Castlevania Symphony of the Night dawns, Darjeeling Limited arrives, Maniac Mansion breaks ground, and Drew Carey says Cleveland Rocks – Sept 29-Oct 5

This week: in 87, Maniac Mansion & Rad Racer making alliterative gaming fun, while Kirk Cameron and Dudley Moore trade bodies and reinvent a genre. In 97, Castlevania Symphony of the Night is a miserable pile of secrets while Drew Carey finally discovers its true theme song. In 07, 30 Rock returns with Seinfeldvision while Pushing Daisies is a nice slice of TV pie.


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21 thoughts on “Castlevania Symphony of the Night dawns, Darjeeling Limited arrives, Maniac Mansion breaks ground, and Drew Carey says Cleveland Rocks – Sept 29-Oct 5

  1. The Darjeeling Limited was the first Wes Anderson film I saw and sent me down the path were I wanted to see more indie or indie-esque movies when I was 16 and kinda put me ahead of the curve on my other stuck up teenage friends at the time, but I didn’t have Netflix at the time and one of the last bastions of brick and mortar movie rental places didn’t have the best selection of even slightly obscure stuff despite having every literal mockbuster on the face of the planet and possibly the worst porn disguised as a horror movie. It would take until I got to college and got my first taste of non-dial up internet, that I was able start watching the movies I had only read about on wikipedia.

  2. Fucking Love Michael Clayton, I cannot ride harder for this movie. One of the best parts of that movie is as Diana mentioned in the show, the movie is all kind of shades of grey, but Tilda Swinton thinks she can solve it all with black and white logic. The result is an EPIC speech by Clooney’s character at the climax of the movie. Love this movie so much. And by the way, this year is going to get ridiculously good for movies. Spoiler…. “I’m an oil man” is coming

  3. I love the movie Near Dark! Finally watched it last year for the 52 Films By Women challenge. I’d say the drug metaphor is apt but also a good love story. It’s a good mash up of Horror, Western and Romance, just blending together beautifully with solid acting around. Like hell, Bill Paxton was fucking sadistic in the film, he was scary! Lance Henriksen, equally intimidating. I’d say one of the best scenes of the film is the scene in the bar where the vampires 86 bar patrons set to Naughty, Naughty by John Parr. That to me in a way sums up the film, at least the vampires themselves. It’s certainly one of the best Horror films of the 80’s and I think so to speak, it’s part of an 80’s vampire trilogy, at least something I consider to be with this, The Lost Boys and Fright Night. All stellar updates on the vampire lore.

    The Journey of Natty Gann I saw a couple of years ago finally since childhood. I actually like this movie, really. I mean yeah, it does scream Oscar bait at times and you can see certain moments miles away but I think it’s pretty underrated. It’s well acted and Natty Gann herself is likeable and her journey got me engaged. Plus, she had a wolf sidekick. That’s pretty cool! And yes, I knew about Meredith Salinger being engaged to Patton Oswalt, two Disney people engaged, go figure.

    The Drew Carey Show I do want to watch more of, I definitely do remember Cleveland Rocks. The Wonderful World of Disney, watched it a couple of times in the 90’s and I definitely came across the Toy Story airing. It’s where I even saw the Tower of Terror TV movie and I’m impressed it’s still going. Who’d have thought you’d see Iron Man and The Empire Strikes Back in the updated intro?

    1. Do you listen to Blank Check? They go through entire filmographies of directors and just happen to be on Bigelow right now. They did a great Near Dark ep just a couple weeks ago.

  4. Man, what a year for 97. I discovered The Drew Carey Show Probably three or four years after this, but it was that Presidents of the United States theme song that drew me in. It’s one of the first sitcoms I fell in love with and it would help lead me into a sitcom obsession (I’ve even seen every episode of Dharma and Greg, so I’m officially a bigger sitcom dork than Matty J). I also played all of that terrible Sub Zero game. It was the first PS1 game that I got to pick out for myself, I think as a birthday present. Boy was I disappointed. Symphony of the Night was one of the biggest games of my childhood for a multitude of reasons. It was my introduction to Castlevania. It’s the game I credit with turning me into a VGM nerd. It’s the only game my sister and I both got super into and we bonded over trying to find every secret. My friends and I all referenced it constantly and still scream “What is a man but a miserable little pile of lies and secrets!?” Or “Enough talk have at you!” at each other. But, maybe most importantly, Alucard was both my first video game crush and my first male crush. So, while video games never turned me in to a satanist or a serial killer, I do give credit to Konami for turning me queer. Thanks Konami.

