Talking Simpsons – Grandpa VS Sexual Inadequacy

Homer and Marge’s love life is falling apart, but Grandpa has a secret tonic that awakens the libidos of every adult in Springfield. Unfortunately, there is some ugly paternal history attached to that might destroy the Simpsons. All that plus some funny sex talk in this week’s podcast…



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9 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – Grandpa VS Sexual Inadequacy

  1. Your brief discussion of when TV made you afraid of weird shit as a kid sparked a memory of that happening to me. There’s a shot from the Coppola Dracula where good old Vlad scales the building while Keanu is looking out the window and notices him below, and that scared the shit of me when I saw it in like fourth grade. For a while after, it made me worried about some creepy fucker scaling my wall at night, leaving me afraid to not have my window closed & blind down as soon as it got dark out.

    JFK looks like fucking Donald Duck in this episode, goddamn are his mouth and jaw bizarre looking.

    Lisa’s (sarcastic bit) about “REVERSE VAMPIRES” is another great Simpsons moment that is quoted by my siblings and I to this day.

  2. I think Fox did lead the way in showing that sometimes husbands don’t want to have sex, especially since the Simpsons aired TWO Married with Children parodies. Who knew a hardcore sex channel would be so progressive, when a hardcore violence channel like NBC would be so conservative.

    When I was a kid, that f-ing Chupacabra movie scared me, even though it just used jump scares.

  3. I’ve never really understood why Henry is so focused on Simpsons canon. By the time seasons 4 and 5 rolled around, there was literally impossible for the show to even have canon, what with a million contradictions, and too much time having passed for them to be the same age.

    My read on the Simpsons is the same one I have on the X-Men. It’s a playground world with a set of characters where the writers can choose to include or disregard the past, in order to tell the story they want to.

    1. I totally understand why he does it, if I was chronicling the history of a show and examining the minutiae of every episode any inconsistency would jump out at me like a sore thumb. Especially since the Simpsons seems to adhere to certain consistencies and not others, depending on who’s writing/running the show. Henry’s reaction is definitely a little over-the-top though

  4. Thanks to Nickelodeon’s mining of the Warner Looney Tunes/Merry Melodies archives for content in the late 80s, I feel like my generation is more familiar with Bunny and Claude than Bonnie and Clyde, a stupid rabbit parody that only produced two shorts. Nickelodeon would fill their Looney Tunes block with some of the most obscure stuff the studio produced, which is why I’m also far too familiar with the unfunny adventures of Bosco.

  5. A few notes:

    * For an example of Grandpa being a horrible parent nothing tops this moment from Lisa’s Sax:

    * Every time I’ve heard the RAND corporation in the news I immediately think of reverse vampires.

    * IIRC during the tire swing bit Bart’s face does that thing where the eyes is on one side and the mouth is on the other.

    * It’s weird that Homer and Abe felt they had to grift people by having Homer pretend to be a stranger. The potion worked for all the men in Springfield, they could’ve pulled a random guy out of the audience and sold all their stock.

  6. There’s a discussion of a little league team named the Optimists that Henry’s dad coached. Henry thought it was an odd choice for the team’s name.
    The Optimists are a civic club, like the Kiwanis or the Lions Club, that sort of thing, and they often sponsor little league teams; so Henry’s dad probably had nothing to do with the choice of name.

  7. I’m shocked no one mentioned the twister mouth on Bart on the “No offense, Homer…” line during the “overparenting” sequence. I’m watching the episode right now and I was blown away one made it into the series this late in the game.

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