokes as long as it doesn’t hit them but those same jokes are ok when it hits others. Matt & Trey much like Seth MacFarlane and Daniel Tosh take a lot of heat IRL from people mostly on the left despite the fact that they’ve actually done and do a lot of good as far as charity and pushing progressive movements but people are so focused on their satire based humor that they hate the people behind it. Funny enough these are also generally the same people who worship the Lena Dunham’s and Amy Schumars of the world and don’t see the irony in that. People take way too much offense to comedy and SouthPark has always done an excellent job of taking the piss out of the self serious and doing their own thing they’ll make fun of Jesus and then make fun of Muhammad and roll their eyes at people offended by one but ok with the other. How many shows can do Scott Tenorman Must Die, Osama Bin Laden has Party pants, Cartoon Wars and Cartman joins NAMBLA in a single 20 year run? Such amazing range that I wish more people didn’t take so seriously and really appreciated the work these writers have done instead of taking offense…that is when it makes fun of something they think anyways otherwise they’re totally ok with the show 🙄.

    1. Also preemptively before LOVE cuming all over people for being left of center but consider that there’s NOTHING wrong with being liberal on some things and conservative on others. I’m gay, a “feminist”(even though I hate that word and hate some of the double standards inherent with it) pro “people” and anti hate, however I also am pro gun and don’t love how much I pay in taxes as the wife of a small business owner and I really do love America flaws and all but that’s ok because I’m complicated, most people are when it comes to politics and South Park does an excellent job speaking to people like that be they center left or right. At the end of the day no one likes it when others jump down their throats for not being liberal or conservative enough and shaming them and demonizing them for not being as “committed” as you are only off puts them thus TBH the last 3 seasons of South Park have been really cathartic for me Twitter and Facebook rants will not make anyone more Liberal or Conservative but it can make them more closed off and annoyed

  2. Enjoying the episode, these kinds of episodes play to Matty Jay’s strengths well.

    Thanks for making my mundane monday better.

  3. I saw the first episode of South Park as it aired, and haven’t missed a first airing since (either taping or DVRing, if not watching live.) I still love the first few seasons, before they had so many issues, and just had fun. I’ve enjoyed just about everything Matt and Trey have done, other than That’s Our Bush, which felt too much like the stupid sitcoms it was parodying. I saw Book of Mormon last year in Honolulu, it wasn’t bad, but I don’t really enjoy being in big crowds for shows, and this was packed, and I sat next to another guy whose shoulders didn’t fit in his seat, so it was uncomfortable for both of us.

  4. Matt and Trey are talented, smart dudes, and I have definitely enjoyed a lot of the things they make. That said, looking back on the past 20 seasons of South Park there are a ton of episodes that make me absolutely cringe. In particular their habit of punching out at everyone and everything while not taking any real stance irks me heavily. Like, cool, great, you made fun of both sides, what am I supposed to take from that? That everyone is wrong? Or that nobody is wrong? Maybe in the mid 2000s that was a stance that was kinda sorta harmless, but in 2017 it feels like a lame cop out and a way to avoid actually taking a stance on things. It isn’t helped by some of the tone deaf humor that they seem determined to use, like the recent stuff about the race slider in the videogame. I guess I mostly just find them more funny and interesting when they stay away from issues and just put the characters into silly situations and make jokes, like the Awesome-o episode or the Warcraft episode. Otherwise things just tend ring hollow

  5. I loooove Team America, but have never been into South Park. Despite that, great episode that was a blast to listen to! I need to check out Orgasmo and BASEketball sometime.

  6. LOVE the shoutouts you gave to the after credits, end of episodes jingles for South Park and the early seasons of The Simpsons!!! Underrated!

  7. The one thing I you briefly mentioned but didn’t really elaborate on was the commentary track on Cannibal: The Musical. Friends of mine bought the dvd SPECIFICALLY for that track because it is so brilliant the way they point out mistakes they made, reasons for doing this instead of that, etc… It really is a feature worth checking out, even more than the movie itself.

  8. When y’all talked about the short they made with Moses and “some guy named Aaron”, the use of Aaron is not a random character. In the Bible and Qur’an, Moses and Aaron are brothers.

  9. Hans Blix was NOT part of the Bush administration, Jesus Christ guys. He was a Swedish diplomat who was the UN appointed weapons inspector to Iraq. Anyway Team America was inspired by the work of Gerry Anderson the creator of classic “SUPERMARIONATION” shows like Stingray, Captain Scarlet and of course Thunderbirds. Delighted to hear Matt is a fan!

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