  5. So I saw Ben Stiller’s The Heartbreak Kid with my mom when I was 15. The two of us were fans of his… more lighthearted comedies, and we figured it would be fun to see together. I was horrified. Having my mom sit next to me while I watched a raunchy sex comedy was something I have repressed until today. Thanks, T3. The one scene I remember — and truly wish I could forget — involved Stiller getting stung by a jellyfish at the beach, forcing Malin Åkerman to drop trou and pee on him to treat the sting. It was a nightmare.

  6. Hey, this is my birthday week (October 5)! I turned 3, 13, and 23 respectively.

    “Our book guy is gonna be pissed” — lol, it’s okay, I haven’t read Underworld either (should, though) and I laughed.

    Uplift Mofo Party Plan is kind of a big deal, it was RHCP’s last album with their original guitarist, Hillel Slovak. He died of a heroin overdose in 1988. He was a huge influence on the Chili Peppers’ early sound; several RHCP songs are tributes to him. He was also Flea’s inspiration for getting into hard rock, where previously Flea had listened exclusively to jazz (!!!). I really miss the days when RHCP played actual funk — pretty much everything up to One Hot Minute is undeniable.

    I loved the Sam & Max cartoon so much. The thing about it that stuck with me the most was the elevated vocabulary. The dialogue was rich with so-called “five-dollar words”, and the cadence of the characters’ voices made it stand out even more. I was made fun of a lot by friends and family alike for using “big” words, and this show went a long way toward helping me feel like there was nothing wrong with that.

  7. I watched The Darjeeling Limited a few years back (2012 or 2013?) and I remember enjoying it well enough, but it didn’t leave much of a lasting impression on me, nor do I feel a need to revisit it.

    On the other hand, Pushing Daisies is fucking awesome. I’ve seen a handful of episodes because my sister was a big fan of it and bought the DVDs, but I really need to go back and binge the whole thing sometime. I guess this anniversary is as good a justification as any to do so.

  8. I LOVE Four Minute Mile it’s a formative album not only for me, but for the genre that came to be known as emo. It’s not as well regarded as their 1999 follow-up, Something To Write Home About, but it is still near and dear to me. With those great two first albums they helped usher in (along with Fugazi, The Promise Ring, Sunny Day Real Estate, and American Football) the sound that has influenced bands like Senses Fail, Thrice, The World Is A Beautiful Place, Car Seat Headrest, among others. I can not say enough good things about the album or The Get Up Kids in general. Also do yourselves a favor and see them live, hell of a time.

  9. Great episode as always guys and lady, however one side note about Diane’s short segment. The term is Black or African American, don’t be afraid to say either one or switch it up every once in a while, but minority? ” in my Sonic voice” that’s no good .

  10. Really glad to see some love for Pushing Daisies (particularly as most things I like is met with “didn’t watch, next”). That cancellation pained me. The last few episodes got buried and I think ended up being aired in Germany first several months after they were supposed to. It’s such a shame they didn’t get the back 9 of season 2 to finish it off (hence the 2 minute wrap up).

    It was such a fun show that still makes me ridiculously happy when I watch it. The visuals, music and dialogue is unlike anything else out there. There’s such a poetic rhythm to the dialogue, such as in this:

    Plus shout out to Lee Pace who is generally amazing, but he embodied nervous worry in his body language so well throughout this show.

  11. Lots of love for Epcot this episode. Sweet!

    I worked at Epcot in the spring of ’98 and the summer of ’99 as part of the Disney College Program, and we were *specifically* forbidden from telling guests that Epcot stands for “Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow.” Instead, we were supposed to tell guests that it stands for “Every person comes out tired.”

    It’s never been clear to me why Disney Parks wanted to distance Epcot from Walt’s original vision. I get that creepy-ass Celebration, Florida, is more along the lines of what Walt wanted to do with Epcot in terms of community-building, but it’s still weird.

    Then again, we were also required to point with two fingers, and the guys couldn’t have facial hair back then, so I guess forcing us to revise acronyms was pretty much par for the course.

  12. How many people who love Symphony of the Night actually played it in 1997? It was completely overshadowed by Final Fantasy VII. I had one friend singing its praises at the time, but I couldn’t be bothered to check it out. I didn’t actually get a copy until much later, probably 2000, when I paid 20 bucks for it at a Gamestop when the used games thing was just taking off there, but before that market exploded. I loved it, naturally, in spite of its hilariously bad voice acting.

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