Talking Simpsons – Homer Badman

It’s a very ’90s (and slightly problematic) episode this week as Homer is accused of sexual harassment as the media try him before any court could. There are some great parodies of tabloids (and candy) in this and some less great bits about sexual harassment. Listen and learn on this week’s podcast…



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16 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – Homer Badman

  1. Your commentary on this was awful. You constantly make comments about how an all male writing staff can’t understand feminism. Surely they can’t understand it anywhere near as good as an all male podcast group.

    1. Coming to a podcast page with a name like that just to complain means you must be a super pleasant person who I’d love to be around. Thanks for great input.

  2. I would love to go to a candy convention in real life! I LOVE candy and would pay to see thd Laser Timer crew go on the Jelly Belly factory tour.
    Also as an vauge animation factoid, cartoons have a specific artists called *special fx* artists who work on more complicated animation tricks like the Heat Vision scene. You might also notice it when electricty shocks someone and adds a glow to a certain scene. To cartoon trained eyes it looks like the lightening or glow effect was added on another layer from the orignal cell.

    1. The wife of one of my coworkers is an employee at the Jelly Belly factory, so if LT actually made a trip, I would see if there’s anything extra they could do for you.

  3. My favorite sexual harassment epsiode was on Dinosaurs, where they try to find out “what Sexual Harris meant,” and discover sexual innuendo, voiced by Jason Alexander.

  4. I fucking love this episode. The whole segment of remixed interview, and the later Fox TV movie recreation, are some all-time great Simpsons moments. I could listen to SWEET SWEET CANS all day.

    In the context of the show’s reality, why in the hell did Homer change into that robe before going outside in the first place? Oh well, we got another great flash moment like Willie’s a few episodes ago (and this time Willie even saves the day!).

    And I, too, sleep nude in an oxygen tent for the sexual powers it grants me.

  5. All the gummi talk gave me a flashback. About two or three years into my college career, I was required to take a mandatory accounting class. The teacher used to be the US president of Haribo (or its parent company, I can’t remember). He brought in gummies a few times, but there was one student in the class who was a weirdly genuine fan of the company. He and the teacher bonded over HYPER-specific Haribo knowledge and talked about the flavor differences between based on which *specific Haribo* plant it came from. It was a near-daily discussion on that level of granularity and it’s one of the most bizarre fandoms I’ve ever been witness to.

  6. I just finished Star Trek: the Next Generation, happy 30th! And I have been doing some research on each episode, and am sad that the television movie died out some time in the mid 1990s, a little before you guys can talk about it the middle section of your other podcast. Wow, was I surprised that a telemovie aired during “Preemptive Strike” was about a cop played by Lori Loughlin and she is sexually assaulted by a fellow officer, but when she tries to press charges, she is vilified and fired. Reginald VelJohnson and Martin Sheen star as well!

  7. It’s kind of weird how on the aurally-based medium that is podcasts you let the squeaky-voiced guy who can’t stop screaming into the mic dominate airtime

  8. I’m glad I wasn’t the only person who thought of Joey Buttafuoco when they took that shot at Letterman. I used to watch him every night when I became old enough to stay up late and I had no idea who he was or why Letterman kept bringing him up. Letterman even did a bit about retiring old jokes, I remember it was room full of boxes that had “Buttafuoco”, “Janet Reno”, and “Bob Dole is old” on the side.

  9. Well you asked for some female POV so here’s my five cents 1) there are two sides to every story but people’s perception is thier reality. Lionel Hutz said it best- but what is truth? 2) Good communication is often the key to successful social transactions. Homer may have avoided some heartache there 3) I wonder if the writers made Amy an affluent caucasian female knowingly as the public power she weilds for justice is rarely afforded to others 4) I don’t think the joke Amy makes about the video carts is a phallic metaphor at all. Most guys I personally know value thier games over thier libidos no question. I took this joke literally. 5) Life’s short kids- eat all the candy.

  10. i love the show, and i love almost everything you guys do, but can you tell henry to can it next time he wants to either rag on america and trump, or talk about any of his personal politics? i basically share them in their entirety, but christ, ive had to deal with social media basically devolving to that shit day after day, but my simpsons podcasts have to now? i get it, and i agree with him, but christ is nowhere safe from that shit?

  11. Oh goodie, another episode where Henry has an excuse to spew his incorrect liberal garbage for an hour unchallenged by anyone.

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